8 Best Explainer Video Template for After Effects in 2024

Do you wish to break down a complex topic into a simpler one? If yes, then an explainer video is the best option for you. These videos are in trend and are very important for the promotion of your products and services.

What is an explainer video?

Explianer video templates

These are the animated videos that can grow your business. These highly engaging and creative videos can grab the attention of the audience and increase your sales. In today’s marketing world, explainer videos have become a must-have tool for every businessman.

Thanks to the internet, now you can easily create animated explainer videos with the help of some tools. In this article, we have put together a list of best explainer video after-effects templates. Also, you will find the features of explainer video templates.

This will help you choose the one for creating animated videos for marketing your products. Pick the best-suited explainer video after-effects template from the below list for your business.

Take a look!

Part 1 Wndershare Anireel

The first explainer video tool on our list is the Wondershare Anireel. It is one of the best explainer video templates after effects. This tool can be used for storytelling, crosstalk, tutorials, and more creative videos.

Wondershare Anireel for explainer videos

It allows you to create a complete video by adding and editing the scenes. Also, there is great choices for characters, props, text, audio, and other materials. The best part is that you can upload the videos and pictures by yourself without the need for any other tool.

Further, the animation videos created by this tool can be exported to MP4 formats with ease.

1. Features of Wondershare Anireel:

Let’s find out some amazing features of Wondershare Anireel:

It has many drag and drops characters, texts, and audio assets

There are rich built-in animation templates

Supports imported pictures, audio, and video of all formats

Easy to use text-to-speech conversion, and you can choose a wide variety of voices

2. How to create an animated video with Wondershare Anireel?

This tool is very easy to use, all you have to do is to install it on your system. Then, you will need to choose your script and input the content. The Anireel with automatically match your script to amazing animation explainer scenes.

After this, the tool will convert the text into a voice-over and generate a complete animation video.

Part 2 Clean Explainer Kit

When you want to create a professional yet promotional video, a clean explainer kit is for you. With this video template, you can drag and drop more than 50 graphical elements together with 28 texts.

Animated explainer video

It allows you to overlay multiple scenes to achieve unlimited variation. You can shift the scenes to add a story of your choice for creating an explainer video that is attractive. This template is easy to customize and use as well.

1. Features:

Full HD and scalable to 4 K or even larger

Drag and drop feature for easy to use

Ideal for both voice-over-only and plain text explainers

100% after effects

There is no need for plugins

Easy to customize

Part 3 Photorealistic Nature Pack

Photorealistic nature park tool

Bring the colors of nature to your animations with the help of Photorealistic Nature Pack. It is an amazing explainer video template that has more than 30 scenes of natural landscapes. You can choose from exotic tropical flora, panoramic mountain views, desert scenes, and many more options.

Photorealistic Nature Pack Templates

1. Features:

3D and alluring sound effects

Easy to use with drag and drop feature

Ideal for cinematic openers

Wondershare Anireel

We make video animation better for everyone. Electrifying features that satisfy your imagination.


Part 4 Pixity Land Character Animation Explainer Toolkit

Pixity Land is another great explainer video after-effects template that you can use for your products and services. Using this tool is really easy and has many animation options for your needs.

Pixity land explainer video template

It is a very clean tool to create a great animated video for the promotion of your products. Pixty Land comes with more than 500 unique elements, and you can place them anywhere to make animated videos.

Also, with its unlimited character system, you can make amazing characters for your explainer video.

Pixity Land Templates

1. Features:

It has more than 400 animations to choose from

You will see about 23 backgrounds

Six infographic diagrams and 1 typography

There are 12 speech bubbles

Part 5 Outline Explainer Video Kit

Outline explainer video kit

If you are looking for a wonderful selection of scenes for your promo video, then Outline Explainer Video Kit is for you. For this, you do not need any plugins and can choose from a number of themes to create an explainer video.

Here are various types of brainstorming, creativity, productivity, and development designs. No matter what you need for your marketing purpose, you will find everything here.

Outline Explainer Video Templates

1. Features:

No Plugins Required

After Effects 2014 and above

4K Resolution

Easy to use

Well organized tool

There is a help file for users

You can change the duration of a slide with ease

Part 6 Corporate Presentation Bundle

Amazing explainer video tool

Corporate Presentation Bundle is a well-organized after-effects video explainer template that is very easy to use. It has more than 36 full customizable scenes that you can use to create a fantastic animation for marketing the services and products.

Moreover, its stylish design, attractive characters, and excellent text fonts make it the best explainer video template. Using this tool, you can give an exciting introduction to your business slide shows, boardroom meetings, and events videos.

Further, the text animations and transitions can bring a unique look to your explainer videos.

Corporate Presentation Bundle Templates

1. Features:

Created in after effects CC 2015

Resolution 1920×1080

All colors in this tool are editable

Options of motion elements including titles, backgrounds, duotones, and more

100% after effects

Fast rendering

Easy customization

No plugins

Part 7 Doodle Animation – Female Character

Doodle animation for explainer video

Doodle Animation - Female Character is another amazing after-effect video explainer template that you can use in 2021. It allows you to create a cute and informative explainer video with ease.

You can find attractive and useful characters as well as scenes for your videos. It comes with various poses, features, accessories, and many more things to create the desired character.

All in all, Doodle animation offers you a neat and clean look to create an amazing explainer video after-effect template. So, add some personality to your characters in the video with the help of this fantastic tool. Even a novice can use it with ease and can promote the business through animated videos.

Doodle Animation Templates

1. Features:

There are more than 36 characters

This tool has over 20 face expressions in each character

13 premade poses

You will find three start types that are hand, pencil, and scale

Easy to use

Part 8 Lopo: Isometric Explainer Kit

Lopo explainer video

When you are looking for a tool that can help you with 3D scenes, then Lopo isometric explainer kit is for you. You can create the 3D explainer video from scratch with this tool. Further, there are various pre-built scenes that you can use for your video.

Lopo is an excellent video explainer template for any start-up firm. It has a business base toolkit that you can use with ease according to your needs. Also, there are a lot of features and possibilities with stories as well as texts.

Each and every element of this explainer video tool can be customized according to your desire. Further, you can place the elements everywhere, change the colors, and animate your character in many ways.

Lopo Templates

Easy to use

Various characters to use

Attractive scenes

Final Words

In today’s world, the explainer video has very important and it can play a big role in promoting your business. You need to make an explainer video that is easy to understand, short, and effective.

Try to use the best explainer video after-effect templates to make the best-animated video. Keep in mind the right selection of characters, scenes, colors, and fonts for the best video.

One of the best tools that you can use is the Wondershare Anireel for making an explainer video. It is equipped with various amazing features and is easy to use as well. Try it now!

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