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What Is The Best YouTube Automation Agency Online? Top 10

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published May 30, 24, updated Jul 20, 24

Dreaming of a thriving YouTube channel but feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work involved? You're not alone. Many aspiring creators find themselves caught between the desire to share their passion and the daunting reality of video production, editing, and the elusive algorithm.

But what if you could sidestep the grind and still build a successful YouTube presence? Enter the world of YouTube automation agencies. These agencies allow you to automate every aspect of YouTube video creation workflow — right from channel setup to promoting it on social channels. And whether you are looking for these YouTube agencies to establish a solid foundation or a full hands-off approach — these can help you achieve your YouTube goals.

In this article
    1. Film Factory
    2. Wahi Production
    3. Zaheer
    4. Usman Zafar
    5. Epicmedia
    6. Hawks Solution
    7. Afaq
    8. Muhammad Nouman
    9. Fahad
    10. Meli

Part 1: What Is A YouTube Automation Agency?

YouTube automation agencies or freelancers are services that help you establish and grow a YouTube channel without requiring you to handle all the tasks yourself. In essence, YouTube automation agencies offer various packages that often include niche research, video creation, optimization, and promotion of videos — taking the work from YouTube while you focus on other aspects of your business or life while still building a successful YouTube presence.

Part 2: Top 10 YouTube Automation Agency

YouTube Automation Agency Pricing (USD) Best For Cons Rating (Out of 5)
Film Factory US$ 30-US$ 700 High-quality top 10 videos, professional editing, full-service automation Expensive, limited niche, long turnaround 4.5
Wahi Production US$ 60-US$ 600 Affordable, personalized service, full-service automation Single freelancer, limited portfolio 4
Zaheer US$ 400-US$ 2200 Video marketing and social media content, comprehensive channel growth plans Premium pricing, limited portfolio 3.5
Usman Zafar US$ 300-US$ 900 Profitable niche identification, professional voice overs, full-service automation Limited revisions 4
Epicmedia US$ 250-US$ 1000 One-stop shop for cash cow channels, both long-form and short-form content Long delivery time, no viral guarantee 3.5
Hawks Solution US$ 60-US$ 1200 Established channels seeking optimization and growth Limited video length, no unlimited revisions 4
Afaq US$ 6-US$ 30 Budget-friendly, basic channel setup and video creation AI voiceovers, very limited video lengths 3
Muhammad Nouman US$ 275-US$ 1100 Hands-off comprehensive YouTube automation Higher price point, limited package customization 4.5
Fahad US$ 12-US$ 350 Affordable top 10 videos with American accent voiceovers Niche-specific, no unlimited revisions 3.5
Meli US$ 30-US$ 180 Motivational content with AI voiceovers Niche-specific, limited customization 3

1.Film Factory

film factory youtube automation agency

With a portfolio of over 500 successful channels, Film Factory's track record speaks for itself. You can expect meticulously crafted videos with professional editing, licensed music, premium stock footage, and eye-catching visuals. Their team of experts understands what it takes to create engaging videos (in 10+ niches) that rank high in search results and optimized for maximum views and revenue. The thing that I love most about Film Factory is they handle everything for you — from script writing and video production to channel optimization and growth strategies. The Film Factory team will also set up your channel for a professional look, and will handle titles, description, and tags of every video — meticulously crafted to ensure your videos get discovered.


  • Basic Package: US$30 (channel setup + one 5-second video)
  • Standard Package: US$ 350 (6 videos + channel setup)
  • Premium Package: US$ 700 (12 videos + channel setup)

Things to Consider Before Choosing Film Factory

  • Expensive for smaller creators or those with limited budgets.
  • Expertise only lies in the "top 10" style of videos.
  • Turnaround time is high.


"I highly recommend the Film Factory! This wasn't my first time outsourcing video production, but working with them felt like collaborating with my own team." - Bimoseto, Sweden

2.Wahi Production

wahi production youtube automation agency

Waheed Nawaz, the face behind Wahi Production, is a seasoned professional in the YouTube automation and cash cow video niche. They have satisfied over 1000 customers to date; however, note that, unlike larger agencies, Waheed offers a personalized approach, working closely with you to understand your vision and goals on YouTube. You will still get the full service convenience: from ideation to optimization — Wahi Production allows you to eliminate the need to coordinate with multiple freelancers. The thing that I love most about Wahi Production is their affordable pricing: for instance, compared to agencies like Film Factory, Waheed offers a more budget-friendly option. Wahi Production is particularly known for:

  • One-Time Delivery
  • Professional & Attractive Work
  • 100% Security of Your Information
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Basic Package: 1 high-quality video (8-10 minutes) with script, voiceover, thumbnail, and SEO optimization for US$ 60.
  • Standard Package: 5 high-quality videos (8-10 minutes each) with all the features of the Basic Package, plus publishing to your channel, for US$ 300.
  • Premium Package: 10 high-quality videos (8-10 minutes each) with all the features of the Standard Package, plus additional customization options, for US$ 600.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Wahi Production

  • Individual Freelancer: Wahi Production is operated by a single freelancer, and is not suitable for larger projects.
  • Limited Portfolio Samples.


"The video and thumbnail were of excellent quality! Communication and revisions could be smoother, but I still recommend the service." - Kristiantichler, Austria


zaheer production youtube automation agency

The team behind Zaheer is more focused towards video marketing and social media content creation; still, they also have specialization in automating your YouTube channel. Zaheer’s comprehensive plans cover all aspects of channel creation and growth — from niche research and optimization to content creation, SEO, and YouTube channel management.


  • Basic Package: US$ 400 (Channel setup + 2 videos)
  • Standard Package: US$ 800 (Channel setup + 4 videos)
  • Premium Package: US$ 2,200 (Channel setup + 12 videos)

Things to consider beofore choosing Zaheer

  • Premium Pricing.
  • Limited Portfolio Samples.
  • More focused towards video marketing and social promotions


"Zaheer helped me update an old channel that wasn't doing great. This was made with another freelancer. Zaheer updated the channel with proper SEO and thumbnails + added new videos. I am very pleased with the quality of the work!" - Rowena Rousseau, Netherlands

4.Usman Zafar

usman zafar production youtube automation agency

Usman Zafar's team excels at identifying profitable niches for cash cow channels. Taking out the guesswork of choosing a topic, Usman Zafar and his team of experts will guide you towards a niche with high potential for success. Needless to say, from content ideation and scriptwriting to video editing, SEO, and channel management, Usman's team handles every aspect of your YouTube automation journey. Usman Zafar’s automation agency even offer professional voice-over services to enhance the quality and engagement of your videos.


  • Silver Package: US$ 300 (5 videos with script, voiceover, thumbnail, SEO, and publishing).
  • Gold Package: US$ 600 (10 videos with all the features of the Silver Package).
  • Platinum Package: US$ 900 (15 videos with all the features of the Silver Package).

Things to consider beofore choosing Zafar

  • Limited revisions even with high pricing


"Very satisfied with the cooperation of Usman and his team. These are specialists in this field and strive for the best results. Thank you, and I will place a new order." - Martinebr04, Netherlands


epicmedia youtube automation agency

Epicmedia is perfect for creators who want a one-stop shop for launching or revamping their cash cow channel. If you're looking for a team that understands the nuances of both long-form and short-form video content on YouTube, and can handle everything from niche research to video production, Epicmedia is a great option.


  • Basic Package: US$ 250 (5 videos + 5 Shorts, channel creation, SEO optimization, and publishing)
  • Standard Package: US$ 500 (10 videos + 10 Shorts, and all that comes with the Basic plan)
  • Premium Package: US$ 1,000 (20 videos + 20 Shorts, channel creation, SEO optimization, and publishing)

Things to consider before choosing Epicmedia

  • Long Delivery Time
  • No Viral Video Guarantee


"Good communication, fast delivery time, and amazing videos. Thank you!" - jachud89, United States

6.Hawks Solution

hawks solution youtube automation agency

Unlike the above YouTube automation agencies which focus on automation from the channel creation itself, Hawks Solution is suitable for creators who have established a channel and are looking to take their optimization and growth to the next level.


  • Basic Package: US$ 60 (channel setup + 2 videos)
  • Standard Package: US$ 600 (15 videos + channel setup)
  • Premium Package: US$ 1,200 (30 videos + channel setup)

Things to consider before choosing Hawks Solution

  • Only 5-8 minutes of video length
  • No unlimited revisions.


"Very happy with the results, and his communication is awesome. I was quite a bad customer, but he still managed to make everything just perfect." - Juustusbaeumer, Germany


afaq youtube automation agency

If you are looking for a budget-friendly YouTube automation agency, Afaq team is the way to go. Their team specializes in creating videos for YouTube and other social channels and cover everything — from channel setup to content creation, SEO optimization to establishing a solid foundation to build and grow your YouTube channel on.


  • Starter Package: US$ 6 (1-minute video)
  • Best Selling Package: US$ 19 (4-6 minute video)
  • Value for Money Package: US$ 30 (8-10 minute video)

Things to consider when make a cooperation with Afaq

  • AI voice overs instead of natural human-sounding sounds.
  • Very limited video lengths.


"I love this seller's services and I very highly recommend them. Trust me, you won't be disappointed." - Jimmydale481, United States

8.Muhammad Nouman

muhammad nouman youtube automation agency

Unlike niche-specific providers like Epicmedia or budget-focused options like Afaq, Muhammad Nouman offers an all-encompassing approach to YouTube automation, catering to creators who want a truly hands-off experience.


  • Basic Package: US$ 275 (Channel creation, 5 videos + 5 Shorts, SEO optimization, and publishing)
  • Standard Package: US$ 550 (Channel creation, 10 videos + 10 Shorts, SEO optimization, and publishing)
  • Premium Package: US$ 1,100 (Channel creation, 20 videos + 20 Shorts, SEO optimization, and publishing)

Things to consider for Muhammad Nouman

  • Higher price point compared to some other options.
  • Packages not suitable for creators with very specific or niche requirements.
  • Limited transparency regarding individual team members' expertise.


"Good communication, fast delivery time, and amazing videos. Thank you!" - jachud89, United States


fahad youtube automation agency

Fahad and his team offer a specialized service catering specifically to the popular "Top 10" cash cow video niche. Unlike broader automation agencies like Muhammad Bilal or Film Factory, Fahad focuses on delivering high-quality, engaging top 10 videos at affordable prices. Fahad team also offers American accent voice overs to optimize your YouTube videos, allowing you to a personal touch and authenticity to your videos. Plus, videos are delivered within 2-7 days, a quite quick turnaround time.


  • 2-3 Minute Video: US$ 12 (1 video with script, voiceover, editing, thumbnail, and SEO)
  • 8-10 Minute Video: US$ 35 (same as basic)
  • 8-10 Minute 10X Videos: US$ 350 (10 videos with all the features of the 8-10 minute video package)

Things to consider for Fahad

  • Fahad primarily focuses on the top 10 niche


"I like it. He is very professional and good person. I got little frustrating when order was getting delayed but he did a good work so really like it even though he knows I am new to this YouTube world he supported me a lot. Thanks dude" - endless_shwe, India


meli youtube automation agency

If you're seeking to inspire and uplift your audience while generating revenue, Meli offers a unique niche focus that sets them apart from broader automation services like Film Factory or Muhammad Bilal.


  • Basic Package: US$ 30 (10 motivational videos)
  • Standard Package: US$ 90 (50 motivational videos)
  • Premium Package: US$ 180 (100 motivational videos)

Things to consider for Meli

  • Niche-specific focus (motivational content only).
  • Limited customization options beyond basic branding.
  • Some viewers might prefer human voiceovers over AI.


"It was very good working with Meli. He was cooperative, understanding, and proficient at his work. I will work with him again in the future." - quazimushfiq, Bangladesh

Part 3: Ultimate AI Tool For YouTube Automation Without Cost

The YouTube automation agencies we've explored offer varying levels of service and expertise. However, a common thread among them is cost. Whether it's the premium prices of Film Factory or the more budget-friendly options like Afaq, investing in an agency can be a gamble, especially for those starting their YouTube journey.

Virbo an AI-powered video generator that comes with a comprehensive suite of YouTube automation features without the hefty price tag.

Wondershare Virbo

virbo ai video generator

Free Download Get Started Online

safe Download100% safe & secure

This tool gives you access to a comprehensive suite of AI-powered tools that streamline the entire YouTube video creation, from scriptwriting (powered by ChatGPT-4) to video generation and editing. Plus, it features over 300+ lifelike avatars and natural sounding voices that allow you to bring the element of human presence in your videos (something liked by YouTube these days).

What's more, unlike agencies like Fahad, who specialize in Top 10 content, or Meli, focusing solely on motivational videos, Virbo will give you unparalleled creative freedom. With thousands of customizable templates, stock footage, and images at your disposal, you can produce any type of video you desire in unlimited quantities. And while most services limit exports to 1080p, Virbo lets you create and export in stunning UHD quality, giving you complete control over every aspect of your video production.

Key Features of Virbo

  • Choose from 300+ lifelike AI avatars to represent your brand or message.
  • Tailor your content to a global audience with over 90 languages.
  • Use ChatGPT-4 (integrated) to generate scripts and also descriptions, titles for your YouTube video.
  • Bring photos to life with the AI Talking Photo feature, adding realistic lip-sync.
  • Streamline your video production with 400+ professional AI video templates.
  • Turn presentations into engaging videos effortlessly.
  • Convert text to speech with a simple click, offering convenience and flexibility.

Part 4: What are key considerations when choosing a YouTube automation agency

Selecting the right YouTube automation agency is crucial, as it can make or break your YouTube journey. Here's what to weigh carefully:

  • Budget Alignment: Your budget dictates your options. From Film Factory's premium services to Afaq's budget-friendly approach, there's an agency for every pocket. You do not have to overspend, especially when starting out on YouTube.
  • Services Tailored to Your Needs: Are you launching a new channel or optimizing an existing one? Do you have a specific niche in mind like Fahad's Top 10 focus, or need a broader approach like Muhammad Nouman's comprehensive service? Choose an YouTube automation agency that aligns with your goals.
  • Proven Track Record: Review portfolios and testimonials. Film Factory boasts 500 successful channels, while others like Zaheer have more limited samples. So, do your research well before choosing one.
  • Communication is Key: Usman Zafar's team excels at niche identification, but limited revisions could be an issue to some of you. Ensure you can clearly communicate your vision, especially if English isn't your first language, as with Wahi Production.
  • Flexibility (or Lack Thereof): Once you commit to a niche with an agency, changing course can be difficult. Consider if you're ready to fully delegate your channel's direction.


While platforms like Fiverr and Upwork offer numerous YouTube automation agencies, almost all are limited in scope and come with hefty price tags like the ones in this list. Even established agencies like Film Factory or Muhammad Nouman, while comprehensive, might not be the most cost-effective or flexible solution for everyone. So, in case you value creative freedom, affordability, and a comprehensive toolkit, Virbo is certainly worth considering as your YouTube automation partner.

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Eric Miller
Eric Miller Jul 20, 24
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