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The 8 Best AI Avatar Apps for iOS & Android

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Apr 26, 24, updated May 17, 24

In today’s world, AI technology and tools are reshaping how people work. One of these tools includes the ability to create AI avatars or personas. Originally, these tools were only available on computers and websites. Developers, however, found a way to deliver them right into people’s pockets through the smartphone. After all, many people do much of their work on their phones.

If you’re looking to harness the power of AI through your phone, you’re in the right place. This article will show you the different AI avatar apps available on the App Store and Play Store. Buckle up and get ready to download these apps to see what fits your needs best!

ai avatar of woman pink coat
In this article
  1. The 8 Best AI Avatar Apps for iOS & Android
  2. Great Examples of Avatars Generated Using AI Avatar Generator

Part 1. The 8 Best AI Avatar Apps for iOS & Android

As you read through this list, be sure to ready your phone. While there will be eight apps here, not all can create AI avatars from scratch. Some of them rely on actual photos to edit and create characters from. So, depending on your needs, choose which one suits you best. Try these apps and experience the magic of AI avatar generator apps on your phone.

AI Avatar Apps for iOS & Android

The first part of this list includes apps available on both mobile operating systems. Whatever phone you have, you can harness the potential of apps to create AI avatars. However, please note that these apps are still subject to availability in your region. If some of them are not available in your app store, try out the other ones.

Wondershare Virbo

First up is Wondershare Virbo. It’s a powerful online AI avatar tool for creation and other purposes. While it’s mainly geared toward marketing purposes, a little dash of creativity lets you maximize its capabilities for your needs. Whether for social media, customer service, or more, Wondershare Virbo is versatile enough to cover your needs. Here are its key features:

Note: It also has an online version which doesn’t require installation.

Extensive avatar library. Wondershare Virbo hosts a vast avatar library for different branding or personality needs.

  • AI script assistant.With Virbo’s built-in AI script assistant, you can make your avatars talk in different tones and using different talking styles. Transform a simple script into something compelling.
  • Seamless video editing.Wondershare Virbo also works like any other video editor – you can add text, overlays, and more. This way, you can have everything you need in one app.
  • Multi-language support.Aside from having a diverse set of avatars, Virbo also supports a wide range of languages. This way, you can reach a wider audience depending on what you will use your avatar for.

To create avatars with Wondershare Virbo, here are the steps you need to follow. They’re pretty simple.

  • Step 1: Download and install Virbo from the App Store or Play Store. Once in, click AI Avatars.
Wondershare virbo homepage
  • Step 2: You will see a gallery of AI avatars here. Scroll or search for what you need and tap on what you want.
Wondershare virbo avatar gallery
  • Step 3: Click +Create Video on this page.
virbo brandt casual
  • Step 4: Afterwards, you can now edit your AI avatar. Explore the options available and click Export once you’re finished.
virbo editing interface

Note: We recommend you to use the online version of Wondershare Virbo which doesn't require installation.

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Character AI

Craft a one-of-a-kind character, fictional or accurate, and bring them to life on Character AI. Its AI reads vast amounts of text, allowing your creation to develop a distinct personality, voice, and way of interacting with the world. Explore endless possibilities - create a witty chatbot companion, a wise mentor, or even your favorite historical figure! Character AI is available on iOS and Android to take your stories anywhere.

character ai app store

Dawn AI

Dawn AI is your portal to a world of hyper-realistic avatars and stunning AI-generated art. Take a selfie and watch Dawn’s AI transform you into a captivating digital persona. Or, conjure fantastical creatures and landscapes straight from your imagination using a text description. Push the boundaries of creativity with Dawn AI, available on iOS and Android devices.

dawn ai app store


Aisma is your one-stop shop for crafting personalized avatars from your existing photos. Powered by cutting-edge AI, Aisma breathes new life into your pictures, turning them into captivating avatars that reflect your unique style. Whether on iOS or the soon-to-be-released Android version, Aisma empowers you to express yourself in a new way.

aisma app store


Voi is your intelligent virtual assistant, ready to respond to every request. Speak your needs, and Voi utilizes its advanced voice recognition technology to deliver the desired results. Need to find a restaurant, schedule a meeting, or get the latest news? Voi is at your service and available on both iOS and Android devices.

voi ai app store

MyMood AI

MyMood AI is a dedicated AI Avatar App and Thumbnail Maker. Not only that, but it’s an enhancer, editor, and picture generator – all in one app. You can make your selfies look even better with over 1000+ styles and themes that you can use. Photorealistic selfies or avatars are a thing of the past with this powerful app. Try it out today – it’s available on iOS & Android.

mymood ai app store

AI Avatar Apps for iOS

Next, these two apps for AI avatars are currently only available for iOS. Despite this, they are still great choices because they integrate well into the iOS system. Try them out, too, if you have an iPhone or iPad.


Visage leverages the power of AI to elevate your photos into stunning avatar masterpieces. Choose from various unique styles and customize them to match your personality. Breathe new life into your online presence with a captivating Visage avatar currently available on iOS devices.

visage app store


Aivatar injects a dose of creativity into your avatar creation. This AI-powered app lets you transform your photos into one-of-a-kind themed avatars. Whether you dream of becoming a superhero, a video game character, or anything else your imagination conjures, Aivatar brings your vision to life. Unleash your inner artist with Aivatar, which is available on iOS and Android platforms.

aivatar app store

Part 2. Great Examples of Avatars Generated Using AI Avatar Generators

AI avatar apps and generators are quickly transforming how we interact with technology and each other online. Here’s a deeper look at some real-world examples that showcase the vast potential of this technology:

  • Explainers get an AI touch.Imagine a product explainer video featuring a friendly, familiar face – your mini-me, built with AI! This Reddit user leveraged AI tools to create a virtual explainer that could deliver consistent, engaging tutorials for their product. This eliminates the need for constant filming or hiring actors, creating a more scalable and personalized solution.
ai avatar of a youtuber
  • Professional look on a budget.Gone are the days of expensive headshot photographers. AI tools like LightX and Canva are democratizing professional headshots. As X (formerly Twitter) user Fakhr discovered, a simple selfie can be transformed into a polished portrait suitable for resumes or online profiles.
before and after ai headshot
  • Empowering communities.Dragon 3D’s concept of a customizable community AI assistant opens exciting doors. Imagine an AI assistant tailor-made for your project, with a voice and avatar that resonates with your community. This could revolutionize online communities by providing a familiar and helpful interface explicitly trained for their needs.
online community avatar
  • Supercharge your stream.Youtuber Kwebbelkop took things further by creating a fully AI-powered virtual persona for his channel. This avatar, complete with voice and facial expressions, elevates the production value of his content, offering viewers a more immersive and engaging experience.
streamer ai avatar
  • Reimagine influencer marketing.Jon Elder’s discovery of hyper-realistic AI-generated influencer videos raises fascinating possibilities. Brands could create cost-effective UGC campaigns featuring virtual influencers, potentially reaching wider audiences without the hefty fees associated with traditional influencer marketing.
ai avatar influencer


As you’ve seen, the possibilities brought about by AI avatar apps are endless. AI is slowly creeping into how people work, from marketing to streaming to professional needs. Ensure you maximize these tools before AI is prominent in different industries.

An edge over your competitors, such as using AI avatars, will be an advantage in the long run. To begin your AI training for AI avatars, start with Wondershare Virbo. It’s a dedicated AI avatar app that lets you create realistic and unique videos in different languages and styles. Try it out today on Android or iOS.

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Eric Miller
Eric Miller May 17, 24
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