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Live Shopping Success Secrets: Unveiling Strategies from Real Case Studies

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Feb 27, 24, updated Apr 16, 24

Live shopping has quickly grown in popularity due to the see-no-want-now mentality. Sellers and consumers in most parts of the world have embraced this trend, influencing how products are being sold. In this article, we are going to look at some of the online live shopping success case studies and the lessons we can learn from them.

In this article
  1. Background Information of Live Stream Shopping
  2. Live Online Shopping Case 1: Samsung
  3. Live Online Shopping Case 2: Giosg One-on-One Live Shop
  4. Live Online Shopping Case 3: Nordstrom In-person and Live Shopping
  5. Bonus Tip: Enhanced Live Streaming with AI

Part 1: Background Information of Live Stream Shopping

A few years ago, channels like QVC were popular for engaging viewers in live shopping. They would successfully link up entertainment, socializing, and shopping. This meant that customers had the opportunity to interact and shop with their favorite hosts. The same approach has now evolved to live shopping through streaming platforms.

What is live stream shopping?

Live streaming brings the old-time practice of home shopping to modern times, but the concept remains the same. Sellers can now showcase their products in real time while customers can buy them seamlessly online. The highly engaging experience goes beyond simply clicking on items and filling up a shopping cart. It is also about offering product demonstrations and promotions that stay valid during the entire live stream.

live stream shopping

One of the factors that have made live stream shopping popular is how much users interact with a brand. Shoppers can tune in to a live show to learn more about the product and leave comments the same way they would in an Instagram or YouTube Live. On the other hand, a seller can flash recommendations and reviews on the screen to guide the audience through their purchasing decision. You can think of live streaming shopping as the way we use social media platforms. Rather than liking a product, you now have the opportunity to directly buy it.

As live stream shopping continues to attract more people, several top brands have stood out for their success in this area. Let’s have a look at some of the brands that have made remarkable progress in this area and the lessons we can learn from them:

Part 2: Success Case with Live Online Shopping 1: Samsung Live Stream

With the help of Smartzer’s Interactive Video Platform, Samsung Panama delivered highly successful live video shopping for its customers. The shoppable livestream featured exclusive, event-based discount deals for the customers. During the livestream shopping experience, sales representatives from Samsung would demonstrate various products to hundreds of viewers. At the same time, customers would communicate with the host through a chatbot using their nicknames.

samsung live shop

Achievement: The Samsung livestream shopping created a personalized and bespoke shopping experience, replicating the benefits of in-person shopping. Product demonstrations by sales reps and exclusive deals captivated hundreds of viewers. In addition, the interactive chat that was fueled by personalized nicknames fostered an engaging and lovely atmosphere. This led to a significant boost in sales and customer satisfaction.

Lessons drawn: Livestream shopping combined with interactive features and exclusive deals unlocks a powerful sales channel. With personalized engagement, brands can gain from fostering real-time connections with viewers. It also allows them to create an engaging and informative experience while fostering compelling value propositions.

Part 3: Success Case with Live Online Shopping 2: Giosg One-on-One Live Shop

In one of the game-changing strategies, giosg launched an online live shopping feature that allows sellers to have one-to-one voice and video calls with customers. With this feature, sellers can handhold their customers throughout the entire shopping process. The live online shopping feature works in the same way sales executives approach customers in traditional settings.

giosg live shop

Achievement: The live online shopping feature by giosg offers a unique and seamless shopping experience for other sellers and customers. It is like having a virtual shopping or sales assistant that takes the customer’s shopping experience to the next level. This live shopping feature revolutionizes online retail by bridging the gap between traditional sales tactics and e-commerce. Sellers could replicate personalized guidance and build trust through one-on-one video calls. As a result, they reported a surge in customer engagement and conversion rates.

Lessons drawn: Implementing an online live shopping feature is an effective way of giving a more personalized and boutique experience to consumers. When done right, it can boost customer satisfaction in ways that live shopping videos would not achieve on a large scale.  Technology is also seen as an enabler in this case. By integrating video calls into an e-commerce platform, the brand created a seamless and engaging experience for the shoppers, blurring the lines between online and offline shopping.

Part 4: Success Case with Live Online Shopping 3: Nordstrom In-person and Live Shopping Blend

The American luxury department store chain Nordstrom launched a live online shop intending to blend its digital and in-person capabilities. The live stream shop allows customers to shop under the expertise of the chain’s store. Shoppers also have access to informative events by experts in fashion, beauty, and home.

Nordstrom live shop

Achievement: The live stream shop significantly impacted Nordstrom’s performance in the market. The brand has listed all its upcoming virtual events neatly on the website, ensuring customers do not miss out on the important ones. Interested consumers only need to RSVP and show up for the live stream shop. With this seamless shopping experience, Nordstrom saw an increase in customer engagement that boosted sales and enhanced brand image.

Lessons drawn: The success of Nordstrom’s live shop highlighted the need for personalization in e-commerce. By integrating expert advice into online shopping, the brand created a richer and more engaging experience. In addition, blending physical and digital touchpoints is an effective way of fostering brand loyalty and convenience. Shoppers can relate to the online live shop the same way they do to a physical shop.

Bonus Tip: Enhanced Live Streaming with AI

The future has so much in store for both sellers and shoppers. With technology changing fast, brands that evolve quickly will benefit the most from this development. Among the technological advancements affected the world of eCommerce is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI). Brands and influencers can leverage the power of AI to offer more personalized and engaging experiences to shoppers. One such tool is Virbo Live.

01 Leveraging Virbo AI streaming for sales and shopping

Virbo Live allows you to host live shopping with AI streamers. By integrating AI-powered avatars, you can save the cost of creating and launching a live shopping experience. With multi-lingual capabilities, the AI-driven avatars or Vtuber will keep your audience engaged, boosting your live shopping events. You also get seamless 24/7 AI streamers to address the needs of your viewers at all times.

virbo live

Using Virbo AI for your live shop streaming is beneficial in many ways:

  • Significantly boost your revenue from live-streaming events
  • Reduced dependence on large human teams
  • Seamlessly integrate multiple languages to match your various viewer groups
  • Automatically generate scripts that describe your products while aligning with viewers' expectations
  • Enhanced content safety through AI-driven moderation
  • A choice of avatars of different ages and background to match with the target audience
  • Stable and lag-free streaming performance

02 Simplified workflow and better viewer experience with Virbo

Virbo Live does more than general multi-lingual avatars for live streaming. It comes with powerful features that will take your live shopping experience to the next level. From supporting multiple languages to effective engagement with viewers, the tool allows you to take full advantage of AI streamers. Some of its powerful features include:

  1. Realistic AI-driven Avatars: Engage your live shop audience with AI streamers or Vtubers that mimic natural movements perfectly.
  2. Multiple Languages and Accents: Let the avatars interact with your viewers in local language and dialect
  3. AI Live Shopping Script Generation: Just enter your product and its description, choose a language and the AI will automatically generate a script for your avatar
  4. AI Translation: Translate your live video script automatically to meet the needs of your various audiences
  5. Customizable Q&A Repository: Create a personalized Q&A database that allows the AI streamer to interact more naturally with your audience
  6. Interaction Through Text: Trigger the AI streamer to speak what you type in and engage your audience in text responses

FAQs About Live Shopping

1. What are the benefits of live shopping?

Live shopping offers a human touch by allowing people to experience what they would in the store. Although it is done online, users get a reliable and engaging experience before clicking to fill a shopping cart.

2. What is a live shopper?

A live shopper is a bridge between traditional in-person shopping and online shopping. Sellers get the opportunity to market their products while customers can buy in real time. Top brands are now using AI live shoppers to automate the process and constantly engage their shoppers. Integrate Virbo Live to enhance your viewers’ experience.

3. What is shopper behavior?

It refers to the emotional responses and actions of buyers during the shopping experience. Sellers can use this behavior to determine which products draw the attention of the shoppers.


The impact of online live shopping on e-commerce cannot be overlooked. Sellers and influencers are actively engaging with shoppers, encouraging them to make purchases in real-time. As more people get attracted to this, the role of technology is become more evident. For those looking to automate the live shopping experience and save the streaming costs, we highly recommend Virbo Live. It offers you AI streamers that will keep your viewers engaged at all times, boosting your online revenue.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Apr 16, 24
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