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Unlocking TalkShopLive: Pros and Tips for Live Shopping Success

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Feb 27, 24, updated Jul 20, 24

With the launch of its Studio App for brands and creators, TalkShopLive empowered sellers to live stream their shows in HD. The broadcast-quality app is lauded for its multiple capabilities, including a built-in broadcast studio and HD-quality streaming. In this article, we introduce Talk Shop Live as a live shopping platform and provide a brief guide on how to start your livestream on the platform.

In this article
  1. What is TalkShopLive
  2. Who Can Benefit from Talkshoplive?
  3. Should You Start Talkshoplive Live Shopping Event?
  4. Live Shop Hacks: Unleash AI Power for Sales Success

Part 1: What is TalkShopLive?

TalkShopLive is a social-selling network for home shopping and live streaming shows. It comes with a built-in buying experience for all kinds of shoppers. With Talk Shop Live, anyone can sell and buy products from anywhere through interactive video shows. You can think of ShopTalk Live as a combination of HSN, QVC, and social media tolled into one.

talk shop live

The TalkShopLive studio app for brands and creators brings an array of broadcast and management tools to mobile. The platform boasts of enabling users to promote and sell their shows before and after going live. This means that you can create a shoppable and shareable video for promoting your show even before it goes live. Technically, you do not have to worry about the aftermath since your content will remain shoppable after the live streaming event comes to an end.

You also get to do a whole range of other cool things with Talk Shop Live. With this studio app, you can virtually collaborate with four people in a live stream, simulcast on Facebook, pin comments, and more. The platform is embeddable and shoppable anywhere, allowing you to host shows across platforms.

Part 2: Who Can Benefit from Talkshoplive?

The Walmart Talk Shop Live can potentially benefit a wide range of people. It offers an exceptional way of promoting products that can complement traditional shopping methods. This makes it an ideal live shopping platform for anyone with reliable internet and who is interested in quality products.

talk shop live benefits

Here are some specific groups who might find it particularly beneficial:

  • Sellers: Display item details at the bottom of the screen, track sales while streaming, highlight key products during moments in the show, get access to viewership metrics, and interact with customers in real time.
  • Creators: Sellers can enlist people on their team to be producers who will work behind the screens. The producer or moderator can be part of the live stream without being on the screen, manage sales, pin lie comments, highlight items, and perform other duties.
  • Customers: Use the proprietary multi-embedded point-of-sale technology to purchase an item during a live show without interrupting the live shopping experience.

Part 3: Should You Start Talkshoplive Live Shopping Event?

TalkShopLive does more than just live streaming. Creators, hosts, and brands can broadcast live shows to demonstrate their products to viewers. On the other hand, viewers experience interactive shopping by chatting with the host, asking questions, and purchasing products directly within the live stream.

talk shop live beginners

As a social selling network, Talk Shop Live is a community of viewers who follow their favorite hosts, discover new products, and connect with other shoppers. Based on TalkShopLive reviews, here are the pros and cons of the platform:


  1. Convenient shopping experience: Shoppers can browse and buy products directly from the livestream.
  2. Interactive and engaging: Shoppers can ask questions, chat with the host and other viewers, and get product demonstrations
  3. Access to exclusive products and deals: Sellers can offer special deals and discounts available only during live streams
  4. Discover new products and brands: Shoppers get real-time recommendations from hosts and influencers.
  5. Sense of a Community: TalkShopLive fosters a sense of community where users connect


  • Limited product selection: The selection of products on TalkShopLive may be skewed towards certain categories.
  • Impulse buying: The fast-paced nature of live shows and persuasive hosts often leads to impulse purchases.
  • Potentially misleading claims: Some hosts may make misleading or exaggerated claims about their products

Deciding whether TalkShopLive is right for you will depend on your individual shopping habits and preferences. The platform is great for finding deals and discovering new products. It also helps in supporting creators and finding the right products. For sellers and brands, Talk Shop Live reviews indicate that the platform can help reach a wider audience and boost sales.

Part 4: Live Shop Hacks: Unleash AI Power for Sales Success

Choosing TalkShopLive as your live shopping platform keeps you on the right track. In addition to getting access to a wider audience, you also become more competitive in the market. However, it can be time-consuming and expensive to live stream all the time. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) promises a simplified future for sellers and creators. In particular, AI streamers can be used as a powerful tool for live shopping.

AI streamers are avatars that replicate human streamers, keeping your viewers engaged. They offer a unique advantage over traditional human hosts in that they are available 24/7 and work based on your product information. They also have multi-lingua and multi-tasking capabilities that allow you to serve diverse groups of audiences.

01 What is Virbo Live Streaming?

Virbo Live offers a host of AI streamers that you can use in your TalkShopLive shows to keep your viewers engaged. By automating live shopping events, Virbo Live promises to save you the costs and time often incurred when hiring a human streamer. You get access to AI-driven avatars or Vtubers that will interact with your audience, provide information about your products, and answer customer questions. This way, you can boost your revenue during live shopping events and address more customer needs.

virbo live

02 Why choose Virbo Live Shop

As live shopping becomes more common among buyers and sellers, choosing the right content is integral to success. Virbo Live allows you to experience cost-effective and multilingual AI streamers that will boost your revenues during your live shopping experience. By using Virbo Live, you can transform the live experience in the following ways:

1. Realistic AI-driven Avatars

Elevate your live shop engagement with an AI streamer or Vtuber that will mimic natural movement naturally when presenting and interacting with the audience. The AI-powered avatars mirror real-life nuances, including poses and attire. By being authentic and relatable, the AI streamers will make the live shopping experience as realistic as possible.

2. Multiple Languages and Accents

Integrate the right language and accent to match your audience through the AI streamers. By breaking the language barriers, the AI streamer allows you to reach a diverse audience and make sure they connect with your content.

3. AI Translation

 Effortlessly translate your text into multiple languages and generate a script for your AI streamer. This broadens your product reach, allowing you to achieve a global live shopping experience for your target audience.

4. AI Live Shopping Script Generation

Generate a script for your AI streamer automatically, saving you time and effort. Allow your AI streamer to speak your mind and ensure a seamless flow of captivating content during the live shopping experience.

5. Customizable Q&A Repository

Create a personalized Q&A database for your AI streamer to connect more naturally with your audience. This feature allows you to set up automatic responses to questions, ensuring your viewers feel valued.

6. Microphone Integration for Voice-Driven AI

Get your AI-powered avatar to speak in real time by connecting and speaking into the microphone. What you speak into the microphone is automatically replicated by the AI streamer during the event.

7. Interaction Through Text

Trigger and get your AI streamer to speak based on your own written text. You only need to enter the text that you want and click Send. The AI streamer will then speech what you have typed.

8. Cloud-Based Operation

Virbo Live offers you more freedom with the cloud-based operation. All the features are available online, and you do not have to struggle downloading any software. Operate directly from the cloud and freely manage your product.  


TalkShopLive offers sellers and shoppers a unique experience to sell and buy products during live shows. The platform is specially designed to help in the distribution, collaboration, and sharing of a truly shoppable and social video experience.

As a social-selling network, Talk Shop Live allows users to interact with each other and make informed purchase decisions. However, hiring a human streamer and preparing their content can be time-consuming and expensive. That’s why we recommend Virbo Live as the future of live-stream shopping. Get access to AI-powered avatars that will keep your viewers engaged while boosting your revenue from live-stream events.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Jul 20, 24
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