How to Create a Full Body Character with Character Creator Apps

A video appears lifeless and monotonous without animated characters, and viewers tend to stop viewing it. Animated characters provide color, depth, and emotion to a video; therefore, animators pay close attention to character details. Several character makers are employed to create full-body animations to enhance the videos.

Creating a full-body character is a difficult task that requires skilled character-creator tools, which might be challenging to come across. We shall explore an excellent full-body character creator in this article that is simple and allows you to construct a meaningful character.

Part 1: What Should You Do While Creating A Full Body Character?

As animation's functionality allows for innovation and engagement, it can play a vital part in making a movie or game engaging for the audience. You may think about numerous things while constructing a character that will make it appear more impulsive, spontaneous, and dynamic. Here are some pointers to keep in mind when creating a full-body character using a character-creator app:

Counter the Gravity of Your Character

You should keep your character's center of gravity in mind when you create them. Gravity will determine the animation's walking and running movements and its proper balance. The character's mass must be created so that it does not interfere with the gravitational pull.

Make Real-Life Characters

When creating a character, take a glance around and gain some ideas from the people around you; how they walk and talk in a certain way. Their facial expressions should match their voices so that the scene in the movie or game looks authentic.

Adjust the Movements of Character with Time

To create depth in the scenario, a character's facial expressions, lips, and physical movements must all be on time and in sync. Otherwise, the lag between the two things would make it appear sloppy, and the viewers will be dissatisfied.

Keep the Poses and Actions Flexible

Make the character's moves, limb movements, and stances as flexible as possible to appear lifelike, and people enjoy watching it. Arms, legs, and mouth motions should all sync with the position.

Focus on Facial Expressions

Any animation is inadequate and unnatural without facial expressions. Focus on the lips and eyes because these two features accentuate a character's features. The expressions on the face should be clear.

Plan According to the Character

Planning allows you to organize your thoughts and ideas to carry them out properly. So, if you're creating a character, plan out the actions, gestures, and emotions ahead of time and devote enough time to each one.

Part 2: Create A Full Body Character with Wondershare Virbo

If you're an animator, you know how difficult it is to create fresh characters and give them a lifelike feel. Wondershare Virbo is a character creator tool for both Windows, Online and mobile devices. It is useful in various ways and allows you to make unique animations. Virbo assists with content or video creation for marketing, sales, training sessions, and business communications.

This full-body character creator contains dozens of new useful options for creating unique animations. Numerous options are available in the advanced editing feature to help you create great 2D animations. You may use it to design a full character, give it a gender, and give your animation movement. Converting text into a voice-over and adding colorful clothing to the character and appealing facial features can help you generate engaging content.

Steps to Create a Full Body Character using Wondershare Virbo

The following section guides you on how you can create a full-body character by using Virbo. This character creator is fully functional and loaded with amazing options for you to choose from and create a new character out of it. Here’s a step-by-step guide for you:

Step 1: Download Wondershare Virbo and Make a New Project

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To start the process of animation creation, you can download Wondershare Virbo on your computer or just open its online version by the buttons below. After you've downloaded and launched the character creator software, look for "New Project" displayed on the main window with a plus symbol. Start by clicking "New Project."

Step 2: Create a New Character

On the left side of the screen, you will find the option “Characters”; tap on it. Following this, click "Create Character."

create a new virbo character

Step 3: Choose an avatar

The screen will appear with an option of gender. You can choose according to your idea of creating animation and assign it a body type. The “Preset” option will help you choose the style of your character.

select character preset

Step 4: Input your script

Enter the text you intend to put in the video. You can adjust the speed, pitch and volume of your avatar at the bar shown on the right. Click “Play Script” or “Preview” once you finished operation to preview the video.

set character facial expressions

Step 5: Edit video

You can also adjust the background, choose the text style, or add the sticker to the video. Click Background Music > None to choose the music for the video, or you can upload your own music that you intend to use.

add accessories to character

Step 6: Export your avatar video or export your avatar only

Once done with all the steps, you can click “Export” the avatar video and save it. It is ready to be used.

use logo and save character

Part 3: Major Tips for Creating a Perfect Animated Video with Virbo

In the above portion of the article, we have discussed how to make a full-body character by using a character creator. Now we will discuss some tips that you can use to make an animated video with the help of Virbo:

Focus on Storyline

Storyline and characters are two things that go simultaneously, so when you are making a character, keep the storyline in your mind.

Work on Facial Expressions

Emotions and expressions define a story well in a video, so work on the facial expressions while creating a character.

Simple Actions and Movements

It brings fantasy and fun to the videos when characters are assigned actions and different movements. Keep them simple and real so that it looks lifelike.

Mute the Sound for a Better Feel 

When you add actions to the animation, you can check how they look and the intensity of actions by muting the sound. This will help you decide more conveniently.


In this article, we have discussed how important is a character for a video and how you can create them using Virbo. Virbo is an amazing full-body character creator that you can use to design a character and edit videos. There are a few tips for you to follow that will come in handy when using characters in videos.

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