10 Explainer Video Ideas to Inspire Your Next

When it comes to advertising using video explainers, the idea you go with can make it work or not. That's why this article focuses on some of the explainer video ideas that have worked in the past.

explainer video ideas

Here is a discussion of the 10 best ideas for explainer videos you should consider as you make your next time.

01 Using Analogy

People often don't notice their problem until you point it out. Interestingly, some will not understand the dire consequences of that problem until you compare it with something they relate more to. That's where such ideas for explainer videos come in.

02 Using Typography in Motion

When it comes to explainer videos, the first important thing is to grab the viewer's attention. Therefore, choosing such explainer video ideas does that right away, helping you achieve one task that's undeniably hard. Once you have their attention, telling them more about your product makes sense.

03 Comparing two scenarios side by side

The link below shows how a loan platform introduces its service. It is no secret that there are other similar products out there. The video explains how the service is better than the rest in a way that convinces you to try it out.

04 Real-life Story

Keep in mind that the product you are explaining in your video will be used in real life. Since that's the case, don't you think sharing a story solved by the product in real life will do the trick? Such explainer video ideas rely on emotions. The real-life story that you share needs to relate to your target audience.

05 Explaining the Problem then discussing the solution

As the name suggests, the video explainer first discusses the problem at hand. Ensure that you do it in such a way that the viewer will relate to it. Clearly illustrate that problem in your video. Preferably, ensure that the viewer can tell the problem even without listening to any voice over. The bottom line is that the problem needs to be as clear as day.

06 Filming a Client Using the Product

Such explainer video ideas give the viewer a rough idea of what to expect from the product. If you do it right, you can convince people to use it. For instance, if I have been struggling with tough stains then see an explainer video of someone using a reliable stain remover, there are high chances I will try it out.

07 Identifying a problem by explaining the benefits of your product

This approach and that of problem then solution are two similar explainer video ideas. However, unlike the latter, the former focuses on the features or benefits of a certain product. Instead of explains the problem first, it shows a scenario where the world is perfect. This case shows how people would like things , but that hasn't been easy despite the longing.

08 Live-Action

This is not much different from the filming option since you will film too. However, it is not limited to filming someone using the product. You can also opt to go for someone explaining the benefits or features of the product.

09 Quick Visuals

It is highly recommended when advertising a product. Instead of a video showing the product in use, it shows visuals of various people using it in different settings. Besides the users, it also focuses on the product itself and its features.

10 Graphical Transitions

The idea is not much different from the quick visuals. Nevertheless, it lacks the human aspect. Instead of including the users, it focuses on graphics and sentences. They are always short and straightforward with attention-grabbing transitions. Here is a perfect example:

Some Final Thoughts

There are various ideas that you can choose when creating explainer videos.

Some are ideal for products whereas others suit services better.

Regardless, select the ideas for video explainers that are suitable for the product and audience at hand.

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