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Master Amazon Live: Features, Pro Tips and Future Trends

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Feb 27, 24, updated Apr 16, 24

Going live on Amazon is a great way to drive sales and traffic to your product. The platforms work in a similar way to other livestreaming services including Facebook and Taobao. Sellers can use Amazon Live streaming to drive trading and brand awareness of their products. In this article, we explore the Amazon Live streaming shopping experience including the key features and pro tips.

In this article
  1. Live on Amazon: A Game-Changer for Sellers
  2. Step Guidance: Getting Started with Amazon Live
  3. Bonus Tip: Enhanced Live Streaming with AI (Future Trends)

Part 1: Live on Amazon: A Game-Changer for Sellers

Amazon has been hosting many live streams where sellers promote a wide range of products. With Amazon Live Events, thousands of creators and influencers sell products and demonstrate how they work. This type of livestream shopping is an effective marketing strategy. It allows a personable host to demonstrate products while shoppers talk about their experience and ask any burning questions.

01 What is Amazon Live Streaming?

Amazon Live Streaming is an interactive fee that allows brands to show live videos for their products. You can introduce your brands to the audience and demonstrate how products work. With Amazon Live, sellers highlight their product listings and create banners for customers using product promotions on a carousel below each live video. On the other hand, customers interact with the live video by asking questions in the comment sections or chatting with hosts.

amazon live

02 Who Can Benefit from Amazon Live?

Amazon Live streaming sales focus on the desires of the shoppers to know more about a product. It is also based on the tendency of online shoppers to impulse buy. By providing instant answers to shoppers, sellers can minimize the guesswork and boost sales.

  1. Shoppers: Discover new products and see them in demonstrated action before making a purchase. They can also ask questions in real time and get additional information.
  2. Seller and Brands: Increased product awareness and sales with the potential for building brand image.
  3. Influencers: A new income stream and access to a wider audience while building relationships with brands.
  4. Fans of Influencers: Get to know their favorite personalities better and get exclusive deals or discounts from their recommendations.
  5. Anyone Seeking Entertainment: Amazon Livestream can be a source of entertainment with DIY projects and demonstrations.

03 Is Amazon Live Streaming Right for You?

Amazon Live is an effective tool for starting a major sale or increasing the overall awareness of your product. The program streams live videos on the Amazon Live homepage to your brand’s product details pages giving you more exposure. You can speak about your products or simply demonstrate how they work. This makes Amazon Live a highly engaging promotional tool that sellers and influencers can use to drive more informed shoppers to buy their products, Here are some pros and cons of using Amazon Sale live streaming:


  • A free live-streaming platform for sellers
  • Offers creative tools and resources to effectively promote your products
  • Amazon Live selling is a small part of the growing market and offers the opportunity for brands to scale


  • Low consumer engagement rates with low-quality videos
  • You will still need a creative team with resources to represent your brand well
  • Amazon Live is still a fledging service and does not offer influencer marketing nor have its own place on Amazon’s website navigation yet

Part 2: Step Guidance: Getting Started with Amazon Live

To create a livestream on Amazon, you need to be a U.S. Professional Seller either registered as a U.S. Vendor or in the Amazon Brand Registry. Sellers who meet the requirements can create their livestreams through the Amazon Live Creator mobile app.

amazon live creator app

With Amazon streaming live service, you can record Livestream in advance and schedule them to go up at a later date or go Live in real-time. This will usually depend on your goals and the kind of interaction you want with your audience. In any case, Amazon recommends the use of an external camera and a video encounter instead of your mobile phone to ensure quality video. Although you can use either, an external camera gives you an edge in terms of quality. Let’s have a look at a detailed step-by-step guide to getting started with Amazon Live:

Step 1 Create an Amazon Live Account

Download the Amazon Live Creator app from the Apps Store. The app is currently only available for iOS and will work on iPhone or iPad. Sign into your Seller, Influencer, or Vendor account and create a Live Account.

amazon live log in
Step 2 Enter Details of your Product or Brand

Choose your brand and enter the desired profile name. Edit your profile the way you like to be a true representation of your brand.

brand information
Step 3 Add Products to Your Livestream

Choose the products you want to add to your livestream. These are the products that you want to promote and use to engage with your viewers.

Step 4 Set Up Your Amazon Livestream

With the product added, you are ready to set up your live stream. Take some time in the practice mode to familiarize yourself with the platform, and prepare your talking points. Also, come up with responses to possible customer questions and any other important information. Although Amazon Live is free, you can also consider using Amazon advertising to reach a wider audience.

amazon livestream setup
Step 5 Go Live

Once everything is ready, enter your stream time and start time. You can view your analytics from the homepage and see how well the live stream is performing.

amazon live analytics

Once published, Amazon Live events can be found on the page. They are also discoverable in Amazon stores, product detail pages, and the Amazon mobile app under “Amazon Live.” A well-presented Amazon Live stream will:

  • Build a community by communicating and engaging with consumers
  • Entice viewers to take action
  • Reduce pre-purchase support requests, such as live chat
  • Generate sales
  • Lower returns by providing essential details and answers

Bonus Tip: Enhanced Live Streaming with AI (Future Trends)

As artificial intelligence continues to touch every aspect of life, brands can leverage this technology to offer more personalized content to their audience. Virbo Live offers you an ultimate AI streamer experience where you can host live shopping with an AI streamer. Instead of creating content from scratch, choose an AI streamer to interact with your audience, saving the time and cost of hiring a human streamer. Embark on this transformative streaming journey, and keep your audience engaged even without your direct involvement.

virbo live

01 Leveraging Virbo AI streaming for sales and shopping

Virbo Live offers you access to multi-lingual AI-driven avatars or Vtubers that will sell your products and interact with your viewers in real time. The AI-powered avatars can provide more information about your products and answer questions from your viewers. By automating the streaming process, you can transform your viewers' experience while boosting your revenue.

As Amazon Live becomes more popular among sellers and buyers, any solution that would make the work of sellers easier is worth exploring. Virbo Live offers you an excellent solution to live stream your products without the heavy budget of hiring a creative team. You only need to select an Avatar of your choice, generate a script, and allow the avatar to do the rest.

02 Simplified workflow and better viewer experience with Virbo Live

Virbo Live offers you a simplified workflow for a better viewer experience by creating a realistic and seamless interaction with the audience. Although the avatars are AI-powered, they can interact freely with the audience, ensuring they have perfect information before making a purchase. Some of the features that make Virbo Live such a powerful tool include:

  1. Realistic AI-driven Avatars: Interact with and keep your viewers engaged by mimicking natural movements perfectly.
  2. AI Live Shopping Script Generation: Automatically generate a script for your AI streamer by adding details about your product
  3. Multiple Languages and Accents: Automatically translate your script to desired a language and integrate the right accent for your viewers
  4. Customizable Q&A Repository: Create a personalized Q&A database so that your AI streamer can connect with your viewers better and offer realistic solutions
  5. Interaction Through Text: Trigger your AI streamer to automatically speak your text and engage with the viewers


Amazon Live lets sellers and influencers promote products through live streaming. Get started easily, interact with your audience, and showcase your products. Try Virbo Live's AI streamers for a cost-effective and efficient alternative.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Apr 16, 24
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