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Best 4 Ways of Instagram Video Promotion

This article aims to provide you with the best and most implementable ways to Instagram marketing videos.
Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Jul 31, 23, updated May 17, 24

There are over 2.35 billion active users of Instagram, which ensures the popularity of this social media platform. From the time since Instagram has integrated the feature of reels and videos, its usability has been upgraded. People from all across the globe create and share Instagram videos for entertainment and marketing purposes.

Yet, knowing the ways to Instagram video marketing is a key factor in engaging your targeted audience. No need to lose heart if you have no idea about creating promotional videos. This article aims to provide you with the best and most implementable ways to Instagram marketing videos.

In this article
  1. Why Is Instagram Video Promotion So Important?
  2. Best 4 Ways of Instagram Video Marketing

Part 1: Why Is Instagram Video Promotion So Important?

It is known as Instagram video marketing when you use video content to generate sales and revenue with virtual engagement. You can share both videos and photos on Instagram, but videos can be pretty profitable for you.

Not only uploading, but you also need to market the videos to make them profitable. Do you want to know the importance of Instagram video promotion? No worries because the understated points will help you with this:

1. Engagement Booster

You are aware of the fact that Instagram is known to be a virtually driven platform. Compared to plain text or static images, videos can engage more users with your page. It not only captures the users' attention but also helps you improve your credibility.

2. Reach and Personality

You are not limiting yourself to specific areas when you share your videos on Instagram. Instagram has the potential to showcase your products and services in several parts of the world. You can also reach your targeted customer without any restriction. Above all, it makes your brand's personality more trustworthy. You can also share your values and enhance the sense of authenticity.

3. Storytelling and Trends

With the help of expressive videos, you can tell your brand's story with an emotional touch. From your starting point to unlimited success stories, you can share every green moment with your followers. To get along with the world, you can also make videos on the theme of basic trends and styles. So you can share every moment with your beloved clients and customers.

4. CTA and Insights

There are several types of call-to-action features on Instagram. This includes learning more, shopping now, swiping up, etc. These call-to-action features play a significant role in Instagram video promotion. Moreover, you can also track the insights from your videos regularly. This helps in knowing about the promotions and reach.

Part 2: Best 4 Ways of Instagram Video Marketing

There are diversified ways through which you can make perfect Instagram marketing videos. However, if you are new to creating and promoting Instagram videos, you have to be more careful. Selecting the wisest and most effective way for video promotion is essential. Some of the ways that fit into this category are discussed here for you:

1. Use Instagram's Features for Video Promotion

Instagram is an innovative tool that offers many features for Instagram video promotions. All the influencers and famous people on Instagram use these features to engage with diversified users. Don't worry if you don't know any of these features because you can learn more about them here:

1.1. Instagram Stories

No matter if you have a pretty cup of coffee or the cutest dog in the world. You can show it to your friends and followers on Instagram Stories. Instagram lets you record or capture the content for stories along with real-time feature integrations. Adding customized text, creating a boomerang, or selecting a modernized layout is also possible.

Moreover, you can also come live on Instagram with this, and other users can join you. Instagram helps you customize the privacy settings of your story flawlessly. You can show stories to all the followers or create a close friend list for this. One of the best things is you can easily sync Instagram stories to Facebook.


1.2. IGTV (Instagram TV)

Instagram also has the IGTV feature, which helps you make professional Instagram marketing videos. Viewers can also save the videos they like in their Instagram collection. One can also remix the videos and share them with other people. Furthermore, you can even upload more than 10-minute-long videos on Instagram's IGTV.

You also have an opportunity to make customized thumbnails and titles for your video. Above all, it can also provide insights about views, likes, comments, and audience retention. This feature also holds the capability to drive traffic to your Instagram page. In short, IGTV is better than regular simple posts.


2. Engage With Instagram’s Community

You can never grow on your own, so it is essential to engage with the Instagram community. For more authentic Instagram video marketing, you can also show your engagement to the world. Some of the ways to engage with the Instagram community are also discussed here:

2.1. Collaborate With Influencers

Collaboration with Influencers helps you in showing your credibility to the world. It also builds authenticity and trust among the customer and seller. You can also grow faster and create brand awareness with this. Showing online presence to your followers is also a specialty of this strategy. You can use this strategy to foster brand accuracy.

2.2. Encourage User Generated Content

If the content is created by people rather than the brands, then it is termed as User-Generated content. It is one of the promising components for building trust among clients and sellers. For creating customized content, you need to use a digital content-creating tool. The best tool to help you make the best Instagram marketing videos is Virbo.


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It also integrates virtual YouTubers that can enhance the quality of your videos in no time. There is no need to worry about the compatibility of Virbo, as you can use it on several devices. This includes Windows, iOS, and Android. Virbo supports a wide array of intuitive key features for the ease of the users. Some of the key features of Virbo, which you should be aware of, are discussed here:

Key Features

  1. Virbo supports cross-platform usability. You can even use its single premium account on multiple devices without issues.
  2. There are 150+ professionally made AI Avatars in Virbo. You can also select the AI Avatars as per their age, ethnicity, or style.
  3. It comprehends diversified commercial stock, which also includes more than 180 templates. You can also use its royalty-free music in your videos.
  4. With over 120+ AI voices, you can create the perfect content for social media. The in-built text-to-speech feature can help you in making professional-quality videos from text.

3. Use Hashtags and Captions Effectively

Hashtags help in increasing discoverability and reaching the targeted audience with ease. You can also enhance brand awareness with this, along with participating in trends. However, it is essential to use all the hashtags related to your videos effectively. Moreover, try to pay close attention to the captions you are giving to your video.


It should not be extra promotional or cheesy. Try to sound more professional and sophisticated because it can demonstrate your personality. If you don't know how to get professional captions and hashtags, have a look below:

3.1. Research and Use Relevant Hashtags

As mentioned above, you need to use hashtags that show relevancy to your videos. If you need to learn about the hashtags that can bring traffic to your videos, there is also a solution for this. Try using hashtag generators. These tools comprehend advanced algorithms that give you hashtags based on your niche.

3.2. Write Compelling Captions

The word "Compelling" refers to persuasive, captivating, and mesmeric. Thus, you need to ensure that your captions have all the properties to fit this word. Don't worry if you need to improve at writing customized captions. There are considerable numbers of caption generators present on the web. Through these tools, you can create impressive captions without making a manual effort.

4. Use Instagram Ads for Video Promotion

One of the profitable strategies in Instagram video marketing is taking assistance from ads. It also helps maximize your account's reach in an organic way. Along with this, you can also become more visible and create professional brand awareness with this. It also opens numerous marketing opportunities for you. To learn more about Instagram ads, jump below:


4.1. Benefits of Using Instagram Ads For Video Promotion

There are tons of benefits to using Instagram ads for video promotion. This may include creative flexibility and innovative content. You can also experience user-generated content amplification with this unique strategy. Compelling the influential market and managing promotions and coverage is also possible with this.

4.2. Strategies For Creating Effective Videos Ads on Instagram

Initially, knowing your audience and their preferences is essential to having the best strategy. You also need to create videos that have the potential to grab the attention of users. Moreover, avoid making long videos because people prefer to watch short videos rather than long videos. Make sure your video has premium quality and is visually appealing.

Adding subtitles to Instagram marketing video ads is also incredibly beneficial. You can also add call-to-action features to your ads and incorporate user-generated content. Try to use the Instagram-preferred ads format, but you can also try out the latest ideas.


As discussed in this article, you can create quality-oriented Instagram videos to engage more users. Creating Instagram marketing videos has many benefits, and you can discover them from the above context. In addition, the effective and implementable ways for Instagram video promotion are also given above.

You can follow the above-listed ways of engaging with your targeted audience and marketing the products and services. The complementary tool that can help you generate the best content for Instagram is Virbo. You can use its virtual YouTubers to promote whatever you want effortlessly.

You May Also Ask

1. What are the minimum requirements to upload a video on IGTV?

IGTV can help you in having the best Instagram marketing videos. However, there are some of the requirements of IGTV that you need to keep in mind. This may include MP4 file format, along with 15-minute to 1-hour-long videos. Its aspect ratio is 9:16. Moreover, the minimum frame rate of your video should be 30FPS. As for the resolution, make sure it's a minimum of 720 pixels.

2. What are the size requirements for different video ads on Instagram?

All types of video ads have separate requirements. You can discover these requirements here:

  • Instagram Profile Feed: 4:5
  • Instagram Feed: 4:5
  • Instagram Stories: 9:16
  • Instagram Explore: 4:5
  • Instagram Reels: 9:16
Eric Miller
Eric Miller May 17, 24
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