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Smooth Presentations on Any Platform – Convert PPSX to MP4

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Apr 29, 24, updated May 17, 24
turn presentations into videos

PowerPoint has long been a driving force behind engaging visual content in academic and professional settings. Users love its capabilities, using it to create exciting presentations on countless subjects and converting their PPT/PPTX files to PPS/PPSX to turn them into playable visual files.

However, turning these PPS into videos and converting PPSX to MP4s with sound brings even more advantages, allowing you to improve the file’s accessibility, playability, and shareability.

That’s also the topic of our discussion today, so keep reading to learn more about free online PPSX to MP4 converters, how to use them, and how to get the most out of your PPSX to MP4 conversions.

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Benefits of Converting PPSX to MP4

Because of their small file size, PPS and PPSX files are great for converting PPT/PPTX to a Slide Show file and playing it on a device with PowerPoint. However, they’re also locked and highly compressed PowerPoint files designed only to be played with PowerPoint, making them incompatible with many PCs and Macs that don’t have the app installed.

On the other hand, MP4 presentations carry far more benefits than PPSX, so users regularly convert PPSX to MP4. These benefits include the following:

  • High Compatibility – Dozens of offline apps support MP4 files, making MP4 presentations easily playable on almost any device. As a result, MP4 presentations can be opened and viewed without compatibility issues on smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, Macbooks, etc.
  • Easy Sharing – MP4 is the default video format of many online platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, X, etc. Such presentations are much easier to share, making MP4 the perfect choice if you intend to upload them.
  • Better Visual Effects – PPSX files can limit your presentation’s transitions and visual effects due to their high compression algorithms and limited file size. However, converting PPSX to MP4 removes these problems and makes your animations and effects flow smoothly.
  • Higher Playback Control – Unlike PPSX files, MP4 presentations can be paused and resumed wherever you left off. Users can effortlessly rewind, fast-forward, or change playback speed, regardless of the app they’re using to play the MP4 file.

Converting PPSX to MP4 with sound improves the file’s compatibility, shareability, and ease of use. Users also gain more control over the file itself, and that’s precisely why so many users are looking for ways to convert PPSX to MP4 with audio.

Let’s immediately dig into that.

How to Convert PPSX to MP4 in PowerPoint

Now that we know the various benefits of MP4 presentations, it’s time to discuss the conversion part of this article. Fortunately, Microsoft’s PowerPoint app lets you make these conversions. Below is a guide with detailed steps on converting PPSX to MP4 with sound, so let’s dig in.

Step 1: Open up PowerPoint and load up your PowerPoint Presentation Slide Show (PPSX) file.

Step 2: Head to File > Export > Create a Video.

export the presentation as a video

Step 3: Adjust the resolution to choose a video quality. It’s always better to choose 4K (Windows 10 and 11 only) if you intend to upload the MP4 to YouTube or similar websites, but this takes much longer than 1080p or 720p.

select a resolution for the mp4

Step 4: Choose whether to include narrations and recorded timings and adjust the time between the slides.

Step 5: Hit the Create Video button.

Step 6: Name the file, choose a location, and ensure that MPEG-4 Video (MP4) is selected as the format before you click Save. (PowerPoint also lets you save these videos in the WMV format, but MP4 is almost always a better choice.)

It’s worth noting that users can also convert PPSX to MP4 online, as there are dozens of online PPSX to MP4 converters. Examples include Converter365 and Zamzar, while a Reddit user has also made their tool to convert PPSX to MP4 with sound online.

What is the difference between PPSX and PPTX?

Most computer users who have worked with Microsoft PowerPoint know that the old PPT format and the new PPTX are file formats for the app’s presentations. However, only a handful of tech-savvy users and those who constantly work with presentations have heard of or used PPS and PPSX formats.

Changing a single letter from PPT to PPS results in a non-editable, read-only file explicitly made for presenting. That’s because a PPS file is a Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Show file. It dives straight into the presentation when opened, like if you pressed the F5 key on your keyboard in a PPT file.

It’s the same with PPTX and PPSX, respectively, as these are just newer versions of the original PPT and PPS files released with Microsoft Office 2007. Whether it’s an older PPS or the newer PPSX, these are just playable slideshows of the presentation, making them view-only files.

We’ve also included a table comparison to examine the differences between PPSX and PPTX files.

Name PowerPoint Presentation PowerPoint Presentation Slide Show
Extension .pptx .ppsx
Predecessor PowerPoint Presentation (.ppt) PowerPoint Presentation Slide Show (.pps)
Purpose Creating and editing presentations Playing presentation slide shows
Editable Yes No
Behavior It opens up the presentation and lets you edit it It starts playing a presentation as if you pressed the F5 key in PowerPoint
Accessibility Requires the PowerPoint app (Office 2007 or newer) It can be played on any device that supports PowerPoint 2007 or newer

Best Practices for Converting PPSX to MP4

Creating high-quality presentations you can share with colleagues or upload online requires more than converting PPSX to MP4. That’s why we’re including a few tips that can help you make better video presentations while keeping the size of your MP4 files low enough to share them easily. Here they are:

  • Use a Reputable PPSX to MP4 Converter – Just because PowerPoint can convert PPSX to MP4 does not make it the best tool. Other tools might offer more customization options and perform a better task in the converting process. Still, it’s essential to research them and use a tool you trust, as your presentations might contain critical data.
  • Select the Right Resolution – While 4K is typically the best choice and best displays your presentation’s visual effects, it’s not always required. If you don’t intend to share video presentations to YouTube or other similar platforms or need a presentation for a single use in a meeting, choosing 1080p or 720p will work great.
  • Convert PPSX to MP4 With Audio – A video presentation works excellent if you intend to present while you’re showing it, but for anything other than that, adding the audio element can vastly improve your presentations and make them more attractive to the general public.
  • Optimize Your Presentations Before Conversion – A 4K resolution file is massive and might take a while to upload. However, you can decrease this by lowering the resolution of your presentation’s images and embedded videos. It’s all about balancing size and quality before you convert PPSX to MP4.

Of course, it’s also crucial to preview and test your MP4 presentations, as any hiccups in a free online PPSX to MP4 converter or the PowerPoint app can cause issues in the resulting MP4 file.


Whether you’re in sales or marketing, an educator holding a lecture, or an HR person holding a training session, you’re likely using Microsoft PowerPoint presentations or converting these into PowerPoint Presentation Slide Shows (PPSX) to play in the background as you hold a meeting.

However, converting PPSX into MP4 with sound is often a better way to create engaging video content or make presentations more interesting. It makes your presentations more compatible, accessible, and easily shareable while giving you more control over their playback.

You can effortlessly convert PPSX into MP4 with audio inside the PowerPoint app, and we’ve provided a detailed step-by-step guide for you. Alternatively, if you’re using free online PPSX to MP4 converters, it’s essential to research the tool before you try it and only use reputable web apps.

Additionally, optimizing the presentation before converting, converting PPSX to MP4 with audio, and choosing the correct resolution is also vital.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller May 17, 24
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