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Ultimate Guide to Shopee Livestream Selling: Maximize Profits

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Mar 04, 24, updated Apr 16, 24

Live videos are becoming crucial for promoting and selling stuff in today's online market. This trend is especially prevalent in Southeast Asian countries like China, Singapore, and Malaysia. People in these regions utilize live-streaming platforms and tools to promote their products. This guide explores one of these platforms called Shopee Livestream.

We will explain how Shopee's live videos work to help you create content that will interest people. Keep reading to learn how to be a Shopee live seller to sell things better with this platform and other live-streaming tools.

understanding shopee live selling
In this article
  1. A Review on Shopee Livestream: Learning the Basics
  2. Some Basic Guidelines To Perform Live Shopping in Shopee
  3. The Simple Guide to Using the Live Shopping Service of Shopee
  4. Make Livestreaming Selling Efficient With Wondershare Virbo Live!

Part 1. A Review on Shopee Livestream: Learning the Basics

Shopee offers a platform for sellers to host interactive video streaming sessions within its app. This feature lets sellers connect with their audience in real-time to build a stronger bond. It is functional in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and other Southeast Asian countries. With millions of active users on this forum, sellers have the opportunity to boost sales.

Through this platform, users can get their orders delivered to their door without paying any extra shipping fees. This shopping platform allows you to talk directly to sellers while you shop. You can enjoy fun playing games and free stuff for an exciting shopping experience. Also, sellers and buyers get safe payment choices to ensure reliability.

shopee live stream platform

Live Shopping Features Available on Shopee

With Shopee's live-streaming service, there are many cool features to improve online shopping. Let’s explore the features of live selling in Shopee to see how this platform works:

  1. Livestream call lets the host answer viewer questions and stream with others using audio or video.
  2. It has business insights that show live stream data to improve your live selling based on clicks and orders.
  3. Different prize popups throughout the stream encourage viewers to follow your shop.
  4. The orange bag icon lets the host show products during the stream.
  5. Hosts can open a sharing panel to share the live stream on Instagram, WhatsApp, or Facebook.

It's essential to note that you also need to use the smartphone app to operate the Shopee live show fully. This way, you can get a seamless and optimized experience across Shopee. It makes it easy to watch live streams and buy/sell things whenever you want.

live selling feature in shopee

Part 2. Some Basic Guidelines To Perform Live Shopping in Shopee

When starting live shopping at Shopee, it is essential to follow the rules to have a good time. This means you have to do what Shopee says when you're selling things or buying them on the platform. Let’s explore these guidelines to ensure a better shopping experience:

  1. You can only add up to 500 products to the orange bag during one livestream.
  2. Sellers can't use phrases like “Add to Orange Bag” or “Send PM” to share links. It is prohibited during the stream or on social media outside the Shopee app.
  3. If you have multiple shops, each shop needs its livestream. Also, ensure the items you promote fit within the live stream frame.
  4. Do not upload content with sensitive information, harassment, or cyberbullying.
  5. Users can't use music they don't own the rights to during their live shopping. Instead, you should use music that is free for anyone to use.
  6. You can rearrange the products and edit details like price discounts before you go live.

Part 3. The Simple Guide to Using the Live Shopping Service of Shopee

With the rise of online shopping, Shopee streamlines the process for its users. Users can perform live selling in Shopeethrough mobile apps and desktops. The friendly interface allows you to showcase things in real-time. Let's discuss a step-by-step guide to elevate your online shopping experience.

Steps of Live Shopping in the Shopee Mobile App

Before starting the process, download the Shopee mobile app on your smartphone. Afterward, pass the eligibility test for being the seller. Next, you need to prepare the required equipment to go for a livestream. To start your Shopee Live, you can follow these steps.

  • Step 1. After launching the app on your phone, head to the “Me” tab. Within this tab, press the “Live Streaming” option and then tap on the “Create Stream” feature.
starting stream on shopee live mobile
  • Step 2. In the upcoming screen, tap “Add a Title” to type in the label. You can also add a description as desired. Next, click the “Add Cover” button below the shopping bag to upload an image of 500x500. Then, hit “Add Related Products” to feature the desired products during a live session.
add products for shopee selling
  • Step 3. Once you've made changes, press the “Next” button at the bottom. This action will give you a 3-second preview of your video. Proceed by clicking on “Go Live” to stream your video. Now, all your followers get a notification to join the session.
go live on shopee live

Steps of Live Shopping on Shopee Live Desktop

In addition to the mobile app, you can also utilize Shopee live commerce on your Desktop. In the following section, you'll find detailed instructions for live streaming on PCs:

  • Step 1. First, launch your livestream software, such as OBS, on your desktop. Then, make the required changes for live streaming in the tool settings.
  • Step 2. Then, head to the Shopee Live website and sign in with your relevant country page. To create streaming, provide all the details, including the cover photo and title. Now, hit the "Add Related Products" button to insert your desired ones in a live stream. Finally, click the "Next" button to proceed with this livestream generation.
add products across shopee live desktop
  • Step 3. Upon reaching a new window, copy the generated link and Stream key through the app and paste it into OBS. This facilitates the transition of streaming between the software and the Shopee website. After adjusting the settings, select the “Go Live” button to start showcasing your products.
go live through shopee live desktop

Part 4. Make Livestreaming Selling Efficient With Wondershare Virbo Live

Like Shopee's live selling tool, many other platforms offer live shopping. However, not all of them provide the comprehensive features needed to set up livestream events across multiple channels. This is where Wondershare Virbo Live stands out. It offers an all-in-one solution to manage a livestream selling system online with exclusive tools. Users can benefit from its ability to carry out continuous 24/7 broadcasting without interruptions.

Its AI-driven avatars or VTubers reduce the dependence on large human teams. You can customize your own AI avatar in different outfits and poses to build a unique identity. The customizable feature of the Q&A repository responds to customer’s queries quickly to engage them. Its compatibility with social platforms makes it the perfect tool to create videos to sell across any platform.

Features of Wondershare Virbo Live You Should Consider

    1. AI translation allows users to talk to viewers in their preferred language without a language barrier.
    2. You can also utilize AI for script generation to create interactive live streams.
    3. Users can simply write text or speak during the live stream to stimulate the AI streamer to respond accordingly.

Get Started Online Free Download

Steps of Creating a Stream Room via Wondershare Virbo Live

If you want to optimize the Shopee live stream, Wondershare Virbo Live can help you with its diverse features. Here are the simple steps to follow for boosting sales through AI-generated avatars:

  • Step 1. Get the Tool Online To Create a Blank Livestream Room

First, access the Wondershare Virbo Live website online to enter the primary interface. Now, hit the “Create Stream Room Now” button from the left side to enter a new window. Here, head to the top and press the “Create a Blank Livestream Room” button.

start live stream on virbo live

Get Started Online Free Download

  • Step 2. Pick and Personalize Your Preferred AI Avatars and AI Backgrounds

In the next step, you’ll be directed to a new window. Click on the “AI avatars” tab, which opens a dialogue box. You'll find presets of avatars to choose from according to your needs. Afterward, switch the tab by tapping “Background” to modify the product's outlook. Also, add "Stickers" according to the promotion you are offering against your product.

make personalization across live stream
  • Step 3. Generate Scripts for Your Livestreaming Session

After picking the avatar and background, locate the text box on the left side of the window. Now, type in the preferred text or utilize AI-generated scripts. Conversely, you can also use the services of "Human Interaction," where you only have to add a microphone for live interaction in the “Microphone” section.

add human interactive scripts
  • Step 4. Initiate Live Streaming To Display Your Products on Any Platform

Once you’ve made your desired changes, hit the “Start livestream” button from the top right. By doing so, you can livestream on your preferred platform, such as Shopee.

proceed to start virbo live streaming


All in all, Shopee's live selling is changing how businesses reach customers. Throughout the article, we provide you with a genuine review of Shopee and how it operates. However, to streamline your livestreams, you need an AI tool like Wondershare Virbo Live. It is perfect for businesses looking to boost their sales through engaging live streams.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Apr 16, 24
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