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Live Chat With WooCommerce: Leading into the Live Selling World

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Mar 04, 24, updated Jul 20, 24

E-commerce has reached an unprecedented level of fame all around the world. It provides convenience for buying and selling goods through accessible platforms. WooCommerce is one of those leading platforms that offer a satisfying e-commerce experience. Also, this platform is well-known for its exceptional functionality and infrastructure, which makes online selling easy.

What if you want a WooCommerce live chat feature to interact with your customers? This article presents benefits and ways to integrate live chat with WooCommerce to interact with customers. You can also learn about an innovative live-streaming platform that boosts your live sales.

integrating live chat with woocommerce
In this article
  1. Overviewing WooCommerce E-Commerce and Its Utility in the Market
  2. How To Add Live Chat Feature in WooCommerce?
  3. Wondershare Virbo Live: Assisting Quality Livestream Selling
  4. Discussion: Why Should We Shift To Live Selling?

Part 1. Overviewing WooCommerce E-Commerce and Its Utility in the Market

WooCommerce is a powerful e-commerce platform renowned for its adaptability. Its scalable nature allows you to start businesses of all sizes. The advanced customization options of WooCommerce make things effortless for users. Moreover, it provides a flexible selling experience, whether you're selling products or services. Irrespective of its functionality, the live chat WooCommerce feature is absent from the platform.

People can use WooCommerce as a plugin for WordPress, the leading content management system. This open-source plugin helps users customize their online stores. By doing so, it allows sellers to meet their branding requirements. Also, you can manage inventory, order processing, payment gateways, and shipping details. Moreover, it provides a built-in geo-location support to detect customer's address.

woocommerce website interface

Features of WooCommerce

Many businesses are using WooCommerce for online stores throughout the world. Its impressive usability and accessibility help users in different e-commerce aspects. Provided are some features of WooCommerce that make it special for brand owners:

1. Inventory Management

It provides multiple inventory management options to track stock levels. You can receive notifications for short or out-of-stock products. Moreover, you can sort or filter products by price, popularity, ratings, latest, and more.

2. Pre-installed Payment Methods

To simplify payment processes, WooCommerce provides pre-installed payment gateways. You can choose any payment method, including Cash on Delivery, PayPal, and Credit Card payments.

3. Sell Anything

With WooCommerce, you can sell anything from real products to digital downloads. Moreover, this 100% open-source plugin allows you to sell anywhere with its global support.

4. Mobile Friendliness

WooCommerce ensures that your store looks equally beautiful on desktop and smartphone. Store owners can even turn their existing stores into mobile apps without custom coding.

Part 2. How To Add Live Chat Feature in WooCommerce?

Live chatting is an essential function for interacting with the audience for trustworthiness. Unfortunately, WooCommerce doesn't provide a dedicated live chat feature. If you want to use this service, integrate it separately with a third-party source. For this purpose, you can use a reliable plugin that enables WooCommerce online chat.

LiveChat is a renowned customer service platform that provides a superb live experience. It helps to chat with customers and share their data with CRM. Moreover, the AI chatbots help to greet your store visitors with automated responses. They allow you to capture more leads and increase sales. Ultimately, LiveChat helps boost your store's overall revenue.

Comprehensive Guide to Setting Up the LiveChat Plugin on WooCommerce

Using the LiveChat plugin is a good option to get alive chat for WooCommerce. The query is how to set up the plugin across your WooCommerce store. For this, the provided step-by-step resolves all queries involving setting up the LiveChat plugin:

  • Step 1. First, you have to access the WordPress dashboard to enter the “Plugins” section. Then, hit the “Add New” button and write “LiveChat WooCommerce" to search for this plugin. Look for the "WordPress Live Chat Plugin for WooCommerce – LiveChat” in the results that appear. Once identified, click the “Install Now” button to proceed.
  • install livechat plugin
  • Step 2. Upon installation, you need to hit the “Activate” widget. After that, sign up with your account on the “Integrate with LiveChat” screen.
  • activate livechat plugin
  • Step 3. When the log-in and installation process is complete, a chat widget appears on the website. Then, click on “Go to LiveChat” to start live chatting.
  • successfully integrate livechat feature
  • Step 4. If you want to change the settings, select the “LiveChat” option in the WordPress dashboard. Next, hit “Settings” and turn on or turn off the desired options.
  • change livechat plugin settings

    Part 3. Wondershare Virbo Live: Assisting Quality Livestream Selling

    Live selling has set marketing expectations high for the sellers. Therefore, you should use an efficient live selling tool to stay competitive. To meet the standards, Wondershare Virbo Live is an intuitive and interactive live streaming tool to enhance your streaming quality. Most sellers don't have the knowledge to market their items on WooCommerce. For this purpose, this simple and easy-to-use medium will help sellers grow revenue.

    Moreover, this tool is compatible with all major social media platforms. This allows you to integrate live streams with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more. You don’t need to download the platform as it supports cloud-based service. Another exciting feature is that you can introduce AI avatars or VTubers to your live sessions. Overall, this is the best live-streaming platform with AI-powered features.

    Key Highlights of Wondershare Virbo Live

    1. The smart AI streamer allows you to translate text for dubbing into different languages. It helps accommodate a wider audience of different regions, ethnicities, and cultures.
    2. Wondershare Virbo Live helps create scripts for live selling. Its built-in AI Smart Script feature allows you to type or generate a script with instant prompts.
    3. Users can also change live stream templates and backgrounds. Moreover, it allows the addition of creative stickers for better customer engagement.
    4. Get Started Online Free Download

    Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Streaming Room in Virbo Live

    Many live-streaming tools exist, but Wondershare Virbo Live is the most recommended. It provides innovative AI-powered functions to facilitate users in a single platform. Here's how you can create your streaming room using this tool:

  • Step 1. Generate a Blank Live Streaming Room
  • Access the Virbo Live tool from its official website. You must select the “Create Stream Room Now” button from the display. On the new screen, navigate and select the “Create a Black Livestream Room” option. Upon doing so, you will get access to several live-streaming settings.

    start creating virbo livestream room

    Get Started Online Free Download

  • Step 2. Integrate Microphone for Human-Like Interaction
  • Now, press the “Human interaction" tab on the left of your screen to integrate the mic with this tool. You have to hit the "Turn Microphone on to Take Over" button under the “Microphone” sub-section. Also, you can move to the “AI Interaction” tab to create an automated Q&A session.

    add microphone to integrate live
  • Step 3. Customize Live Stream Template and Background
  • Wondershare Virbo Live presents different templates and backgrounds for users. Click on the “Background” tab from the top navigation bar to try stunning backgrounds. You can also select the “Template” tab to explore various templates for quick live streaming setup.

    add background and template to livestream
  • Step 5. Pick Suitable AI Avatars for Your Live Event
  • To add more fun, hit the “AI Avatars” tab from the top navigation bar. This section shows creative avatars with different outfits and poses. You can choose the suitable one that demonstrates your personality. After selecting the avatar, you can preview it on the right side of the screen.

    include avatar according to context
  • Step 6. Start Your Livestream After All Settings
  • After customizing all the features according to your desire, click on the “Start livestream” button at the top right of the screen. The results will be displayed across the respective selection as you decide which platform you'll be using for the livestream.

    start livestream from virbo live

    Part 4. Discussion: Why Should We Shift To Live Selling?

    Live chatting services add more energy to your live events. As discussed, the WooCommerce online chat feature is essential to engage with potential customers. Some people still feel doubtful about whether they will get benefits or not. This section clarifies some potential benefits of shifting to live selling that users can get in the overall market:

    1. Build Connections:Live streams add a human touch in the live selling that connects viewers emotionally. So you can easily build relationships to increase your brand awareness.
    2. Successful Selling:People can understand what to expect from a product during the live stream. So, it results in successful live selling and reduced delivery returns.
    3. Global Audience:Unlike traditional selling strategies, live selling helps reach international audiences. You can showcase products or services from anywhere to gain worldwide customers.
    4. Digital Experience:Live selling is far ahead of the offline world. For this digital experience, shoppers don’t need to find reliable physical stores. Also, the digitalized live shopping experience is more entertaining and profitable.


    This ultimate guide provides an overview of WooCommerce and its features. We have also explained a way to enable WooCommerce live chat. Moreover, we have introduced a live-streaming tool that can integrate with other social platforms. With Virbo Live, users can optimize their streams with features like AI avatars, script generation, and much more.

    Eric Miller
    Eric Miller Jul 20, 24
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