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The Best English Voice Generator To Convert Text Into Desired Accent

If you want to dive into the world of English accent voice generators, you have landed on the right article.
Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Aug 08, 23, updated May 17, 24

The world of text-to-speech conversions has revolutionized in recent years. Gone are the days when your speech sounded robotic and monotonous. Today, these tools can perfect all the distinctions of various accents and languages.

If you want to dive into the world of English accent voice generators, you have landed on the right article. Finding a tool that captures all the details of regional accents might be overwhelming. Keep reading to discover the leading platforms to help you in this regard.

In this article
  1. How Many English Accents are Available All Over The World
  2. What Are The Reasons Behind Different English Accents
  3. The Best English Voice Generators With Different Accents Supported

Part 1: How Many English Accents are Available All Over The World

English has become one of the most commonly recognized languages around the world. Many countries across the globe speak English as a first or second language. The diversity of English language accents lies specifically in this fact. This is also proof of the language’s adaptability and rich cultural history.

Assigning an exact number to the English accents spoken globally is challenging. Accents vary greatly with regions. Sometimes even the same city can produce multiple accents of the same language. Yet, linguists suggest that an estimated 160 accents exist in the English language worldwide. While it is difficult to touch all the different accents in one sitting, here are some commonly spoken ones:

  1. Received Pronunciation
  2. Yorkshire
  3. Scottish
  4. Welsh
  5. Cockney
  6. Irish
  7. Southern American
  8. Australian
  9. Canadian
  10. South African

Part 2: What Are The Reasons Behind Different English Accents

Several factors contribute to the incredible diversity found in the English language. A range of features can influence accents, some of which include the following:

1. Migration, Travel, and Settlements

Throughout history, the world has seen many languages spread across the world. Travel has always been one of the primary reasons. Isolated communities often develop distinct accents due to limited interactions. More commonly, English-speaking populations have migrated and settled in various regions, blending the local language and native English accents. Due to this mixing, new and unique accents emerge.

2. Colonization and Imperialism

The British Empire's expansion era resulted in several colonial settlements. As a result, English was spread to numerous territories and far-off places in the world. The amalgamation of English with local languages and dialects gave rise to unique accents such as Indian and African English.

3. Media and Entertainment

Media has always been a powerful communication and a great way to spread your word. People often copy speech patterns observed in mainstream media and entertainment. These include movies, TV shows, and music. This can lead to the development of certain distinct accents and dialects. This particularly occurs in regions that have high media exposure.

4. Education and Socioeconomic Factors

Certain accents have been associated with distinct socioeconomic factors. Higher levels of education are often associated with more standardized and prestigious accents. Other influences such as occupation, social identity, and community also play a key role in determining the varying accents of individuals.

5. Linguistic Drifts and Age

Linguistic drift is a natural process that helps languages evolve. Like most languages, English has also undergone linguistic drift. This phenomenon has caused notable changes in various language features. These changes can be of phonological and grammatical nature. As a result, several variations have occurred in accents and dialects.

Part 3: The Best English Voice Generators With Different Accents Supported

Searching for a nice accent voice generator that can produce varying English dialects? Here are our top 5 voice generator tools that can help you out in this regard:

1. Virbo

Virbo is a remarkable software powered by Wondershare. It tops the list of English voice generator tools. Based on powerful AI technology, Virbo is an accent generator for text-to-speech purposes. The software supports many languages. It specializes in generating natural and diverse English accents.

With its ability to produce custom avatars, you can create content catered to your needs. Virbo can produce beneficial content for all industries. This can range from education to marketing and customer service. Such diversity makes it easy for users to create engaging content using the power of AI.

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Key Features

  1. You can choose from a wide range of tones, such as calm, energetic, natural, and classy, on Virbo. This feature can help you customize your speech and cater to varying needs.
  2. The software offers over 150 avatars that add a realistic touch to your content.
  3. Virbo provides hundreds of built-in templates and assets for videos and avatars. These assets can help you produce relevant content targeting your industry of choice.

2. PlayHT

If you are looking for a British accent text generator that can produce ultra-realistic text-to-speech content, PlayHT is the place to go. With this remarkable tool, you can transform your text into engaging speeches. You can also select an accent of your choice.

Besides the conventional text-to-speech conversions, PlayHT also offers some other cool features. From voice cloning to producing custom accents, there is a lot that can be done with this AI-powered Southern accent voice generator.


Key Features

  1. PlayHT offers a unique phonetics library to its users. Using this, you can create custom pronunciations for words such as names, acronyms, etc.
  2. With the Voice Cloning feature, you can create high-quality audio outputs and easily capture all accents and dialects.
  3. The tool supports over 800 voices in 130+ languages, including many English accents. This makes it a good tool if you are looking for an Irish accent voice generator.


This next tool is a versatile accent voice generator tool that can help you convert text into speech. is a remarkable TTS generator that can produce studio-quality audio outputs.

It contains a voice for your every need, covering diverse occupations. The tool can easily cater to all industries, from corporate to customer support and podcaster. It comes with a feature-packed studio and an interactive interface. is a good choice for a New York accent voice generator.


Key Features

  1. ai lets users control the different features of their voiceover sounds. This includes enabling control over the pitch, speed, and other characteristics.
  2. You can also easily add different media elements, such as videos, music, and images, to your speech on
  3. The tool offers a wide range of English accents such as Scottish, Australian, UK, Indian, and more, making it a suitable fit as a British accent text generator.


If you want a web-based tool to help you generate text into speech on the go, is a good option. With its modern AI technology, it excels as a British voice generator. It can be a valuable resource for multiple purposes, from video editing to networking and social media. offers a wide range of languages and accents that are easily accessible. With 4 main English accents available, the tool delivers high-quality results quickly, making it an efficient English accent voice generator.


Key Features

  1. You can choose to add different voices between texts. This can help create dialogues and include diversity in your speech.
  2. io allows users to save the output audio in multiple file formats. These include MP3, WAV, and OGG.
  3. io is compatible with popular editing programs. It can work with After Effects, Audition, and others. As a result, you can further refine your audio easily.

5. Speakatoo

Speakatoo is a remarkable web-based tool offering an impressive list of English accents. As a marvelous English accent voice generator, Speakatoo offers extensive control over various audio features.

With its powerful AI conversion, you can use Speakatoo for multiple purposes. From creating engaging content to audio lectures and product promotion, there is nothing that cannot be done with Speakatoo.


Key Features

  1. Speakatoo offers its users a range of file formats as download options. You can save your output file as MP3, MP4, WAV, OGG, and FLAC.
  2. The tool provides control over audio features. Users can set the output's audio rate, pitch, and volume.
  3. You can also add realistic effects to your audio. Speakatoo allows users to add breathing effects and pauses to the output.


English accent voice generators can revolutionize how we interact with language and technology. With their ability to perfectly imitate various accents and dialects, the tools mentioned above provide a much more inclusive experience. You can use these tools and enhance your communication, no matter which part of the world you belong to.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller May 17, 24
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