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Top 9 Free TV Streaming Services or Sites To Use

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Apr 17, 24, updated May 17, 24

The consumption of entertainment has transformed in recent years. Many people now watch shows and movies online instead of watching them on TV. Audiences are turning their viewership to the convenience offered by online streaming services. These free streaming websites for TV shows have diverse types of content, from old favorites to brand-new ones.

They can help you watch stuff even if it is unavailable in your area. Read this article to learn the best free TV streaming sites that have captured the attention of viewers worldwide. Also, we'll explore the top platform to make your promotional live-streaming video for TV shows.

free streaming services for tv
In this article
  1. Why Do People Prefer Using Streaming Services To Watch Their Favorite Shows?
  2. Top-Rated Free Streaming Websites for TV Shows in 2024
  3. How To Make Your Own Promotional Live Streaming Video for TV Shows?

Part 1. Why Do People Prefer Using Streaming Services To Watch Their Favorite Shows?

Are you tired of sticking to TV schedules? To give you more timing and content choices, many free live TV streaming sites are available nowadays.Lots of people have already switched to streaming services and love them. Other than that, free streaming websites for TV shows provide a highly personalized experience.

These sites let us watch our favorite shows according to the user's convenience. You can access multiple shows and movies, from funny sitcoms to big action films. We can watch streaming services on different devices, like our phones, tablets, or our TVs. Also, these sites deliver content faster than any other available option.

Part 2. Top-Rated Free Streaming Websites for TV Shows in 2024

Finding the exemplary service to watch an entire show for free is essential. Many platforms claim to be free but often sneak in extra costs you might not expect. Let's explore the top-rated free live TV streaming sites to ensure you get a good deal without breaking the bank:

1. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is one of the biggest free streaming websites for TV shows and movies in the US. The TV show services this platform provides are free and legal to use. It has over 20,000 TV shows and movies on Android apps, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and smart TVs. You can watch classics like The Terminator and newer hits on this streaming site.

Also, it enables you to enjoy binge-watching popular TV series with minimal ads. You can browse its friendly interface by genre or search for something specific.

tubi tv streaming service and site

2. Pluto TV

On Pluto TV, you can watch live TV channels and high-quality movies. This site has over 250 channels covering news, sports, movies, reality shows, and more. Thousands of movies and TV series are also available on demand for US audiences.

Plus, users can browse different categories for shows and movies for personalized viewing. It is regularly updated by adding new and popular shows to always give viewers something new to watch.

pluto tv streaming service and site

3. Apple TV+

Viewers looking to watch Apple TV+ exclusive series opt for this platform. This live TV streaming site offers fewer shows and movies than other services. There's no free version, but you can try it out with a free trial before subscribing.

Apple TV+ even allows fans to stream live sports like MLS with a low latency rate. Other than that, you can watch this streaming service on different devices.

apple tv streaming service and site

4. Roku TV

The Roku Channel has a vast library of 10,000 movies and 150,000 TV episodes. With over 350+ free live TV channels, there's always something exciting to watch. You can find popular films and classic TV shows on these diverse free streaming websites for TV shows.

Plus, you can access 100+ free local channels like FOX25 Boston and NBC News New York. People of all ages and preferences can enjoy its live news, weather updates, sports, and reality TV.

roku tv streaming service and site

5. Hulu Plus Live

Hulu Plus Live is an excellent choice for those who want both live TV and on-demand shows. It gives you over 90 live TV channels, including local ones like ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox. Also, you get access to its on-demand library, which has some of the most popular TV series available for viewers.

With this free live TV streaming siteyou’ll get HGTV, Comedy Central, TLC, USA, Cartoon Network, and Disney Channel. Also, this service offers unlimited DVR storage and two simultaneous stream options.

hulu plus tv streaming service

6. Amazon Freevee

For free live TV streams, you can use Amazon Freevee, which has original shows in different languages. They have a mix of popular titles and original content, including free channels you can watch with ads. You can get a wide of TV shows in various genres like comedy, drama, suspense, and animation.

Anyone can watch Freevee through the Prime Video app if they already have Amazon Prime. Otherwise, download the app on Amazon Fire TV, mobile phones, Xbox, PlayStation 5, and smart TVs.

amazon freeware tv streaming service

7. Sling Freestream

Another prominent free streaming website for TV shows is Sling TV, which lets you watch live TV and on-demand shows. You can pick the TV package that works best for you, including options to add extra channels. It offers over five hundred live TV shows and access to other on-demand shows and movies.

Users can enjoy various channels like ABC News, VH1 I Love Reality, and Nick Jr. But, if you have an account, you can use parental controls to manage what your kids watch.

sling freestream tv streaming service

8. Plex

If you want to get a diverse form of TV channels, Plex has you covered. It has more than 600 free live TV channels in different categories. Users can access TV shows, interesting documentaries, and exciting sports events. They also have more than fifty thousand free movies and shows to choose from.

With features like Discover Together, users can connect with friends and discover new content. Plex works on all your favorite devices like Apple, Android, and Smart TVs.

plex tv streaming service and site

9. Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix lets you watch live TV streams online for free on all your devices. You will be able to access a collection of multiple movies for free. Moreover, you can find shows in different categories, including comedies, dramas, horror movies, and more.

Plus, the video quality is pretty good at 720p HD. There are ads before each movie and sometimes during, but they're not too frequent for a free service.

popcorn flix tv streaming service
Platforms Variety of Channels Hidden Purchases Ad-Free Ease of Use
Tubi TV 200 Above No X
Pluto TV Up to 250 No X
Apple TV+ Over 50 $10 after seven days X
Roku TV Over 350 Only pay for subscription to apps
Hulu Plus Live More than 90 $77 X
Amazon Freevee Over 400 No X

Sling Orange: Over 30

Sling Blue: Over 50

$40 X
Plex More than 600 $4.99/month X X
Popcorn Flix Over 50 No X

Part 3. How To Make Your Own Promotional Live Streaming Video for TV Shows?

Making your live videos to promote TV shows is helpful to get people excited about your favorite series. These videos allow you to connect with viewers in real-time and get them interested in watching your beloved shows. Using live streaming, you can discuss and promote TV shows interactively. Adding realistic elements to your live videos can make them even more engaging.

Wondershare Virbo Live is a fantastic tool for creating promotional videos. It has powerful features such as lifelike AI avatars to make your videos more personal and appealing. With its support for different languages, you can grab the attention of audiences worldwide. Create a perfect live-stream video for your favorite TV shows and present them on YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms.

Prominent Characteristics of Wondershare Virbo Live

  1. You get several engaging streaming templates and backgrounds on this live-streaming tool.
  2. It generates a captivating promotional script to motivate users to watch your beloved TV show.
  3. The tool lets you drive the AI streamers to speak in real time by connecting and speaking into a microphone.

Steps of Making a Stream Room via Wondershare Virbo Live

After knowing the impact of free live TV streaming siteslet's learn how to make your steam room. Let's discuss the detailed method of promoting any TV program through an engaging live stream.

Step 1. Start Creating a Livestream Room

To start promoting TV series with AI streamers, access this tool online. Click the “Create Stream Room Now” button from its homepage, which will direct you to a new window. Here, choose the “Create a Blank Livestream Room” at the top to enter a window with multiple features.

create livestream across virbo live

Step 2. Use AI Smart Scripts for Your TV Show

Hit the “AI smart script” button on the left in the upcoming window. A dialogue box will appear, requiring the details for your TV series. Here, add its name, features, and promotional information. Afterward, opt for your desired promotional language and style before pressing the “Generate” button. Then, use this generated script to speak out loud through AI avatars.

create ai script for video

Step 3. Select AI Avatars and Customize Background To Go Live

Next, select avatars from the available options by tapping the “AI avatars” tab. If you switch to the “Background” tab, you can modify the outlook of your presentation. Once satisfied, head to the top right and select the “Start livestream” button. Your promotional video is ready to go live for its audience to learn about the upcoming TV show.

add ai avatar and background


We conclude that there are many free streaming websites for TV shows available. Throughout the article, we explored the popular choices for watching TV series and movies. If you want to promote your TV show, consider using Wondershare Virbo Live. Also, the tool works in different languages and can be used on major social platforms.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller May 17, 24
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