Cartoon characters have always been used to convey stories, concepts, and content to various audiences. The presence of AI cartoon generators makes the process of creating cartoon characters more straightforward and more funnier. You can find a tool you like today and create as many cartoon characters as you wish to use them. If creating unique cartoon characters within five minutes or less sounds like a good deal, let's explore what AI cartoon generators are, including the best seven you can try.

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What are AI Cartoon Generators?

An AI cartoon character generator is a tool that relies on an artificial intelligence algorithm to produce cartoon characters within a short time. These tools use images or textual descriptions as prompts to create cartoon characters for their users. Without special drawing or animating skills, you can use one to generate exciting cartoon characters. A cartoon character AI generator aims to save users time, money, and effort. This goal is what attracts users to explore an AI cartoon generator.

ai generated black old man cartoon

Reasons to Use AI Cartoon Generators

So many creatives are employing AI cartoon character generators for personal or business purposes. If you're wondering how an AI cartoon generator can enhance your workflow and creativity, here are the reasons to begin using one today:

  1. Saves time and cost: With an AI cartoon character generator, you save the time and money you'll spend working with a cartoon artist or animator.
  2. Enhances efficiency: AI cartoon generators are always ready to produce optimal results following your prompts.
  3. Various purposes: You can use generated AI cartoon characters to create content, advertise your business, or as your avatar on social media.
  4. Easy access: AI cartoon generators are easy to access. You can access these tools anytime if you own a smartphone, desk, or laptop.
  5. Diverse cartoon art: Depending on the tools you use, you can get access to various cartoon characters, styles, and designs.

7 Popular AI Cartoon Generators

You can make your unique cartoon characters today using AI. Generating AI cartoon characters is as simple as it gets with these seven popular tools:

AI Cartoon Generators Main Function Available System Free/Paid
Fotor To generate cartoon characters avatars, including 3D character models. Online and mobile application Free & Paid
Live 3D To create cartoon characters and custom profile pictures from photo Online Free & Paid
Artguru To generate cartoon characters and other AI art from text and image prompts Online Free
Cutout Pro Develops 2D and 3D cartoon characters from photos Online, mobile, and desktop app Free & Paid
AI image enlarger Generates cartoon characters from photos Online Free & Paid
VanceAI Generates 3D cartoon characters Online and desktop Paid Converts solo portraits to cartoon characters Online Free & Paid


fotor ai cartoon generator

Fotor AI cartoon character generator is an online tool for making cartoons from photo and text prompts. You can create a cartoon character, avatar, or a 3D Disney equivalent of an image. This tool uses artificial intelligence to produce catchy cartoon images you can use as you wish.

Key Features

  • Cartoon generator from photo: Upload a photo, select a cartoon filter, and get your cartoonized image in a few seconds.
  • Cartoon avatar maker: You can generate a cartoon avatar from an image or your imagination on any platform, like gaming channels.
  • Cartoon character generator: Generate cartoon characters using text prompts like "a little girl in the rain" in the character maker.
  • Online 3D generator: Get 3D characters and avatars without using modeling software.


Packages Price
Fotor Pro monthly $8.99 per month to get 100 credits for AI image generating and other features
Fotor Pro+ monthly $19.99 per month for access to 300 credits for AI image generating and other features
Fotor Pro yearly $39.99 annually for 100 monthly credits for AI image generating and other features.
Fotor Pro+ yearly $89.99 annually for 300 credits for AI image generating and other monthly features.
  • Free trial available.
  • AI online filter that allows you to keep generating the character until you're satisfied.
  • Includes AI Disney filter to generate Disney-like cartoon characters.
  • Supports both text and image-to-image cartoon generation.
  • Generates up to six images at once.
  • Includes an advanced similarity setting that determines how close the cartoon character will resemble the original image.
  • The free trial only lasts for three days.
  • Doesn't support a negative description to specify what you don’t want in your character.

Live 3D

live 3d ai cartoon generator

Live 3D cartoon generator AI allows you to transform existing photos and characters into vibrant and colorful cartoon variations. This tool is available online for anyone to explore and offers a free and paid version. You can also generate a custom cartoon profile picture for your socials using Live 3D.

Key Features

  • Text to cartoon AI: Input a prompt into the text box, select your style, and generate your image.
  • Photo to cartoon AI: Upload your image to Live 3D's cartoon AI and click generate for a cartoonized version.
  • Pose to image: Upload an image, select ‘make pose’ to edit your pose, and generate your cartoon character afterward.
  • Diverse characters: Provides various cartoon characters, including children and women.
  • Custom cartoon profile pictures: Create a unique cartoon profile picture from your photo of choice.


Package Cost
Free $0 for:
6 Public Avatars
6 Animation Assets
3 Interaction Effects
6 Backgrounds & Overlays
6 Public VTuber Poses
Lite Suite $3.9 per month and $36 per year for:
Everything In Free Suite
15 Public Avatar Seats
20 Animation Assets
9 Interaction Effects
20 Backgrounds&Overlays
20 Prop Assets
Add Assets Periodically
Plus Suite $16.9 per month and $149 per year for:
Everything In Lite Suite
40 Public Avatars
Unlimited Prop Assets
Unlimited Effects
Unlimited Animations
Unlimited Backgrounds & Overlays
Priority To New Assets
Pro Suite $99.9 per month for:
Everything In Plus Suite
Unlimited Assets
1V1 Technical Support
  • Offers different character and visual styles, including 3D, liquid, illustration, and colorful.
  • Supports text and images for cartoon generation.
  • Live 3D offers other AI features like AI anime generators.
  • Most generated cartoon characters seem to have blue eyes, which limits flexibility with your cartoon character's facial features.
  • Make pose feature may be complex for first-time users to manipulate as there are no clear instructions.


artguru ai cartoon generator

Artguru is an AI art generator that can accept text and photos as prompts to produce cartoon characters. To use this tool, select the cartoon style after inputting your text or uploading your image. What's more? Artguru is a free AI character art generator. If you're looking for a tool to fully enjoy without spending a dime, try artguru. An AI cartoon character from Artguru is of satisfactory quality compared with other tools, so it's worth exploring.

Key Features

  • Text to AI image: Input detailed text to generate AI character art like “A young female with long hair holding a cat.”
  • Photo to AI art: Upload an image of your choice, select your preferred style, and generate AI art.
  • AI Avatar generator: Users can create Avatar characters using this feature.
  • Face swap: This editing feature allows users to swap cartoon character faces.
  • Free to use.
  • Artguru art generator offers different styles, including cartoon, fantasy 3D, and anime.
  • Supports text and photos for cartoon art generation.
  • Includes an optional negative prompt to specify what to exclude from your cartoon character.
  • You must select a cartoon-like style to specify your art goal.
  • Generates a maximum of four images at once.


cutout pro ai cartoon generator

Cutout Pro features a cartoon character AI generator where users can create visually appealing cartoon characters by simply uploading an image and selecting a style to generate their cartoon character. The tool is available online, but you can also download a mobile and desktop app.

Key Features

  • Image to cartoon generator: Simply upload the image and choose a style to get your cartoon character.
  • Converts different images: Whether it’s a picture of you, your pet, or a custom design for your client, you can get its cartoonised image.
  • Style variety: You can select from the available cartoon avatar styles like K-pop, fairy, dreamland, and manga before generating your cartoon character.


Package Cost
Free version $0 for five free credits
Subscription plan $0.099 per credit
40 credits/month for $5 at $0.125/credit
100 credits/month for $9.90 at $0.099/credit
200 credits/month for $16.90 at $0.084/credit
400 credits/month for $29.0 at $0.072/credit
800 credits/month for $49.0 at $0.061/credit
1200 credits/month for $69.0 at $0.058/credit
Pay as you go
Credits available for use anytime forever
$0.499 per credit
Three credits for $2.99 at $0.997/credit
Ten credits for $4.99 at $0.499/credit
100 credits for $39.0 at $0.390/credit
300 credits for $79.0 at $0.263/credit
1000 credits for $199 at $0.199/credit
10000 credits for $1399 at $0.140/credit
  • Supports photo to cartoon generation, including self-portraits and pet photos.
  • Mobile and desktop apps available
  • Offers other tools, like a photo enhancer that you can use to edit your photo without switching to another platform
  • Doesn’t support text prompts for image customization.
  • The free version only offers five credits, which is very limited

AI Image Enlarger

ai image enlarger cartoon generator

AI Image Enlarger uses a cartoon generator to produce stunning cartoon images within photo uploads seconds. It's available online for anyone and offers both free and paid versions. You can upload a picture of yourself or a friend to see how it would appear in the cartoon world.

Key Features

  • Photo to cartoon generator: Upload your image to the generator to convert it to a cartoon character.
  • 2D or 3D cartoon generator: You can choose 2D or 3D effects to determine your cartoon image look. 3D is more realistic, and 2D is more cartoonish.
  • Crop out: Using the crop out character feature, you can separate someone from a group photo.


Packages Cost
Free plan $0 for:
Ten credits per month
Email support
Advanced photo editor
200% / 400%
Max size 5Mb
Max dimensions 1200*1200
Normal speed
Starter plan $4.9 per month and $29 per year for:
100 credits each month
Email support
200% / 400% /800%
Advanced photo editor
Max size 10Mb
Max dimensions 4000*4000
Batch processing
Normal speed
Premium plan $9.9 per month and $49 per year for:
1000 credits each month
Email support
200% / 400% /800%
Advanced photo editor
Max size 10Mb
Max dimensions 4000*4000
Batch processing
Fast speed
Advanced plan $19 per month and $69 per year for:
Unlimited access
Email support
200% / 400% /800%
Advanced photo editor
Max size 10Mb
Max dimensions 4000*4000
Batch processing
Fast speed
  • Convenient, fast, and easy to use.
  • Supports photo to cartoon generation.
  • Generates personal cartoon avatars.
  • A free version is available, but it only offers ten monthly credits, which may not be sufficient for you.
  • Doesn’t support text prompts.
  • You need to sign up to use this tool.


vance ai cartoon generator

Vance AI uses a cartoonizer feature to convert photos to vivid and beautiful cartoon characters. You can upload a picture of yourself to generate a cartoon version of you. You can also use any of the three styles available to determine your look. This tool is available online and has a desktop version that transforms any photo or wallpaper into a cartoon.

Key Features

  • Image image cartoonizer: Used AI to generate a cartoon character of yourself or any random photo.
  • Batch processing: Download Vance API PC to experience faster bulk processing and save HD images directly to your system.
  • Text description: You can include a text description to customize your cartoon character further. For instance, you can input a text like “A Caucasian female adult in casual clothing.”


Package Cost
Monthly $39.90 offers one license for PC and 200 credits
Yearly $99.90 offers one license for PC and 200 credits per month
Lifetime $129.90 offers one license for PC and 200 credits per month
  • Supports image-to-image cartoon generation using online AI
  • Easy to use.
  • Offers bulk processing.
  • Only styles 1, 2, and 3 are available to choose from VanceAI
  • It may not offer enough editing flexibility.
  • Doesn't support text-to-image cartoon generation.

media io ai cartoon generator cartoon character generator AI allows users to convert pictures of themselves to cartoon characters in seconds. Check out this tool if you’re curious about what you’d look like as a cartoon character.

Key Features

  • Image-to-image cartoon generator: Upload the image you wish to concern, adjust the effects and filters, and generate your cartoon character.
  • Data safety and privacy: guarantees users' security and privacy using a secure SSL certificate that deletes any image you upload within 24 hours.


Packages Cost
Free plan $0 for three free AI tools with limits
Monthly Plan $19.99 for access to all AI tools and no watermark.
Yearly plan $95.99 for access to all AI tools and no watermark.
  • Simple to use. You just upload a photo, convert it to a cartoon character, and download the result.
  • Offers free version
  • Includes cartoonizer filters and effects like Disney, 3D Avatar, and Sketch.
  • Doesn't support text prompts
  • AI algorithm may not recognize other image types apart from solo portraits

Bonus Tips: Taking Your Photo Editing to a New Level With Virbo AI Photo Generators

Wondershare Virbo's AI Photo Generator feature revolutionizes the way users create and customize photos. Available on Android, this innovative tool employs advanced AI technology to effortlessly transform ordinary images into stunning artworks. Whether enhancing selfies, landscapes, or pet photos, Wondershare Virbo provides many creative filters and effects to suit every style and occasion. Users can choose from various artistic filters inspired by famous painters or opt for modern digital effects to give photos a unique touch.

  • AI-powered Filters: Offers a wide selection of AI-generated filters for creative enhancement.
  • Ease of Use: Simple interface for quick and intuitive photo editing.
  • Customization: Allows users to adjust the intensity and style of filters to personalize photos.
  • Artistic Effects: Provides artistic effects inspired by famous painters and digital art trends.
  • Virbo is not free.
Download Virbo App for Free
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Targeted at photography enthusiasts and casual users alike, Wondershare Virbo AI Photo Generator makes photo editing fun, accessible, and creative, ensuring memorable and visually appealing results with just a few taps.


AI cartoon character generators are convenient tools. Artists, creators, and business people can use them to produce unique characters for varying purposes mentioned in the article. These tools are primarily available online, with a few mobile applications and desktop versions. By determining your goals and expectations from an AI cartoon generator, you can select your ideal tools mentioned above and begin creating cartoon art.


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