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A Basic Guidebook To Live Selling in Today’s Digital World

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Mar 04, 24, updated Jul 20, 24

The spread of the internet has changed consumer purchasing habits in recent years. Now, social media platforms are the growing digital marketplaces for products. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the trend of online shopping, and people now prefer buying online. This digital shopping mode eliminates the struggle to leave physical spaces in their busy routines.

The same goes for the marketing field, which has revolutionized with live sales. Venders prefer to sell items online to generate the greatest sales without physical systems. If that interests you, get more insights on livestream selling through this article.

live selling and how to perform
In this article
  1. A Basic Preview To "Live Shopping"
  2. What’s the Core Elements of a Live Video
  3. Live Selling Strategies To Boost Revenue

Part 1. A Basic Preview To "Live Shopping"

Livestream selling or live shopping refers to live product demonstrations on digital platforms. The retailer or host has to introduce themselves, their store, and sale before describing products. They explain each detail of the products and their prices while holding them in a direct video call. During that, ensure that followers can see the product and interact through comments.

Customers perceive it as a lively shopping experience instead of websites loading products. It creates a sense of connection as people feel like shopping in physical stores. As live selling has a core element of being in real time, people can question and know about the product. Compared with traditional shopping, one can place an order through links mentioned in the livestream.

preview of live selling

Is It Beneficial To Sell Live in This Digital Industry?

Live selling is an emerging way to attract customers to shop on online marketplaces. According to research, 76% of US adults prefer shopping online for clothes and groceries. It focuses on customers’ desire to know about products that generate sales. Thus, it proves beneficial in many terms, among which a few are elaborated below:

1. Engaging and Updating Communication

Businesses can directly engage with a broader audience by entering the live selling industry. They get knowledge about current product trends to introduce similar things. Besides, this method eliminates the need to target customers in-store or via e-mails. Now, businesses can market their product and live sales simultaneously.

2. Reduced Return Rates and Customer Satisfaction

Before live selling, people need to search for what they want by visiting the official sites of brands. Also, they scroll to read honest product reviews for the validity of products. With live selling, customers can view the products and ask questions during the live sessions. Therefore, it lowers the return rates to 40% while increasing customer satisfaction and trust.

3. Potential Growth and Virtual Demonstrations

This online shopping mode has the potential to upscale your business. According to a survey, companies can see top-line growth upward of 25% through live selling. Apart from upscaling, they can see their digital competitors and define new ways to stand out. Sellers can compete by providing discount coupons and virtual demonstrations of products.

Part 2. What’s the Core Elements of a Live Video

Selling products via online videos is a marketing technique that is rapidly growing. Already, 80% of marketers confess that livestream shopping is integral to boosting sales online. If you are going tosell live as a seller, you should read this part for some insights. Here, you will learn the core elements of a live video to make your sale successful:

1. Livestream Selling Platform

To expand the product's reach, it is essential to carefully select an online live selling platform. It could be a native live shopping platform, social media, or merchant website. As Gen Z and millennials are more attracted to live streaming, social media platforms would be ideal hosts. Many brands are integrating social media with e-commerce to cut the need for two separate apps.

2. Real-Time Session With Host

Upon choosing a suitable platform, a live video session is arranged. For that purpose, you need a host who should seem trustworthy and relatable to the product. There could be more than one person in the live sale to demonstrate products and share tips and benefits. Besides, the host needs to interact with the customers and share thoughts about the product.

3. Points of Product or Video Content

The main object of live selling is to sell products, but the best way is to create hype. In this regard, brands offer special discounts and giveaways valid only during live streams. It increases the tendency of customers to make purchases during the live sessions. The live session must be 20-30 minutes and include click-on links for easy buying.

Significant Statistics To Support Increasing Influence of Live Selling

The concept of livestream sales emerged decades ago but gained a spotlight in 2016 in China. Afterward, it flourished worldwide and grew to 171 billion USD in 2020. An estimation of the US livestream shopping market reveals worth $35 billion by 2024. Live selling is evolving not only in the US but also in other regions of the globe.

Live Streaming Sales in Regions


4.9 trillion yuan in 2023

The United States

$17 billion in 2023


Influenced 50% more than physical or online Purchasing

Livestream shopping Platforms (US 2022)

Facebook Live


YouTube Live




Amazon Live


Part 3. Live Selling Strategies To Boost Revenue

Anyone can live sale online because you have to explain products and respond to queries. Yet not everyone generates the same revenue and gets immense popularity. The reason is operative strategies and tips, which you can use in the below discussion to gear up your shopping stream.

1. Use 24/7 Hours Seamless AI Live Streaming Software

Most sellers are unaware of current digital trends and the right actions for live selling. In that context, you need a platform to provide everything from script to selling videos. However, using Wondershare Virbo Live and staying in a single place is suggested to plan and execute the live shopping. Virbo Live is an AI tool that connects sellers with customers through streaming videos.

  1. AI Avatar:Wondershare Virbo Live offers an AI avatar feature for start-ups and small business owners. It eliminates the need for a well-groomed host or managing crew. AI avatars can perfectly mimic your actions with natural movements to engage the audience.
  2. Q&A Library:The platform allows the creation of automatic responses with a personalized library of questions. The major advantage of having such an option is that it helps users connect better with the audience.
  3. Text Interaction:The quality of content can be easily manipulated and managed across Wondershare Virbo Live. You can provide text to trigger your AI streamer to speak within the live stream.

Compatibility with Platforms: YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, Alibaba, and X(Twitter).

Get Started Online Free Download

Steps To Create a Complete Livestream Room With Wondershare Virbo Live

Wondershare Virbo Live is available online and offers a cloud-based service. To fully utilize this live selling strategy, follow these steps and explore this all-in-one tool:

  • Step 1. Access the Main Interface of Virbo Live

Start the process on Wondershare Virbo Live by clicking the "Create Stream Room Now" button. You need to select the "Create a Blank Livestream Room" button to initiate the livestream room creation.

create livestream room in virbo

Get Started Online Free Download

  • Step 2. Customize the Live Stream Video in Virbo Live

Once you find yourselves in the editing section, add a script you want to use in your live-stream video. While staying in the "Script lines" section, you can add a script in the form of text or audio. If you wish to add an audio script, go to the "Audio" tab and select "Upload local voice." This voice will then be used across the live stream video in Virbo Live.

add audio script to virbo livestream
  • Step 3. Set Avatar and Other Elements Before Starting Livestreaming

Following this, you can add your required avatars, background, and stickers to the video with the options at the top of the window. Finally, when you are done exploring, hit the "Start livestream" option and live sell on any of the supported platforms.

set avatar background and stickers

2. Pick an Appropriate Date and Time

Another tip to consider is choosing the right time and date for the maximum viewers. In this regard, retailers should avoid a popular shopping period such as Black Friday. In contrast, it is suggested to pick weekends or holidays where customers must be free to join. Also, never choose the working hours of any day and consider the time zones for a global audience.

3. Keep the Conversation Engaging and Funny

Customers can read the product details and see how it looks, so what difference will they get from a live sale? Considering this perspective, sellers should bring something unique to the shopping stream. For this purpose, they can explain the product's benefits and use cases. Furthermore, they should keep their tone friendly and humorous for the targeted audience.


To summarize, livestream sales is an emerging concept to boost revenue and sales. As shown in this article, it is fruitful for retailers and significantly contributes to generating sales. Like China's ever-changing live selling industry, Wondershare Virbo Live is also an emerging tool. It is emerging to change virtual selling dynamics by providing seamless live-stream videos.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Jul 20, 24
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