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[Guide] Learning the Right Ways To Start Facebook Live Shopping

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Mar 04, 24, updated Jul 20, 24

After the COVID-19 pandemic, people started trusting online shopping. Therefore, a live shopping trend emerged, which felt like a one-on-one conversation between shopkeepers and buyers. In this regard, different platforms developed and facilitated live shopping. Yet, many features and options need to be introduced for an evener shopping experience.

Considering this scenario, major tech giants like Meta entered the market. They released a Facebook live shopping feature and pushed the boundaries of e-commerce. If you are new to this tech-based shopping or selling, this guide is for you. However, read it by the end to get comprehensive insights on Facebook live selling and shopping.

In this article
  1. A Brief Introduction to Facebook Live Shopping
  2. A Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up a Facebook Live Shopping for Your Product
  3. Some Progressive Tips To Excel in Facebook Live Shopping
  4. Sell Better With Simplicity: Wondershare Virbo Live!

Part 1. A Brief Introduction to Facebook Live Shopping

Facebook live shopping is a free tool to interact directly with sellers during a live video. It is among the top livestream shopping platforms in the US, and it was launched in 2021. Retailers connect with buyers while showing their items in real-world scenarios through this service. Facebook lets them tag their product in live streaming, containing website links to place orders.

According to statistics, 82% of consumers prefer livestream content from brands. Besides, 80% of the brands prefer Facebook to market their product through live videos. Still, the e-commerce market continues to develop and address loopholes in live selling with care. Anyhow, look into the perks of Facebook live selling features discussed ahead:


1. Facebook Live Shopping Notification

To bring viewer traffic, Facebook sends notifications to customers. People get notified via Messenger or Facebook notifications about their favorite brand’s live selling. This way, merchants can attract the maximum number of customers.

2. Product Demonstration

Live shopping has completely changed traditional online shopping. Unlike static photos of a product, selling live on Facebooklive shopping allows you to see how the product works. In the live session, potential customers can see how it looks, in which size it is available, and its exact color.

3. Easy Product Management

Before going live, the host can set up a shopping playlist with categories. Also, they can tag product details and website links before going live. As a result, people can easily navigate to the product, add it to their cart, and purchase directly. During the session, anyone can ask questions through the live chat feature.

Part 2. A Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up a Facebook Live Shopping for Your Product

After understanding these features, sellers can set up their shop. For this purpose, review this section and learn to set up your Facebook shop. Below are some details on how to create a shopping profile on Facebook:

Requirements: Firstly, check your business location, which must be based in the USA. Plus, your business can be located in 21 exempt countries in America, Europe, and Asia. Afterward, create a Facebook business page where you carry an admin role. Then, ensure that Facebook supports your country's currency. Later, verify your product is complying with Facebook's commerce policies.

  • Step 1. Sign in or create a Facebook page containing all information about your brand. Then, go directly to the Meta Business page and hit the "Live" button in the "Create" section.
  • Step 2. From the top bar of your Meta Business page, tap the “Live Shopping” option. There, toggle the “Enable Live Shopping” option and go to stream your first shopping session.

Upon creating an account and choosing a suitable product niche, it’s time to feature them. To learn how sellers feature products, review these steps and make your items visible to viewers:

  • Step 1. As you enable the live shopping option earlier, click the "Commerce Manager" to discover the Live Shopping feature in the "Promotions" tab. Continue to select the "Create Playlist" button for setting up a product playlist for live shopping.
  • Step 2. This opens up a new window where you have to provide all the details involving the product. Add the product and their respective details, and review the result in the playlist. After you've created the playlist, select where you wish to go live on Facebook, i.e., desktop or mobile app. On selecting the right option, click the "Go Live" button to conclude the process.

What Products Are Suitable for Facebook Live?

Determining the top-selling product would help retailers to increase sales. Notably, clothing and accessories are the most selling products of 2022 on Facebook. Meanwhile, self-grooming products stand second, followed by furniture and electronic appliances. Provided is a list of the products that seem suitable for Facebook live shopping:

  • Electronics
  • Home and Garden
  • Vehicles
  • Clothing and Accessories
  • Furniture
  • Mobile Accessories

Part 3. Some Progressive Tips To Excel in Facebook Live Shopping

After learning about setting up a Facebook shop, you should look into some tips for settling down in the market. Thus, the following are some strategies that you need to focus on before selling live on Facebook:

1. Promote Your Shopping Event

Build anticipation of your event a couple of days before. Following that, announce or promote your event and encourage people to subscribe to your page. You can invite them via other channels like Instagram posts, blogs, and social media groups.

2. Keep It Short and Engaging

Consider the first few minutes of the live event important. Show an energetic attitude and grab the audience's attention initially. According to research, social media users prefer to watch videos in under 1 minute.

3. Plan Things and Be Organized

It is better to plan your points of discussion before the event. You should write the outline and transition lines to shift from one product to another. Besides, keep your surroundings organized to give viewers a good impression.

4. Energetically Communicate

Make your audience as much involved in the event as you can. For this, it is suggested that they respond to their questions and ask them to comment. You can show your product trials and ask a friend or family to create more engaging discussions.

5. Don’t Let Your Work Wasted

You should not let your Facebook live online selling sessions be wasted. Save it in your timeline for people to watch anytime and get information about items. It will also attract new audiences who couldn't join the live session.

Part 4. Sell Better With Simplicity: Wondershare Virbo Live!

Live selling on Facebook seems easy, but you need effective tools to attract the most customers. In this regard, people still don’t have enough knowledge to plan and execute live streaming. Therefore, using Wondershare Virbo Live is the ultimate solution to perform the entire process in one place. It is an AI tool that offers multilingual AI-driven avatars for seamless shopping broadcasting.

You can set up a customized Q/A database for automatic queries using this tool. Plus, it is compatible with almost all social media platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Not only that, but you can also dive into its prominent features, which are explained below for more insights:

    1. AI Live Script Generation:Are you unable to brainstorm engaging pinpoints for your product selling? Use the AI Script feature of Wondershare Virbo Live and get a compelling script by describing your needs. You can even select a script tone from marketing to specialization options.
    2. AI Translation:To attract a diverse audience, you need videos in different languages. Therefore, Virbo Live offers a feature to translate your script into another language. Apart from that, a dubbing option holds AI voices of different languages and accents.
    3. AI Avatars:If you are a camera-shy person but live selling is a need of your business, use AI Avatars as a dynamic shift to progress. They can mimic real-life nuances while showing various ethnicities and attires. You pick one via scrolling, standing, or sitting pose avatars.

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Steps To Sell Better With Wondershare Virbo Live

Another notable option is that Wondershare Virbo Live lets you import an image or video background for effective enhancement. To explore that option, follow these steps and use Wondershare Virbo Live to the maximum:

  • Step 1. Access Virbo Live and Create a Blank Live Stream Room

Enter the official Virbo Live website and proceed to select the "Create Stream Room Now" button. Select the "Create a Blank Livestream Room" button to initiate the live stream system as you lead into the main interface.


Get Started Online Free Download

  • Step 2. Customize Your AI Avatar for Streaming

From the editing screen of Virbo Live, press the “AI avatars” option from the top bar. Scroll and pick one avatar that suits you best. Then, hit the “Background” option next to AI Avatar and choose one background.

  • Step 3. Add Script for Livestream Video

Move to the left and enter the words you want the AI Avatar to speak under the “Script lines” section. Alternatively, you can choose the "AI Smart Script" button from the bottom left corner. You can describe your product, set a Style, and adjust other parameters to get an AI script there.

  • Step 4. Pick a Dubbing Voice for Avatar To Live Stream

After customizing the avatar, head to the “Dubbing” option from the top. Using it, pick one language and accent of the AI voice to proceed with the “Confirm” button. Finally, your live-selling video is ready to post via the “Start livestream” button at the top right corner.



To summarize, livestream selling is becoming a competition between platforms. Meta isn't behind in this situation and offers live shopping on Facebook, which is highlighted in this guide. Undoubtedly, Facebook is setting trends, but it is difficult for many users to comprehend. Therefore, Wondershare Virbo Live is a perfect solution to plan and execute live selling seamlessly in one place.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Jul 20, 24
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