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Top 10 Free AI Voice Generators to Use in Daily Life

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Aug 08, 23, updated May 17, 24

If you are a content creator, you have to create something so engaging that it can attract users anytime. One of the wisest content-making choices is to convert written text into listenable audio. Grabbing the attention of the diversified audience with expressive voices is a piece of cake. You don't have to work manually to create new voices daily, as free AI voice generators can help you.

By the end of this discussion, you will know the dependable information about the AI voice generator free. So, scroll below and find the magical voice generators to grow professionally.

In this article
  1. What Are the Use Cases of Free AI Voice Generators
  2. A Detailed Explanation Of the Top 10 Best Free AI Voice Generators
  3. Author’s Recommendations: The Best AI Voice Generator for Multiple Platforms

Part 1: What Are the Use Cases of Free AI Voice Generators

The use cases of the free voiceover generator online are not limited to specific fields. There are multiple scenarios where you can use these tools, out of which some are given below:

1. Accessibility and Language Learning

One of the most reasonable use cases of AI voice generators is to improve accessibility. Whether the individual has visual impairments or reading difficulty, the voice generators can help them. You can convert the written text into listenable audio with the AI voice generator for free. Not only a simple text, but you can also turn blogs, web content, articles, and other post into understandable speech.

Moreover, if you want to practice a new language, these tools can greatly help you. You can use the voice AI generator free tool to learn the accurate pronunciation of a new language. You can also foster language acquisition that will help you become a more confident speaker.

2. Content Generation and Resources

The free AI voice generator holds significant benefits for creating the best content. From content creators to bloggers, everyone can experience the best with this. These voice generators are quite an effective way to create budget-friendly voiceovers. Creators can also enhance the quality of content along with engaging the targeted audience.

In addition, teachers can produce dependable audio material for the students to make information more understandable. This can also help in retaining information in a faster way.

3. Audio Production and Assistance

Before voice generator tools, people used to form long scripts, hire a voice artist, and record the audio in studios. However, this is not the case today because you can generate audio from text with a few taps by using these innovative tools. Publishers can create audiobooks with written material without investing extra money and effort.

Some of the free voice AI generator also comes with chatbot assistance, which helps make things more natural. You can also use them for customer support, answering questions, and more.

4. Project Creation and Personal Assistant

You can create your personalized voice assistant using the intuitive AI voice generator for free. You can also program the assistant to do particular tasks. This may include reading the weather forecast, talking about new updates, and narrating stories. Above all, designers can also use them in the early stages of prototypes.

Through the voice generators, you can test and iterate the projects. Investing in professional voices is unnecessary as these tools can handle work for you.

5. Voice Dubbing and Memos

The voice generators also allow you to dub the audio to make them understandable. You can also translate one language into another and create a voiceover. The voiceover AI free can adapt content from versatile audiences and enhance the quality of voiceovers. If you have a long list of pending things and reminders, the voice generators can help you.

Through this, you can turn text into voice, effectively reminding you of things. This gives you a free-hand approach to managing tasks without leaving anything behind.

6. Editing and Language Localization

While working on the podcasts, you can upscale your editing experience and procedure. You can also re-record the sections to eliminate mistakes. Above all, fix the errors in real-time by using these tools. Developers can provide walk-through voiceovers with the help of these amazing tools. You can now make your videos more approachable and user-friendly worldwide with this.

If you need to adjust the voices in the podcast, you can generate a voice sample of voice actors. It helps in ensuring versatility and range along with experiencing full potential. 

7. GPS Navigation and Narrations

You cannot look at every time on your phone and devices while driving. So, consider using voice generators to assist you in navigation. These tools have the potential to provide clear and accurate direction to help drivers. You can also select the voices of your choice for personalized navigation.

Moreover, if you love books, you can also use these tools for reading books aloud for you. Other than this, listen to particular text or news while driving or dynamic movements.

Part 2: A Detailed Explanation Of the Top 10 Best Free AI Voice Generators

The numbers of free AI voice generators are not limited to some specific number. However, finding the best tools among many voice generators can be quite challenging. After careful analysis, we have gathered the top 10 free voiceover generators. You can read about their functional information along with some prominent features as follows:

1. Virbo

Do you want to convert text to natural humanlike voices or even videos in a few taps? No worries because Virbo got you covered in this part. An effective tool like Virbo can convert text into expressive videos while maintaining professionalism. It also adds a human touch to the videos, which makes them more understandable. Besides this, Virbo has multi-language support, giving you flexibility in creating content.

Whether you wish to make customer support audios, campaigns, or education content, Virbo can help you with all. It also encompasses more than 120 AI Voices, and you can select the one you like. Consequently, choose the gender and attire in a customized manner with Virbo. Remember that the voice filters will not be present in the AI-generated audio.

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Key Features

  1. Virbo has 150+ AI human avatars which you can select in a customized manner and make videos in no time.
  2. It also has a specialized AI Script Generator feature. You can use it to write scripts on any topic with this.
  3. There are tons of video templates and royalty-free music in Virbo; You can select and use them as you need.

2. MicMonster

This free voiceover generator also holds its name higher in the list of reliable voice generators. This tool allows you to turn written text into expressive audio without making mistakes. This revolutionary tool supports diversified languages based on multiple parts of the world. For instance, you can access the English language spoken in the United States, Nigeria, Singapore, Canada, and other countries.

To make audio with this, you need to paste or type text, select the voiceover and hit the “Generate” button. After this, MicMonster will handle the procedure for you, giving you a cutting-edge voiceover for any purpose.


Key Features

  1. It supports tons of voices, and you can also preview the voices before selecting them by hitting the play icon.
  2. You can generate audio files with this tool and use it on multiple platforms, such as YouTube.
  3. Both male and female voices are available in it, so you will not face any restrictions while selecting the voice of your need.


Creating realistic-quality voices to captivate your audience's attention is this software's specialty. It's a quality-oriented voice AI generator free, which can provide you with desirable results. LOVO AI has high-quality grade AI algorithms that can create compelling voiceover videos. It also lets you select the voices based on the theme of your project.

There are over 400 voices that you can use for creating content in diversified cases. It also supports 100+ languages for creating cross-cultural content. You will also not face any wrong pronunciation issues with this.


Key Features

  1. For creating high-quality custom voice content, you can use its in-built voice clone feature. You can also use the pre-built voice clone templates such as Mark Zuckerberg, Samantha OS, and more.
  2. It also has a premium-grade AI writer with dedicated integration into ChatGPT. You can use it to generate scripts for audio and videos.
  3. To create unique art, you can use its AI Art Generator. You can amplify your message and share it with the audience through this.

4. NaturalReader

Along with a delightful user interface, and ultra-fast processing speed, this tool never fails to amaze users with its higher functionality. You can select its built-in voices based on their specialty. It also allows you to select the voices based on specific areas.

With the option of making audio using PDFs or books, this amazing tool can help you with all. It also integrates several TTS technologies such as AI Neural TTS, Real-time TTS, and more.


Key Features

  1. It encompasses the OCR technology through which you can turn scanned images into editable text. This helps in making customized voiceovers.
  2. Using its pronunciation editor, you can pronounce specific words, giving flexibility in learning new languages.
  3. NaturalReader also supports several audio formats, including WAV and MP3 formats. You can also use Google Docs, PDF, HTML, and other text files with this.

5. Voicemaker

If you want to create premium-quality voices with text, this free AI voice generator is built for you. Through this, you can turn the plain text into audio while customizing its metrics. It also incorporates multiple AI voices, including Kendra – female, Jerry – male, Joey-male, and more. One of the best options is that you can even access the child voices in this tool.

It also allows the users to download the converted text into MP3 format without issues. You can also use it for creating audiobooks, podcasts, social media videos, and other types of content.


Key Features

  1. It has many voice effects, such as breathing, whispering, etc. The utility of these voice effects gives users options of creating diverse voices while staying across a single character.
  2. You can manage the voice settings by customizing voice volume and speed. It also lets you adjust the audio settings by changing the sample rate and format.
  3. It supports two AI engines for the ease of the users, including the Standard TTS and Neural TTS.

6. Clipchamp

Do you want to create voiceovers in a variety of languages and accents? Don't fret because Clipchamp has got you covered in this part. You can create voiceovers for any video through this particular AI voice generator for free. It integrates 400 unique voices that range from masculine to feminine tones, along with the dedicated accessibility of natural-toned voices.

Moreover, it supports 170+ languages, including Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Hindi, Greek, and more. Other than this, it supports 3 multiple speeds for the controlled creation of voiceovers, giving you direct access to the speed of your audio.


Key Features

  1. It can help you in adding video overlays, and you can also use it for cropping and resizing video files.
  2. Using the audio subtitle generator, you can create engaging and accessible subtitles in multiple languages.
  3. You can also use it to record videos, add text, and make it perfect with transition integration.

7. PlayHT

With over 800 AI voices and 60+ languages, this tool is known to be the best among AI voice generators free. You can transform any text into professional-sounding audio and grow professionally through this. To make quality sound using this intuitive tool, you have to import the text, choose the voice of your need, and generate speech.

Downloading audio files in MP3 or WAV format is also possible with this. If you like any voice, add it to your favorites for easy access.


Key Features

  1. This tool can generate high-fidelity voice clones with precise accuracy and human touch.
  2. You can also use its text-to-voice editor and manage voice styles without restrictions.
  3. It also helps you create and share the best podcasts on multiple platforms, such as iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more.

8. – Voice Maker   

This free AI voice generator can convert text into lifelike voices with its effective sound generation procedure. It can also help you in reading the text aloud for optimized understanding. It is very helpful in creating voiceovers for engaging videos like songs. You can also use it to boost productivity and interactively revise your coursework.

The AI algorithms scan the text and convert it into human-like voices. You can work with both male and female voices to make compelling audio.


Key Features

  1. This tool supports a wide array of languages for the ease of the users. This includes French, German, English, Korean, and more.
  2. There are over 40+ voices in it which keep on growing over time. You can select the voice that matches your preferences to create high-quality voiceovers.
  3. It also offers flexible audio control for you, with the options of changing the output language and providing the options of cutting, trimming, or splitting the audio.

9. Listen2It

Listen2It is responsible for generating natural voiceovers with written text. With this, you can select the voices, add pause anywhere, and manage the audio style. Moreover, it also lets you select the speed and pronunciation of the spoken audio.

Other than this, you can also add real-time music to the spoken text. In short, it is an optimized solution for generating audio from written text.


Key Features

  1. You can find beneficial API access and audio analytics in this tool.
  2. It also supports white-labeled players, and you can find royalty-free assets here.
  3. This tool can also help you in audio advertising, custom integrations, and pre/post-roll audios.

10. Typecast

Last but not least, Typecast is an optimistically impressive tool that can generate natural quality audio for you. With this, you can select a customized speaking style, such as joy, disgust, and more. There are over 300 voices in it, giving you options for creating voiceovers.

You can also preview the generated voices before downloading them to the devices. The interface of this tool is quite straightforward, so there is no need to worry about complexities.


Key Features

  1. It can create product marketing, education, storytelling, presentation, or education videos.
  2. From selecting the character to changing language and style, you can customize diversified parameters with this.
  3. You can also review all the in-built voices before selecting them to generate voiceovers.

Part 3: Author’s Recommendations: The Best AI Voice Generator for Multiple Platforms

Do you want to know the best free AI voice generator you can use on multiple platforms? The tool that is suitable for this stands out is Wondershare Virbo. Do you want to know why creators consider using Virbo? The understated points will help you to find the answer to this question:

1. Natural Human Voices

Firstly, Virbo integrates 120+ human voices within its ecosystem. Having human voices in voiceover videos without spending dollars is a blessing for the users. You can use its in-built human voices as per the language and accent. Moreover, it can read the text in a precisely accurate manner, which also adds a human touch AI-generated audio.

2. Voice Customization Option

In this best free AI voice generator, you can find endless options for customization. It lets you select the voice as per your need. For instance, if you need to create audio based on marketing, you can select the audio for that. It also offers you to choose the voice based on gender, such as male and female.

3. Blazing Fast Processing speed

Whether you want to make long or short audio, this tool can help you accomplish your task in a limited time. You can generate audio from text without spending extra hours. Moreover, manually adjusting every audio metric is unnecessary as it can automatically give perfection to the audio. So just by adding text and selecting voices, you can create optimized audio.

4. Cloud Storage

Accessing your projects on multiple devices is the dream of every content creator. However, Virbo can help fulfill that dream with its in-built cloud storage. You can save the AI-generated projects in Virbo and access them whenever you want. This is also very helpful if you lose your project file saved on the device.

5. Account Login Support

Virbo is a platform that is free from account login restrictions. Even if you are a premium user of Virbo, you can log in to its premium version on multiple devices. This benefits the users as it makes projects more approachable for Virbo users. You can also generate new content at any place with this complimentary benefit.


The following article has provided significant information about the AI voice generator free. You can turn the text into understandable audio through the AI voice generator without compromising information. Several use cases of these tools include language assistance, GPS navigation, and more.

As for the best-in-class free voiceover generator, you can find the introductory information and key features above. While going through a comprehensive list of voiceover generators, you have learned much about them. Yet, if you want to know the tool with the most recommendations and authentic reputation, the answer is Wondershare Virbo.

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Eric Miller
Eric Miller May 17, 24
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