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A Guide to Using OBS Studio To Stream to Facebook

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Apr 17, 24, updated May 17, 24

Live streaming has become essential for many brands to promote their products on a large scale. They use different tools to integrate live stream features with social media platforms. Among all the available options, OBS Studio is one such streaming software that provides a cross-platform approach. You can easily use this open-source tool to stream on Facebook Live.

This article provides sufficient information about OBS and Facebook. It also solves the query about how to start OBS Facebook live streaming with proper guidelines. Moreover, you can find an AI-powered tool that intensifies your live streaming experience.

stream facebook to obs studio
In this article
  1. A Brief Overview of OBS and Facebook
  2. How To Stream to Facebook With OBS Studio: A Simple Guide
  3. How To Attract More Live Audiences When Streaming to Facebook With OBS Studio?

Part 1. A Brief Overview of OBS and Facebook

According to a Statista report, Facebook is the most-used social network, with over 3 billion monthly visitors. Almost everyone knows about Facebook, but most people are unfamiliar with OBS Studio. This section intends to provide essential information about OBS and its compatibility with Facebook Live:

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is an open-source and free software for streaming and screen casting. Its initial version was released in 2012. Now, this tool is available for macOS, Windows, BSD, and Linux distributions. It helps to record, encode, capture, and broadcast through RTMP, WebRTC, and other protocols. Moreover, OBS Studio supports multiple plug-ins to provide more functions.

obs studio interface


Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook to help users connect globally. People started to use it for various purposes because of its extended functionality. Currently, it is helping individuals and companies to do wonders together. Many brands are using it for marketing and generating leads. Moreover, Facebook has even established its position as one of the finest live-selling platforms.

facebook interface

Part 2. How To Stream to Facebook With OBS Studio: A Simple Guide

Streaming live on Facebook provides capabilities to reach global audiences and share content. At the same time, you need an efficient tool like OBS to stream live on this largest social network. Due to some complex options, steamers are still confused about how to use OBS for Facebook Live effectively. In this regard, the following steps make it easy for them to stream to Facebook with OBS Studio.

  • Step 1. First of all, launch OBS Studio software on your device. On the main interface, it provides a whole range of options. Click on the “+” icon in the “Scenes” panel at the bottom left corner. Then, rename the scene on the prompt and hit the “OK” button to save it for use every time.
  • create a scene in obs
  • Step 2. After creating a scene, you need to add sources for audio and video. To add audio input, hit the “+” icon in the “Sources” panel. Then, select the “Audio Input Capture” option from the appeared list. After that, rename the audio source in the “Create new” bar and click the “OK” option. Another panel shows here in which you select the device from the dropdown. After that, hit the “OK” button again to save it.
  • set microphone during live stream
  • Step 3. To add a video capture source, click on the “+” icon again given in the “Sources” panel. Afterward, a list appears from where you select the “Video Capture Device” option. You can rename the source on the next displayed panel and then hit the “OK” button. Select the video source from available devices and customize FPS and resolution. Once you confirm the video source, it starts showing the video using that source.
  • define video capturing device
  • Step 4. To proceed to the live streaming feature, click the “Settings” option in the “Controls” section. Navigate to the settings page and select the “Stream” option. After that, click “Service” to check the services list and choose “Facebook Live” from there. Upon doing that, hit the “Get Stream Key” button to get a key for streaming.
  • set service to facebook
  • Step 5. It opens the browser and shows the Facebook page through a unique URL. On that page, you can see two options, including “Go live” and “Create event.” Here, you must select “Go Live” to proceed further.
  • proceed to go live across facebook
  • Step 6. On the next window, select the “Streaming software” option with a key icon. This displays the “Stream Key” for further processing. Click the “Copy” button to get the key in your clipboard.
  • copy streaming key from facebook
  • Step 7. After copying the key, go back to the OBS Studio tool. Paste the key in the “Stream Key” text box within the Stream Settings and hit the “OK” button.
  • use stream key on obs
  • Step 8. Afterward, click on the “Start Streaming” function in the “Controls” panel. Then, it immediately starts streaming and shows its parameters in the below bar. To terminate live streaming, hit “Stop Streaming” from the same menu.
  • start streaming on obs

    Part 3. How To Attract More Live Audiences When Streaming to Facebook With OBS Studio?

    As we have mentioned, there are many live-streaming tools in the market. These streaming platforms offer handy features that help users to stream simple content. For instance, OBS is helpful but inefficient enough to produce creative live streams. For this, you need a powerful tool with complete customization options. Wondershare Virbo Live is a well-designed tool to tailor your live streams perfectly.

    Interestingly, this tool's AI Smart Script feature helps generate scripts for marketing streams in instant prompts. You can change the live stream template and background according to your desire. Also, there is a range of AI Avatars with different ethnicities, outfits, and poses for all occasions. Moreover, you can use the tool without downloading it because it offers cloud-based support.

    Features of Wondershare Virbo Live To Consider

    1. Wondershare Virbo Live has an AI Streamer that provides dubbing in different languages and accents. You can also generate AI voices according to your audience.
    2. This cost-efficient tool offers a seamless streaming experience 24/7. Thus, it helps to boost the revenue of your live selling on social platforms.
    3. You can customize the size and placement of objects or text on live streams. Also, it helps to use stickers that catch the interest of viewers.

    Comprehensive Steps To Create a Streaming Room Using Wondershare Virbo Live

    Virbo Live would be a perfect solution for creating customized live-stream rooms. It provides intuitive controls with AI-powered features. Here's how you can make your streaming room step-by-step with this efficient live-streaming tool.

  • Step 1. Access Tool and Advance To Create Stream
  • Initially, visit the official site of Wondershare Virbo Live and navigate on the main interface. Move slightly down and click the “Create Stream Room Now” option. Afterward, it will take you to the main panel of the tool.

    set a new stream room
  • Step 2. Start With Selecting the Livestream Room Template
  • To start the customization process, pick the best template from the different choices under the “Livestream Room Template” section. After selecting the template, the window opens and displays the template on the right side of the screen.

    select template for live streaming
  • Step 3. Utilize Different Controls To Customize the Template
  • You can customize the template on the same screen by dragging text or objects. Then, you can select creative avatars from the “AI avatars” tab for your live event. Apart from that, open the “Background” tab to choose stunning backgrounds. Plus, you can introduce “Sticker” based on the requirements of your stream.

    change elements on live video
  • Step 4. Access Options for Human Interaction
  • After taking care of visuals, hit the “Human interaction” tab from the display's top left and select the “Microphone” option. Upon doing this, click the “Turn microphone on to take over” button to provide access to your local microphone. After that, you can interact with the audience live when livestreaming on Facebook.

    set mic for human interaction
  • Step 5. Initiate Your Customized Live Stream Successfully
  • After finalizing all the selections, you can start live streaming. For that, hit the “Start livestream” button given at the top right corner of the screen. The tool instantly starts your live stream with customized features.

    start live stream virbo live


    Conclusively, we have presented a detailed overview of OBS Studio and its integration with Facebook Live. You can benefit from simple instructions on how to use OBS Studio for Facebook Live. Wondershare Virbo Live provides innovative functions with AI technology to make your live streams even more exciting. Amazingly, users can seamlessly integrate this tool with all major social networks for live streaming.

    Eric Miller
    Eric Miller May 17, 24
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