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[Top List] Best Livestream Shopping Apps of in 2024

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Mar 04, 24, updated Apr 16, 24

Today, we mostly shop online to avoid the hassle of shopping in physical stores. Instead of just clicking on items to buy, you can watch live videos where people show off products. Moreover, live shopping is getting popular because it feels more real and interactive.

However, there is still room for improvement for live shopping apps to make shopping better. This article explores the best live shopping appsto innovate your shopping experience.

top livestream apps for effective selling
In this article
  1. Top 10 Live Streaming Shopping Platforms To Consider in 2024
  2. Comparative Overview of Top Live-Streaming Shopping Platforms

Part 1. Top 10 Live Streaming Shopping Platforms To Consider in 2024

People look forward for live-streaming platforms that are easy to use and have many different things to buy. In 2024, some platforms have become popular because they offer features such as live videos. Since this is the highlight of this article, the following are the top 10 livestream shopping apps that are getting attention from shoppers:

1. Wondershare Virbo Live

Wondershare Virbo Live is an innovative platform that simplifies the process of live selling for users. It offers a comprehensive solution in a single place. From creating live shopping rooms to seamless broadcasts, everything is managed within this platform. Plus, AI integration enhances content creation and engagement during live streams. With a cloud-based operation, Virbo Live operates directly without downloading.

You can utilize the platform's AI avatars or VTubers to host live shopping events. These avatars mimic natural movements and can be customized according to customer needs. They reflect various ethnicities, poses, and attire by ensuring relatability in every interaction.

wondershare virbo live website interface

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Key Features

  1. Wondershare Virbo Live ensures a diverse global audience can connect with the content. It supports multiple languages and accents, including English, German, and Japanese.
  2. This best live shopping appstreamlines content creation with AI-driven script generation. Users can generate engaging shopping scripts for live streams to save time.
  3. It enables users to enhance audience interaction by setting up automatic responses. By creating a customized Q&A database, users can connect with their audience more smartly.

Steps of Creating a Stream Room in Virbo Live

The live streaming selling app uses AI technology and generates customized avatars. This helps sellers connect better with their viewers and sell more products. Let's learn more on how to make your stream room and start selling with Wondershare Virbo Live:

Step 1. Access the Online Tool for Creating Your Stream Room

Start by opening your preferred web browser and lead to the official Virbo Live website. On the main interface, head to the left side of the screen and click on the “Create Stream Room Now” button.

start creating stream room virbo live

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Step 2. Begin Customizing Your Livestream Room

After entering the editing window of the tool, you'll be able to personalize your AI avatars for live selling content. Proceed towards the “Create a Blank Livestream Room” button on the upper part of the window.

create blank livestream virbo video
Step 3. Choose Your Favorite AI Avatar

In the next window, select the “AI avatars” tab at the top right corner. This opens a dialog box displaying various avatars in different poses and outfits. From there, opt for the avatar that best suits your needs. You can preview your selection on the right side of the window.

select avatar for livestream video
Step 4. Customize the Background According to Video Requirements

Now, click on the “Background” tab and choose the background that you want to use for showcasing your products. Select the category that suits your needs and proceed with the live-streaming setup. You can also use the “Upload background” button for adding media under defined requirements from Virbo Live.

define background or upload for video
Step 5. Include Text or Add Microphone for Live Interaction

Navigate to the left side of the screen for adding the script or finalize the nature of the content that will be spoken across the live video. Use the “Script lines” option for adding or generating a script for the live video. Conversely, you can access the “Human interaction” section to select the microphone for live interaction during streaming.

use microphone to interact in video
Step 6. Start Broadcasting Your Products Live

After finalizing all your selections, it is time to start live streaming. Simply hit the “Start Livestream” button from the top right corner of the screen to watch as your input comes to life in real time.

create ai script and start livestream

2. TikTok Shop

TikTok Shop offers a platform for seamless shopping experiences within the TikTok app. It integrates entertainment with commerce and allows brands to connect with audiences. With features like scalable ecosystems, TikTok Shop ensures a convenient shopping experience. Additionally, it offers integration with major platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

tiktok shop livestream shopping

Key Features

  1. Sellers can promote, sell, and engage with their audience in real time through live streaming.
  2. It has an Affiliate Program that allows shoppers to interact with thousands of content creators.
  3. This platform has an integrated in-app checkout to help in buyers’ journey. It streamlines the process by allowing users to discover and purchase items within the same platform.

3. Bambuser

Bambuser stands out due to its ability to increase engagement with social video commerce. It provides an immersive shopping experience that keeps customers coming back for more. Brands can welcome infinite customers into highly engaging shoppable videos on their native site. Also, Bambuser can be integrated into various platforms, including websites, social media channels, and mobile apps.

bambuser livestream shopping

Key Features

  1. The app allows customers to complete their purchases while staying at the platform.
  2. The livestream shopping appoffers full white-labeling capabilities. This capability empowers users to customize the platform for their brand identity.
  3. Bambuser allows you to interact with the buyers with shoppable video calls.

4. Live Shopping by LiveMeUp

For engaging livestream shopping app, Live Shopping by LiveMeUp is a good option to consider. The platform brings the excitement of TikTok-style live video shopping or shoppable Instagram videos onto the Shopify-influenced ecosystem. This online forum stands out for its customizable video player and deep analytical procession. By integrating it into their Shopify store, businesses can drive higher conversion rates and customer interaction.

livemeup livestream shopping

Key Features

  1. The app instantly loads videos without impacting your store's speed.
  2. The integration with social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram maximizes exposure.
  3. Live Shopping by LiveMeUp provides sellers with deep analytics related to customer data.

5. CommentSold

CommentSold is revolutionizing the live selling world with its diversified live selling features. This live-streaming selling app empowers businesses to transform their product listings. You can turn your online store into virtual events to broadcast across many channels. Apart from the basic social media platform support, it integrates with platforms like Shopify, Stripe, Sezzle, and more for a diversified experience.

commentsold livestream shopping

Key Features

  1. With one-step integration, businesses can reach customers where they prefer to shop.
  2. Customers can easily cart and purchase items during live-stream shopping events.
  3. It automates time-consuming administrative tasks such as invoicing and inventory management.

6. SoldLive: FB & IG Live Selling

There aren’t many live-streaming selling app that seamlessly integrate with social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. With a direct integration into Shopify admin platform, SoldLive simplifies the selling process. This feature makes it easy for shoppers to purchase during live sales. The automation offered by the app streamlines operations and saves businesses valuable resources.

soldlive livestream shopping

Key Features

  1. Its integration with Facebook Live and Instagram Live allows businesses to connect to various social pages.
  2. This platform automates the live selling process, including generating invoices.
  3. You can live stream on various social platforms simultaneously using SoldLive’s system.

7. QVC Live

The QVC App is a mobile livestreaming shopping app for a seamless smartphone shopping experience. You can get it on iPhone, Android, tablet, and Apple TV. It offers exclusive deals, product discovery, and effortless transactions. Also, it has integration with QVC's live television, which broadcasts content across 3 networks. The app allows for a transition between browsing products and watching live demonstrations.

qvc live livestream shopping

Key Features

  1. You can make use of Voice Search features to make navigation even easier.
  2. With live television broadcasts streamed through the app, users can shop while watching.
  3. Timely notifications ensure that users never miss out on special promotions.

8. Showday Live & Shoppable Video

When looking for innovation in online video shopping app, Showday Live offers several exceptional features. Customers can purchase showcased products without leaving the video with an in-video cart. It integrates with every Shopify theme, requiring no code for installation. This integration ensures that product feeds and transactions are in synchronization with the Shopify store.

showday live livestream shopping

Key Features

  1. Showday can integrate with platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, and Google Analytics.
  2. It is equipped with a variety of engagement features like vouchers to convert viewers into customers.
  3. This app has marketing tools to gather and analyze valuable consumer data.

9. Facebook Live

Facebook Live enables businesses to connect with their audience or followers in real time. Also, you can drive meaningful communication with live polls and featured links. From personal broadcasts to large-scale events, it provides users with the tools they need. The app supports integrations with video conferencing software providers like Zoom and BlueJeans.

faceboook livestream shopping

Key Features

  1. Sellers can respond to buyers’ questions and comments in real-time.
  2. By broadcasting live content directly to the Facebook Page, you can expand your reach.
  3. This lives selling apphelps you broadcast to Facebook Live from Messenger Rooms.


There are specific options in live selling when users want to showcase their products through live auctions. NTWRK is the premier destination for sellers looking to connect with a dynamic audience. Sellers can choose how they want to upload and manage their inventory. It can be done through the NTWRK seller dashboard or by syncing their Shopify account.

ntwrk livestream shopping

Key Features

  1. It provides sellers with innovative ways, including hosting live auctions and selling drops.
  2. You can integrate this app into an existing Shopify account.
  3. NTWRK is available on Google Play and App Store for mobile access.

Part 2. Comparative Overview of Top Live-Streaming Shopping Platforms

In this section, we'll compare different the discussed live shopping apps that let businesses live-stream events. Each platform has its own special features, thus let's see how they measure up against each other:

Platforms Ratings Availability and Integration Effectiveness AI Avatars AI Voices Ease-of-Use
Virbo Live 4.9 Web Based, Integrates with Most of Streaming Platforms High
TikTok Shop 4.6 TikTok app High X X
Bambuser Live Video Shopping 4.8 Websites, Social Media Channels, Mobile apps High X X X
Live Shopping by LiveMeUp 4.3 Shopify, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram Low X X
CommentSold 4.5 Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Shopify Medium X X X
SoldLive: FB & IG Live Selling 4.7 Shopify High X X
QVC Live 4.4 iOS, Android, Tablet, Apple TV Low X X X
Showday Live & Shoppable Video 4.6 Shopify Medium X X
Facebook Live 4.3 Web, Mobile High X X
NTWRK 4.2 Online, iOS, Android Low X X X


In conclusion, we've learned that live streaming is becoming essential for online shopping. Businesses are using it to connect with customers in real-time. In our comparison, we looked at different shoppable video streaming app. One standout platform is Wondershare Virbo Live, which is excellent at helping businesses create engaging streams. Its AI-powered avatars enhance customer interactions and generate more sales.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Apr 16, 24
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