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Exploring TikTok Live Studio: Features Overview and Usage Tips

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Feb 27, 24, updated Jul 20, 24

TikTok has changed the streaming world. With millions of users on the platform, TikTok Live Studio is a tool that allows you to stream and go live with ease and better engagement. TikTok has realized the power of streaming and is now competing with some of the biggest platforms like Facebook Live, Twitch, and YouTube.

But if you want to grow your TikTok using the Live Studio, then we have a complete guideline of how to go from a beginner streamer to an advanced one. 

In this article
  1. Basic Knowledge of Pro Tips for TikTok Live Studio Success
  2. Pro Tips for TikTok Live Studio Success
  3. Step Guidance to Start TikTok Live Studio

Part 1: Basic Knowledge of Pro Tips for TikTok Live Studio Success

TikTok Studio Live

We live in an attention economy where live streaming has become the pinnacle of entertainment. You see many creators like Adin Ross, N3on, and Sneako making the move and becoming one of the biggest streamers out there, earning millions of dollars per year.

The studio behind TikTok saw the potential and decided to allow live streaming, which is one of the best ways creators can interact with their audience. However, as the platform got bigger, TikTok introduced its official Live Studio tool that aims to set streamers up for success.

So what exactly is Live Studio? LIVE Studio is TikTok-dedicated streaming software that lets you stream games on TikTok, connect with the community, receive gifts, and subscriptions, and easily create high-quality content for your viewers to enjoy.

So how does it work?

01 How does TikTok Live Studio work?

Being a comprehensive live streaming software, creators who want to use Live Studio will need to at least have 1000 followers to unlock and access this wonderful software. TikTok LIVE Studio has helped gaming creators up their TikTok Live experience, experience true monetization, and connect deeply with their viewers.

However, if you want to be a gaming-related creator, you must have posted game-related short videos or gone live while playing a game of your choice. But with non-gamers, the policy is different. You need at least 10,000 followers to have access to the LIVE Studio.

02 Benefits and Features of TikTok Live Studio

Tik Tok LIVE Studio provides many features that make streaming a breeze. Especially when you are a gamer, you get so many intuitive controls that it turns your TikTok into an analytical dashboard where you can understand your audience a bit better.

Firstly, Live Studio TikTok makes it easier for beginners to go live and get their streaming career started. It is simple to use and easy to get started when there is a dedicated tool for streaming.

Secondly, you can engage with viewers like a pro using streaming-oriented features like LIVE, LIVE Goal, Highlight, and more. It sets up a whole system for you to follow and improve, allowing you to take your streaming career to the next level.

Moreover, with TikTok LIVE Studio, you can also chat with your viewers through an in-game chatbox. From reacting to their comments and receiving gifts, Live Studio provides all the options for streamers to leverage.

Part 2: Pro Tips for TikTok Live Studio Success

1. Select AI-powered streaming tools to ease the workload


Get Started Online

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We live in an AI-focused world where even gamers tend to move towards AI avatars instead of displaying themselves playing the game. If you have been a fan of vTubers and want a similar streaming style for your gaming TikTok Live, then you should try Virbo Live.

Moreover, in the modern world, TikTok commerce has been blowing up with shops showcasing their products and getting the most return of the content that they are making. But with virtual live avatars in Virbo, you can take it up a notch and get your TikTok store to sell better with greater engagement.

First of all, you are going to save a lot of money when it comes to using an AI avatar since you won’t need to hire a person to do everything for you. Secondly, using these VTubers will give you a boost in revenue especially when there is a live shopping event.

Lastly, with 24/7 seamless AI streaming, you can plan the stream ahead of time and get much more out of your livestreams. Here are some of Virbo’s live-streaming features.

Features of Virbo Live

  • AI Live Shopping: Virbo offers 24/7 live avatars that you can use to set up AI live shopping right on your TikTok page. You don’t need any human model present and you can showcase your product on the TikTok page as you like.
  • Realistic AI-Driven Avatars: All avatars are realistic and the vTubers can perfectly mimic natural movements. From different ethnicities, poses, and attire, you have the freedom to choose anything.
  • Multiple Languages and Accents: Virbo offers multiple languages and accents that various avatars can have. Hence, you can break the language barrier and create live streams in various languages to target the native people.

2. Set your objectives for TikTok Live

When it comes to going live on TikTok, you also need to set your objectives. TikTok Live Studio provides many features that you can leverage. Hence, by planning your actions, you can make the best out of going live on TikTok

For example, before your stream starts, ask yourself, what are your objectives? Do you want more views, more people engaged, more conversations, monetization? Once you have the goal in mind, then you can leverage TikTok Live Studio and make the most return out of your effective live session.

3. Promote your live beforehand

Before you go live using TikTok Live Studio, you need to promote your life. It is important to build up anticipation before actually going live on the platform. Hence, when you announce that you are going live and also tease what is going to be in the video, you improve your chances of getting more viewers to join, especially if you have an audience already.

One of the best ways to promote is simply to make an engaging TikTok that only teases the content of your upcoming live session, sparking the curiosity factor amongst the potential viewers.

4. Timing matters the most

The right time when you push out your content is what matters the most. The same is true with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and most other platforms. With TikTok, you must understand where your audience is mostly active in

How do you find that? Well, you need to understand your audience deeply and when they are mostly active. For example, your audience could be active on TikTok on a certain time and that’s where pushing your livestream will get the most results.

5. Take care of technical aspects

Most people ignore the technical aspects of TikTok livestream. This is especially true if you want to come in front of the camera for live streaming purposes. For example, you need to make sure that your lighting, sound, and connectivity are perfect so nothing hinders the experience of your audience.

With TikTok Live Studio, you can handle the hardware, which devices you want to connect, and the overall quality of your live streams. So, when you address the technical aspects the right way, you increase your chances of engaging the audience.

Part 3: Step Guidance to Start TikTok Live Studio

Step 1 Download TikTok Live Studio
TikTok Studio Live Guide

Visit the official website of TikTok Live Studio and download it for your Windows. But you can also log in to your TikTok account and download Live Studio from there. But if you don’t see the TikTok Live Studio download button in your TikTok app, then that means the software might not be available in your region.

Step 2 Install and Login TikTok Live Studio

After completing the download, you need to install the software on your Windows PC or laptop. Give it all the permission that it needs and after you are done installing it on your machine, you need to log in just like you log in to your TikTok. The application will allow you to choose various options like Facebook, Google, and Twitter login.

Step 3 Setting up LIVE Studio and going live
Go Live

Once you are logged in, you can either skip the process or Set Up so that everything will go under your supervision. You will need to select things like Microphone, Camera settings, Streaming Settings, and more. Once everything is set up, you just need to click Go Live, and your live stream will be started.


TikTok Live Studio is one of the best live streaming tools you will find. The regular TikTok app is quite limited, especially if you are a streamer trying to make it on the TikTok world.

There is so much competition on the TikTok streaming service, but with Live Studio, you get a lot of freedom and tools to measure your progress in the competitive TikTok world.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Jul 20, 24
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