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How To Stream Your Favorite Games Online in 2024

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Apr 17, 24, updated May 17, 24

The gaming industry is developing by leaps and bounds in this current digital revolution. Many streamers have become a part of this industry, broadcasting live gameplay footage to earn hefty money. Content creators can showcase their gaming skills through live streams and entertain the audience. This article will discuss the best gaming streaming platform for gamers and their fans.

stream computer games online
In this article
  1. The Advancements in the Gaming Industry: Discussing the Statistics
  2. The Best Gaming Streaming Platforms in 2024
  3. Stream Your Favorite Game by Enhancing Quality With Wondershare Virbo Live

Part 1. The Advancements in the Gaming Industry: Discussing the Statistics

Technological advancement has resulted in the development of incredible games. Integration of AI technology in gaming provides an interactive and efficient user experience. This technology has allowed developers to automate repetitive tasks while creating games. Also, gamers can enjoy playing in realistic virtual worlds with the help of VR headsets.

Gaming platforms also have the technology to analyze the user's gaming style with a machine-learning algorithm. Cutting-edge graphics are among the best advancements in the gaming industry. Moreover, the popularity of gaming streams has also bloomed in recent years. The reason for the increased use of gaming streaming is its accessibility. It allows gamers from diverse backgrounds to share their gaming experience with interested fans.

Statistics of Gaming Streaming

No doubt, gaming streaming has witnessed a notable surge in popularity. It can be understood through the following statistics about streaming:

  1. In 2024, game live-streaming viewerswill probably reach over 900 million.
  2. According to estimates, the revenue in this market is expected to reach US$13.65 billionin 2024.
  3. ioreports that the esports viewership will grow to 640 million by 2025.
  4. The game live-streaming market is anticipated to reach around 7 billion usersby 2028.

Part 2. The Best Gaming Streaming Platforms in 2024

After knowing about gaming streaming, do you want to know the best platform for streaming games? Many options can help you in accessing live game streams. Below are some of the platforms for gaming streaming so you can choose the best one:

1. BIGO Live

BIGO Live is one of the best live-streaming platforms for gaming. It allows you to watch the streaming of your favorite game in high quality. These games include PUBG, GTA, Free Fire, Fortnite, and others. You can watch multiple streamers broadcast your favorite game to satisfy your craving.

  1. There are many gaming streams available on this website in different languages.
  2. This platform categorizes the most popular and other gaming streams for your ease.
  3. It has a live option that allows you to watch live gaming broadcasts of your beloved streamer.
bigo live gaming streaming tool

2. Twitch

If you are a game lover and looking for the best platform for streaming games, Twitch is the leading option. This gaming platform can stream Tekken 8, Apex Legends, and other famous games. With this platform, you can select the desired language for streaming games.

  1. You can analyze the popularity of a gamer by seeing the view count of a gaming stream.
  2. Twitch provides live channels to watch gaming streams in real time.
  3. This website provides a search tab for your favorite game or streamer.
twitch gaming streaming tool

3. Facebook Gaming

People use Facebook to remain connected with friends and family. It is an effective platform for socializing and entertainment purposes. However, it also offers gaming streaming options to its game-loving users. Gamers can watch live streaming of their favorite game on this social media platform.

  1. There are many live stream channels of one game on Facebook.
  2. Viewers can comment or react to the live stream to interact with the gamer.
  3. Fans can search gamers' profiles to watch live gaming streams.
facebook gaming streaming tool

4. YouTube Gaming

YouTube is the best streaming service for sports, news, and movies. Other than that, it can help you to watch and share gaming streaming with your friends. You can enjoy streaming games like Dota 2, Battleground Mobile, and others on YouTube.

  1. People can subscribe to gaming channels on YouTube to get the latest updates.
  2. YouTube allows you to search for any gaming stream on the search tab.
  3. Based on your watch history and subscription, it recommends gaming videos.
youtube gaming streaming tool

5. Dlive

Game streaming platforms enable the viewers to interact with streamers for an interactive experience. Dlive is one platform that lets you engage with the community. With this website, you can watch live streaming of games in different languages. Moreover, this platform offers the recommended channels for live game streaming.

  1. It provides a message box in every gaming streaming section to connect with other people.
  2. This website gives rewards to viewers for their engagement in the game streams.
  3. Users can enjoy lag-free performance on this platform for smooth streaming.
dlive gaming streaming tool

6. Gosu Gamer

Are you fond of esports and want information about esports from around the world? Gosu Gamers is a unique website that can give news and ranking of esports gamers. It can let you watch gaming streams with a chat option. Plus, you can also get information about past and upcoming e-gaming matches.

  1. It also has a replay option to help you enjoy past gaming matches.
  2. Gosu Gamer has an on-time notifications feature to inform you about your favorite gaming stream.
  3. This is thebest platform to stream games, and it also has live gaming tournament streams.
gosu gamer gaming streaming tool

Part 3. Stream Your Favorite Game by Enhancing Quality With Wondershare Virbo Live

High-quality content videos will always attract the attention of viewers. The best platforms to stream games are those that can provide high-quality content. Therefore, you need a tool that can help you enhance streaming quality. Wondershare Virbo Live is one such tool that enables you to stream quality gaming content.

With this tool, you can edit and customize gaming streaming content. It supports streaming channels, including Facebook and YouTube, to stream your gaming content. Virbo Live has a microphone integration feature for live commentary during streaming. You do not need to download this tool as it has a cloud-based service.

Key Features Highlighting Details About Wondershare Virbo Live

  1. You can translate streaming content in the required language for global reach through AI translation. There are a variety of options you can go across for translating the added content.
  2. Users can generate scripts for gaming streaming with the AI script feature. By providing the product name, highlights, and promotional points, Wondershare Virbo Live easily generates a comprehensive script.
  3. It provides AI avatars with different poses and attire to make your streams attractive.

Step-by-Step Guide To Create Stream Room for Gaming With Wondershare Virbo Live

Wondershare Virbo Live can create high-quality content for your gaming streaming. Below are the steps to create the required stream room for gaming across Virbo Live:

  • Step 1. Access Tool Online for Creating Stream Room
  • Open the Wondershare Virbo Live website and proceed to the main editing platform. After that, click the “Create a Blank Livestream Room” button on the main interface. A new window will open with the many options to make your gaming stream personalized.

    create virbo live stream room
  • Step 2. Choose Desired AI Avatar for Gaming Streaming
  • Upon reaching this window, tap the “AI avatar” tab on the top right side of the new window. You will find different avatars with different poses in the dialog box. Later, choose the desired AI avatar for your gaming streaming.

    add ai avatar to video live
  • Step 3. Adjust Changes in Background
  • Opt for the “Background” tab to make changes in the background. Then, you can choose from the available options for the background.

    use background for live video
  • Step 4. Integrate Personalized Voice for Live Video
  • After this, move toward the left side of the screen and opt for the “Script lines” tab. Next, choose the “Audio” section and hit the “Upload local voice” button. This will allow you to add personalized voice during the gaming streaming.

    upload local voice for live video
  • Step 5. Start Live Streaming of Your Game
  • Once you have done all the customization, you can start streaming the game. For this, click the “Start Livestream” button to start a live stream of the game.

    start game streaming online


    The integration of AI technology has improved the gaming experience of users. Also, gaming streaming has emerged as one of the latest trends in this industry. You can choose the best platform to stream games from available options, as provided in this article. However, if you want to optimize these gaming streams, Wondershare Virbo Live is the best solution. It helps you enhance the quality of your game streams with many features.

    Eric Miller
    Eric Miller May 17, 24
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