Best 11 Free Video Editing Software Without Watermark for PC in 2024

Video content creators are in constant need of innovating fresh new videos every day on sharing platforms with high competition ratios. Creators and editors nowadays, don’t have much time to master professional-level editing software like adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro given the huge time crunch and regular viewer demand. This is especially applicable in the case of creators who are just starting off which is when they need video editing software that is free to use.

Fortunately, there are dozens of tools on the internet today that have a variety of options that help you edit videos quite fluently. Some of these software come with a clause, where the free-to-download video file carries a ‘watermark brand’ from the site you edited from. Video editors might feel frustrated if they repeatedly have to tolerate a watermark on their original work which might hamper their viewership. Here is why we shall explore some of the best free video editing software no watermark.

What makes a good free video editing tool?

The word ‘free’ comes with its own limitations, hence not all free video editing software available online would provide you with the same features. You may feel the need to interchange between a couple of these tools to obtain the results you want for your video. Let us assume that given the large number of free sites popping up every day, their quality might not measure up as the same.

Therefore, keep a note to yourself when opting for a video editing tool that it should help you showcase your talent, service, or product in the best possible way. It needn’t be too complicated otherwise it defeats the purpose. A video that is nicely edited can help increase your traffic tenfold. Now, without further to say let’s get into our list of ten best free video editing tools.

Best 11 Free Video Editing Software without Watermark for PC in 2021

1. Wondershare Virbo - Powered by AI

Compatibility: Windows, Web, iOS, and Android.

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Wondershare Virbo is a powerful AI video generator that allows users to create engaging, professional-quality videos with ease. Its advanced AI technology enables the creation of realistic and personalized AI avatar videos in over 90 languages and accents, making it ideal for a wide range of use cases such as marketing, training, and social media content.

With Virbo, users can effortlessly convert text into compelling spokesperson videos by simply typing or uploading a script. The software offers a diverse selection of over 300 realistic AI avatars to choose from, ensuring that users can find the perfect virtual presenter to match their brand or content requirements.

One of Virbo's standout features is its extensive library of customizable templates and royalty-free assets, which streamline the video creation process and enable users to produce visually appealing videos quickly. 

Additionally, Virbo's AI script generation capabilities can assist users in crafting compelling narratives and optimizing their content for maximum impact. Virbo is designed to be a versatile and user-friendly solution, offering cross-platform support and seamless integration with various video editing tools and platforms. Whether you're a marketer, educator, content creator, or business professional, Virbo empowers you to create high-quality, engaging video content that resonates with your audience and drives results. With its cutting-edge AI technology, a diverse range of features, and commitment to innovation, Wondershare Virbo is revolutionizing the way individuals and businesses approach video content creation, making it accessible, efficient, and impactful.


AI actors with authentic movements and voices, encompassing various ethnicities and occupations.

The tool facilitates translations into challenging languages.

A plethora of storyboard templates are available for selection.

The tool offers user-friendly navigation, even with its comprehensive features.

You can craft advertisements featuring avatars, scenes, and stickers.


The absence of real-time preview functionality impedes the ability to anticipate final video outcomes before rendering.

While the translation feature is intriguing, it requires further refinement, particularly regarding the naturalness of mouth movements.

Synchronization issues occasionally arise with AI avatars, detracting from their authenticity.

2. Da Vinci Resolve

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux.


DaVinci Resolve is your basic crop and cut video editing tool with features that help you achieve that pro look. With help from DaVinci Resolve, you can create stunning videos from almost any type of photograph or video clip file. You can experiment with your edits by adding music, transitions, subtitles, and special effects. There are facilities like OpenShot for trimming videos. This tool supports several popular formats and codecs.


This program is regularly updated.

Hosts a wide array of professional features.

Export files straight to DVD or your Hard Drive.

100% free to use open source software.


Editing feels a bit glitchy at times.

It is not as fast as other software on the market.

3. iMovie

Compatibility: Mac, iOS, best suited for Apple users.


iMovie is Apple’s official free video editing software for making pro-looking videos without a distracting watermark to steal your credit. High-fidelity filters enable adding effects as impressive as a vintage western flavor to silent-era. It hosts an abundance of special effects & audio fading features that can definitely amp up your trailers & films even in 4K resolution. 


The software is capable of supporting 4K quality clips & MOV format.

Helps you to produce a Hollywood-grade experience for your videos with your basic home computer.

Works fantastically with the devices from the Mac family.

It is loaded with vast choices for themes, filters & credits.


The color correction methods for video clips are difficult to use.

The lack of Windows 10, Windows 7 & android makes it less available.

A larger amount of HDD space is required for smooth functioning.

4. Shotcut

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux.


The interface handle on this cross-platform open-source video editor is fairly smooth and intuitive, especially for first-timers. You have a variety of panels at your disposal to use as you see fit. According to some users, Shotcut works best for Mac users given its specialized timeline which displays all relevant information and options like media properties, filter panel, encoding panel, as well as a search history with its own thumbnail view.


Capable of editing videos in 60fps and high HD quality.

Compatible with all three major OS.

Includes UI features suitable for both beginners and pros.

Smooth and easy-to-use interface.


High configuration is required for running it on your computer.

There is a lack of readymade profiles for exporting files.

Missing buttons for transitions and effects.

5. KineMaster

Compatibility: Android & iOS


KineMaster’s interface is designed to suit every beginner’s need. You can provide your videos with greater depth based on its robust features. Since it is an app, it can be accessed only via a mobile device like your Tab or Smartphone. After completing your edits you can save them on your home device easily. There are two varying versions compatible with Android


Edit videos that are of 4K resolution.

Beginner-friendly interface.

The app offers vast options of music, stickers & fonts.

Upload your videos straight to social media & YouTube.


Only the premium account allows watermark-free clips.

Only the premium account allows watermark-free clips.

It is difficult to use in long video clips.

Lack of professional tools can be easily noticed.

6. Blender

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux.


Blender is a 3D animation software with basic and advanced properties, which is completely free to use. It is also excellent for editing VFX, sculpting digitally, and creating animations. You get unlimited access to all of its features like color grading, masking, program scripting, and realistic rendering. It is known for delivering nearly the same type of result you would hope for from a pro editing tool.


One of the best apps to edit 3D animations.

Harbors all basic functions like trimming and cutting.

Offers a wide range of animation effects for video editors.

The full version is available for free.


Free pro-level software with no watermark.

It might involve bugs.

It is difficult to use in long video clips.

Slightly complicated for first-time users.

7. Active Presenter

Compatibility: Windows & Mac.


Active Presenter is not only a video editor but a screen recorder as well. The app supports HTML5 & integrated learning Management Systems. Explore a large variety of free options for adding effects to your video and audio to create impactful visuals. 


Quick built-in screen recording.

The app knows how to maintain numerous file formats.

Both the free & paid version allows you to use all the features.

Intermediate and advanced editors can use it efficiently.


The user interface can be hard to operate for average users.

The most accessible resolution limit is 1080 full HD, no 4K.

Videos created with ActivePresenter can only be imported.

The watermark-free option is pricey.

8. Lightworks

Compatibility: Mac, Windows, Linux.


Lightworks is quite a well-known video editing app among professional filmmakers and video editors. You can also use it as a quick and easy editing tool for fine-tuning promo videos and online content for free without any watermark involved. You can adjust the timeline, easily manage clips, and back up all edits before exiting the tool. You can rest assured that your videos are sure to receive more traction once you are done tweaking them on Lightworks.


Capable of exporting in Full HD, 2K, 4K, and other variants.

Great for editing vlogs.

Excellent console handling keyboard support.

Supports Adobe After-Effects plug-ins.


Certain languages are not available.

9. VideoProc

Compatibility: Windows & Mac.


Along with onboard editing software, VideoProc has a built-in converter & screen recorder. The app is one of the very few editors that still enables you to work on Windows 7.


Screen recording feature.

Built-in video converter.

Full hardware acceleration allows the making of high-quality videos.

It offers a free trial version.


The trial version comes with a 5-minute trial limit.

The app does not allow you to share your video content to social media platforms.

Poor text & readability of the app is unavoidable.

10. Video Grabber

Compatibility: Functions online (Can be used on any browser)


You can use software to edit videos universally. There are tools for improving visuals, converting videos, to recording your screen or activities online which makes it perfect for creating online content. There is no watermark involved and you can edit for free. Video Grabber is an awesome online editor for extracting short video clips, applying transition effects, adjusting audio volume and so much more. One of its best features is creating GIFs from videos. You can experiment with your content from a wide selection of formats.


Superbly convenient to use interface.

Supports various formats.

It can be used for basic-level video editing.


It has no timeline to edit on.

You can preview the effects of your video.

11. OpenShot

Compatibility: Windows, Linux & Mac.


OpenShot has made basic video creation and editing, simple and hassle-free. The app presents an easy and spotless interface that runs effortlessly. Special 3D animated title sequences are a new edition that easily impresses viewers.


Open-source software that is entirely free.

The app gets updated on a regular basis.

Video content can be exported to DVD or any other device.

Chroma Key & transitions-like features are provided for free.


The app is not fast enough as it has similar editing alternatives.

The editor is buggy.

Users reported sudden freezing.

Hardware acceleration is not powerful enough to compete with other apps.

Key Takeaways from This Episode

All the video editing open-source tools and websites mentioned in this article can be used for free.

None of them add a watermark to your output so you can upload them as original content under your banner.

Each of them offers impressive features that let you edit online promotional content in an easy and interactive interface. They are completely compatible with all major operating systems; Mac, Windows, or Linux.

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