8 Best Font for Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a great way for a business to promote its products in an effective and fun way. It is crucial to ensure that audience can understand your video easily. For this, you need to add text in explainer videos with impressive fonts.

Compared to the fonts used in print, the fonts for explainer videos are extremely different. They are visible for only a short time and thus should be easy to read, attractive, and easy to understand.

When creating explainer videos, most people struggle with the selection of the fonts: style, size, and color. In this article, we have discussed the eight best fonts for explainer videos that can help you choose the one for yourself.

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Part 1 Preface:Explainer Video Creation with Wondershare Virbo

Before dive into the popular font in explainer video, let’s start with a tool for making explainer videos-Wondershare Virbo. It is a powerful AI video creation tool that allows users to generate professional-quality videos with ease. One of its standout features is the ability to create engaging explainer videos using a wide range of customizable templates and assets. Virbo offers a vast library of pre-designed templates specifically tailored for creating explainer videos across various industries and topics. These templates come with a variety of stylish fonts, graphics, and animations, ensuring that your explainer videos look visually appealing and captivating.

With Virbo's intuitive interface, you can seamlessly import your script or outline, and the AI technology will automatically generate a professional-looking video complete with an AI avatar presenter, synchronized lip movements, and natural gestures. Additionally, Virbo provides a comprehensive set of tools for customizing your explainer videos, including the ability to adjust font styles, sizes, and colors to match your branding or personal preferences. You can also incorporate your own images, logos, and other visual elements to create a truly unique and engaging explainer video.

Font of explainer video

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Part 2 Why The Font of Explainer Video is So Important

You create one explainer video for a variety of audiences. It is possible that some people do not understand the language, and some may not understand the video's purpose. So, it is important to add text in the explainer video with which almost every person can understand what it is about.

Font of explainer video

And, the fonts play an important role in how you interpret the video content based on how visually appealing it is. Fonts will not only increase the accessibility of your explainer video but will also make it more appealing to people.

Here are other reasons what make font important for explainer videos.

1. Establishes Your Identity and Mark

The use of distinctive and impressive fonts helps build an association in people's minds. When you use specific fonts in your explainer video, it makes the communication easy to understand for the audience.

2. It Conveys the Mood of the Explainer Video

Font styles and sizes establish the mood of the communication and can greatly impact viewers' minds. They make your explainer videos look more interesting and impressive.

Part 3 Three Principles for A Font

1. Accessible

The accessible font is a font that is easy to read and maintains continuity inflow. It is the one that does not slow down the reading ability of the reader.

2. Easy-to-Read

Also, most people find these fonts easy to read and understand as well. But, in addition to these, there are many other fonts that can be read easily. If you use new fonts, it makes your brand look different from others in many ways.

Therefore, pick a font that is pleasing to the eye, easy to read, and unique.

3. Right Position

The position of the fonts and the subtitle in the explainer video also matter a lot. Most of the time, subtitles should appear at the bottom of the screen when an explainer video plays. Sometimes, the position can be changed when video places scrolling headlines, names, and locations as information.

Try to choose the best font for your explainer video and place them in the right position to make it more impactful.

Part 4 Four Factors for Explainer Video Fonts

Explainer video fonts

1. Alignment

The alignment of the text plays an important role in making videos look attractive and impressive. So, do not forget to adjust the alignment of the text for explainer videos.

2. Font Size

Another important factor to consider is the size of the font. Make sure the font size is not too big and not too small. Also, choose a different size for On the styles menu, you can choose.

3. Font Color

Consider the font color to make the explainer video more impactful. It is important to choose the font color that matches the overall theme of your explainer video. Also, make sure the color is not too vibrant that makes readers uncomfortable.

4. Caption Resolution

The resolution of the captions should be sharp enough so that reader can read them easily without much strain. Also, make sure the text or font is not blurred as compared to the images or characters in the explainer video.

5. Video Background

The background of the video plays an important role in the overall feel and look. So, make sure you choose a soothing background that is not too dark and not too light as well.

The video should look clean and should not get covered in your background. So, choose video background wisely.

Part 5 Best Fonts for Explainer Videos

Are you looking for the best fonts for different explainer videos? If yes, then here we have explained the popular, easy to read, and best fonts for explainer videos:

1. Good in Presentation

First, let's take a look at fonts that are best known for presentations:


Arvo font style

For video presentation, the text should be plain, clear, and loud. For this, you can go for Arvo font. It is the best font that works great for video presentations.

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Arial font style
Arial is another popular font that anyone can read easily. It is also known as Arial MT, which has a sans-serif typeface. Most of the writers use this font to type things with a computer. Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders designed it in 1982. It is the best font for explainer videos.

Download from here


Calibri font style

Calibri is a sans-serif typeface font that is popular for presentations. You can use this amazing font in video presentations to make it look more powerful and effective. De Groot described its design as "a warm and soft character." Anyone can read this font with ease.

Download from here

2. Great in Celebration

Oleo script

Oleo font style

Oleo is a legible script that is largely used to write text for videos showing celebrations. It is also great for situations where a casual text effect is necessary. It is easy to read and is attractive to see.

Download from here

Allerta Stencil

Allerta font style

Allerta font was developed initially to use in signage. It can be easily read from distance and each letter represents a different aspect which makes it different from other fonts. If you desire to give a trending look to your explainer videos, then Allerta Stencil font is for you.

Download from here


Bevan font style

During the nineteen-thirties, Heinrich Jost created the Bevan script. It is a great font that can be used to explain the video.

Download from here

3. Excellent in Emphasis

Paytone 1

Paytone 1 font style

Paytone 1 is a sans serif font that is developed to display the specific area and to highlight the headings. The font features a casual appearance with round bowls. The slanted stroke makes this font best for highlighting the heading and special lines in explainer videos.

Download from here


Montserrat font style

Montserrat font looks so good and is easy to read by all readers. When you use this font for explainer videos after effects templates, it will increase the beauty of the video by many times.

Download from here


Khand font style

Khand is a type of mono-linear font which is an open font and is developed for displaying typography. Its letterforms are dynamic, and everything is designed according to a modular system. This style is famous for short paragraphs and short sentences.

Download from here


Oswald font style

Oswald font is a reworking of 'Alternate Gothic' sans typefaces. It is a beautiful font that is best fit for explainer videos of celebrations. It is designed to freely use the internet by people on systems.

Download from here

4. Being Straightforward and Simple


Raleway font style

Raleway is a famous font of the sans-serif typeface family. It was designed by Matt McInerney. This is a straightforward font that you can use for any kind of explainer video.

Download from here

Josefin Sans

It is a fantastic font that is simple in many ways and attractive at the same time. If you love vintage style, then it is a great font to use.

Download from here

5. Speech monosyllables

Loved by the king

Loved by king font style

Download from here

Gochi hand

Gochi Hand font style

Gochi Hand font is a fresh style that is a typographic interpretation of the handwriting. It is a straightforward and easy-to-read font that can be used to make the video more useful and practical for viewers.

Download from here


Amatic font style

Amatic is a simple but effective hand-drawn font used by people on web browsers. You can use this font for titling and small runs text. Initially, it was designed by Vernon Adams and conceived to be used freely across the internet. The best part is that it features both Latin and Hebrew alphabets.

Download from here


The Sacramento typeface is a monoline that is inspired by hand-lettering artists. It lies on the border of formal and casual letters. You can use this font for subheadings and subtitles.

Download from here

6. Add a techie touch


VT323 font was created by the glyphs of the DEC VT320 text. Students in college commonly use it. You can opt for this exciting font to create unique and expressive explainer videos.

Download from here

Special Elite

Special elite font style

Special Elite is a little old-school-style font that is easy to read for everyone. You can use this fond to add a techie touch to the text of your video.

Download from here

Text Me One

Text Me One is a type of monolinear font that features open counter shapes and un-connecting lines. This is an ideal font for large format lettering and body text.

Download from here

Note: If you desire to create an amazing and effective explainer video, the Wondershare Anireel is for you. It is a fantastic tool that you can easily use to create an explainer video with the desired font.

Final Words

Now you know the different styles of fonts choose the best font for explainer videos. Make sure the video looks effective and impressive with the right choice of font styles. Also, try Wondershare Anireel to create an explainer video of your choice.

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