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Best Live Chat Apps To Try With Shopify in 2024

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Apr 17, 24, updated May 17, 24

After the pandemic, online shopping became a big trend due to its convenience and availability. For this purpose, there are many online stores available. Shopify is an e-commerce platform that can let you build an online store to sell products. Merchants on Shopify can plug in some software on their website to enhance the customer shopping experience.

These plugins also enhance the functionality and overall outlook of the platform. This article will provide information on plugins that enable chat for Shopify to help you interact with customers.

live chatting made easy on shopify
In this article
  1. Top Best Shopify Live Chat Apps To Consider for Integration
  2. How To Market Your Product Better With Live Streaming Using Wondershare Virbo Live?

Part 1. Top Best Shopify Live Chat Apps To Consider for Integration

The integration of other apps with Shopify can improve customer satisfaction. You can integrate live chat apps to give customers a real-time message experience. Let's discuss the best available options for Shopify live chat to improve the way you deal with buyers:

1. Shopify Inbox

Shopify Inbox benefits sellers by allowing them to chat with customers while shopping. You can start a conversation with customer live information, such as past orders. Based on this information, you can recommend products and discounts to customers. Plus, this app helps you understand customers through profile and cart details.

shopify inbox live chat app

Key Features

  1. Sellers can send product suggestions to buyers without leaving the chat.
  2. It has an automatic response feature to answer buyer's questions quickly.
  3. With this tool, you can manage chat from the shop app and online store app.

2. Chatra-Live Chat and Chatbot

It is one of the best live chat apps for Shopify to provide real-time support to customers. With the help of the Chatra live chat feature, you can ensure 24/7 customer support. This is an easy-to-use app that can increase sales of your online store. Other than that, it offers a free plan for small business owners and beginners to cater to various users.

chatra live chat and chatbot app

Key Features

  1. This app works with social media platforms like Slack, Facebook, Zapier, and Instagram.
  2. It provides a list of real-time visitors who visit the website.
  3. The chatbot feature of the app can automate repetitive tasks during conversations with customers.

3. JivoChat: Live Chat and WhatsApp

People from all over the world use Shopify to buy products from online stores. You want to integrate an app that can support multiple languages for this. JivoChat is an app that supports multi-language for all customers around the world. It allows the integration of main messaging platforms to improve accessibility with current and potential customers.

jivochat live chat and whatsapp app

Key Features

  1. With the built-in CRM of the app, you can send marketing messages to potential customers.
  2. It enables you to call directly from your website using your phone number.
  3. Using this tool, you can track offers, respond to requests, and expand your customer network.

4. Tidio Live Chat and AI Chatbots

Tidio is the best Shopify chat app to convert regular visitors into potential customers. It has an AI chatbot that can help provide immediate responses to customers. You can customize this live chat feature according to your targeted audience. Moreover, this Shopify app can work with Mailchimp, Google Analytics, and Zendesk, which shows its wide compatibility.

tidio live chat and chatbot app

Key Features

  1. Tidio has a ticketing system to handle and solve customer problems.
  2. Users can easily add this app to Shopify with the add app option.
  3. This platform provides a Lyro AI bot feature that automatically responds to potential clients.

5. Gorgias

Customers can have numerous questions and issues while buying products from Shopify. It becomes difficult to handle the queries and issues of customers manually. Gorgias app is a solution that can help you to handle customer inquiries effectively. This app has a ticketing system to track and manage customers' inquiries and issues.

gorgias shopify live chat app

Key Features

  1. It has an order management feature to directly refund, replace, and cancel the order.
  2. With the omnichannel feature of the app, you can integrate it with TikTok, email, and Instagram.
  3. You can use the data-driven feature of this app to know how the support team generates the sale.

6. Manifest AI Chatbot, Live Chat

Merchants on Shopify can use this app for Shopify live chat. This app has an AI live chat feature to answer and organize customer questions. With this feature, you can recommend customer products in a human-like tone. This leads to an impressive store response rate, attracting more customers. It allows integration with ChatGPT, OpenAI, and MageNative for automated responses.

manifest ai chatbot live chat app

Key Features

  1. The manifest chat support feature can give replies to customers in 95+ languages.
  2. You can also use the auto-learn feature to provide answers according to the product catalog.
  3. This Shopify plugin offers an AI Quiz feature to generate customized FAQs.

7. SmartBot-AI Chatbot

Suppose you make an online store on Shopify and are looking for a solution that provides customer support. SmartBot is an AI-powered platform that can serve your purpose. Through this app, you can quickly handle 95% of inquiries. The integration of this app with Spotify can enhance your customer satisfaction.

smartbot ai chatbot shopify app

Key Features

  1. This app offers a post-sale service to provide order status information to customers.
  2. You can tailor your chat widget that aligns with your store’s branding through this app.
  3. It has a personalized invitation feature that can increase consultation and conversion volume.

8. NestDesk

Usually, customers visit your website when they have a good customer service experience. With this best Shopify chat app, you can centralize all your messages from different platforms. It can help you to increase sales rates through conversation. NestDesk can allow you to handle more customers in less time with smart management.

nestdesk shopify live chat app

Key Features

  1. The helpdesk and Chatbot feature of the app can deliver 24/7 customer service.
  2. It enables you to explore available stock and create orders during conversations.
  3. NestDesk allows you to monitor the website visitor and preview their carts to understand the sales trend in a better way.

9. Channel Talk

Channel Talk integration with Shopify will allow sellers to interact with customers. You can segment the audience to send targeted marketing messages with this app. Also, you can customize a chat button that can align with your brand. Also, this platform is compatible with Kakao Talk, LINE, and email, which improves its efficiency.

channel talk live chat shopify app

Key Features

  1. With the unified helpdesk feature of it, you can ensure the best customer experience.
  2. Its CRM feature can help you to identify your customers.
  3. This tool enables you to provide high-level customer service with marketing and chatbot features.

Part 2. How To Market Your Product Better With Live Streaming Using Wondershare Virbo Live?

These Shopify live chat apps discussed above can help you to increase sales on Shopify. The different features of these apps allow you to customize chat and increase revenue. However, other methods exist to market your product on a large scale. One of those is live streaming to promote your Shopify products, which can increase sales.

Undoubtedly, many tools can help you make videos for live streaming. To fulfill this need at a single platform, Wondershare Virbo Live offers several features to customize your live stream. This tool has an AI avatar feature with an option to customize it to engage your customers in live streaming. You can integrate this streaming tool with platforms like Facebook and TikTok, displaying wide compatibility.

Prominent Features of Wondershare Virbo Live

  1. Wondershare Virbo Live can create live streams in multiple languages for a global reach.
  2. You can use the AI script generation feature to create interactive video content.
  3. This tool enables you to automate responses with a personalized Q&A database.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Stream Room With Virbo for Marketing on Shopify

This tool allows you to create stream rooms and share on different platforms. Follow the below steps to create a stream room for marketing the product.

  • Step 1. Access Tool Online To Generate Stream Room
  • Firstly, visit the official website of the tool to access the features of Virbo Live. Tap the “Create Stream Room Now” button to proceed into the editing window.

    start a stream room on virbo
  • Step 2. Start Creating a Blank Livestream Room
  • After accessing the editing preview of the tool, you can customize your personalized live-streaming video. Hit the “Create a Blank Livestream Room” button on top of the new screen. A new window opens with many options to customize live video.

    create blank virbo live stream room
  • Step 3. Select the Required AI Avatar
  • In the new window, opt for the “AI avatars” tab on the right side of the screen. Following this, many options for AI avatars will appear in the dialog box. Select any of them to make them appear on the right side of the screen.

    select avatar for shopify products
  • Step 4. Choose Background for Product Representation
  • After this, tap the “Background” tab to choose the background for product representation. Now, you can choose one from the available background options or upload your choice.

    add background for shopify products
  • Step 5. Integrate Microphone or Text for Chat Support
  • Next, opt for the “Human Interaction” tab and choose the “Text” option. It will allow you to add interactivity during the live stream. This greatly helps you assist your customers in buying the right product while being on your Shopify store. Furthermore, you can also translate your text into the required language for better interaction.

    add interactive text for customer communication
  • Step 6. Initiate Livestreaming of Your Product
  • After selecting everything according to your requirements, press the “Start livestream” button. It will initiate the livestreaming of your product for marketing.

    start livestreaming through virbo live


    Integrating other apps for Shopify live chat can improve the customer buying experience. The built-in features of these apps can help you provide customer support. You can use the live stream option to market your online store's product on Shopify. For this, you need a live-streaming tool such as Wondershare Virbo Live to generate customized marketing live streams.

    Eric Miller
    Eric Miller May 17, 24
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