Gone are the days of tedious trips to malls to try on endless outfits. Thanks to technology, dress room apps now make trying on outfits as easy as using our smartphones.

With a few taps and clicks and users can virtually try on an extensive collection of clothes, all from the comfort of their couch. Using real-time AR overlays, the apps offer a myriad of features.

Whether you are a fashion lover or busy, virtual fitting room apps transform your styling.

Let’s discuss the top 8 Virtual Dressing Room apps that can transform shopping forever.

Best Virtual Dressing Room Apps
  1. GoodStyle
  2. Klarna
  3. Style.Me
  4. Virtual Dressing Room
  5. PICTOFiT Shopping
  6. Wanna
  7. 3DLOOK Your Fit
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What is a Virtual Fitting Room?

Before we discuss apps, let me explain what the Virtual Fitting Room Apps are and how they work.

Dress room apps using Augmented or Virtual Reality improve online clothes shopping. Individuals can create mannequins with advanced algorithms and mappings that resemble their bodies.

Users can then try on outfits from a vast collection provided by the app’s partners and retailers. Avatars have outfits and accessories superimposed on them to show real-time looks. Users can mix and match outfits, experiment with styles, or save and share the created looks.

Businesses that incorporate AR fashion have higher conversion and sales. Increasing customer satisfaction reduces the likelihood of returns.

Features of a Virtual Dress Room App

AI-integrated software offers features that better the virtual shopping experience. Here are some common features:

  • Virtual Try-On
  • Mix and Match
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Fabric Rendering
  • Integration with E-Commerce

Most software work in collaboration with e-commerce retailers. This enables users to transform their virtual try-on into a purchase in the app.

These features enhance the user’s experience and transform the way that they interact with fashion. Next, let’s compare the best dress room apps that aim for fashion with convenience.

Best Virtual Dressing Room Apps


GoodStyle provides a quick, simple platform for retailers to manage online goods. Its real-life try-room feel ensures easy shopping and a big sales boost.

It offers clothing and shoe fittings, becoming a comprehensive solution. Stop guessing and enhance your online shopping with GoodStyle.

GoodStyle Virtual Fitting Room Interface


Quick and Easy Integration

The application is not so tech-savvy and easily accessible by beginners. The SDK can be integrated into online businesses with just three simple steps.

Customisable Avatar

Users can create avatars and personalize them by specifying gender, height, weight, body type, color, etc.

Unlimited Try-On Options

GoodStyle has partnered with many known brands to offer an unlimited collection with some exclusive pieces.


GoodStyle is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. It can also be accessed directly through phones via the website.

  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices.
  • Intuitive, beginner-friendly interface.
  • Seamless viewing of image catalogs.
  • Product Digitization for Business.
  • Reduction in product returns.
  • No cons.


Klarna is a smart platform automating retail, working with thousands of global brands. It tirelessly works with online retailers to improve business and boost user engagement. Klarna-for shoppers connect you with shopping experts who help you shop for the best items in real-time. Get personalized recommendations and explore new merchandise. Stay updated with the latest trends and ensure the perfect match before making the deal!

Shop with Klarna


Online Expert Advice

Klarna connects you with fashion experts that fit your needs. Get assistance in wardrobe planning and mix-and-match statement pieces.


Klarna is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Additionally, it can also be directly accessed through the webpage.

Boost Traffic and Sales

Leveraging AI into businesses, Klarna helps optimize marketing campaigns. It ensures high-quality traffic with increased user engagement.

  • Real-time outfit visualization.
  • Expert fashion advice.
  • Increased marketing flexibility.
  • Boosts conversions and sales.
  • The interface is slightly trickier to use.


StyleMe is an online virtual fitting room application globally trusted by thousands of brands. It applies AI to link classic store shopping with online buying through virtual try-on. With accurate body mapping algorithms, it helps users find the perfect fit. StyleMe is very focused on both male and female clothing, with valuable advice on outfit matching. It’s time to say goodbye to ill-fitting clothes and embrace an era of convenience fashion with StyleMe.

StyleMe online web application


User-Friendly Interface

The interface is simple and easily accessible on smartphones and devices.

Size Fit Recommendations

Advanced body measurement algorithms help provide precise size-fit recommendations.

Analytical Customer Insights

StyleMe gathers and provides valuable customer insights and preferences for targeted marketing campaigns.


StyleMe is currently only available as a web application that can be accessed via phones directly.

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Personalized sizing recommendations.
  • Increased conversion rates and sales.
  • Free trial for users.
  • Only available as a web application.

Virtual Dressing Room

Virtual Dressing Room is an innovative fitting room app that revolutionizes the way we shop for clothes. Considering your body measurements, the app creates customized avatars. You can try on outfits to see how they will look in real time. Virtual Dressing Room offers a 2D view and allows users to save or share the outfit. Whether you want something fancy, chic, or casual, the app brings the dress room experience to your couch.

Virtual Dressing Room App Main Menu


User-Friendly Interface:

Easy-to-find information and intuitive design elements facilitate seamless interaction.

Virtual Imitation:

It creates a customizable avatar that imitates your body design and tries outfits for you. It provides a virtual realistic experience.

Save and Share Outfits:

After mixing and matching outfits, users can save them to make a purchase later. Or, they can share it with their friends to receive reviews on it before making the actual purchase.


The application is only limited to Android users.

  • Extensive collection of female clothing and accessories.
  • Outfit visualization in real time.
  • Does not recommend sizing itself.
  • Inventory limitations for males.
  • Only offers a 2D outfit view

PICTOFiT Shopping

PICTOFiT is another great app on the list that offers a cutting-edge virtual dress room experience. By leveraging AR/AI, it offers an interactive platform to try on clothes virtually. You can build a photorealistic avatar and try on clothes in the dressing room. It brings the store fitting room experience without a pesky salesperson and any hassle.


3D Outfit View

PICTOFiT offers a 3D view of the outfit. Users can see how the outfit will look and fit in real time.

Outfit view in real-time

Boosts Sales

PICTOFiT, integrated with webshops, allows a 3D virtual try-on experience for online buyers. Interactive buying increases boosts sales tremendously.

Product Digitization:

It helps retailers digitize their products by increasing user engagement and targeted marketing.


PICTOFit is only compatible with iOS devices or can be accessed through a webpage directly.

  • Simple, intuitive interface.
  • Engaging and fun online experience.
  • Reduce return rates.
  • Extensive partnerships with brands.
  • Not available for Android.


Finding the right fit can be daunting. Wanna is an immersive platform that uses AI to deliver a personalized virtual fitting experience. The model works by scanning the body. Users can pick outfits to superimpose on themselves. Advanced algorithms help predict the outfit's appearance and fit in real-time. Wanna goes beyond static images and provides a 360-degree view. With high realism and true-to-life appearance Wanna is helping brands thrive in this competitive world.

Trying Footwear in real-time.


User-Friendly Interface

Setting up Wanna for business is simple and fast. The intuitive interface ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience for everyone.

Customer Insights

Wanna tracks customer behavior and interactions within the virtual fitting room. This optimizes conversion rates and identifies bottlenecks.


Wanna is available as an iOS, Android, and web application.

  • Attractive and well-designed Interface
  • 360-degree outfit view.
  • Product Performance Evaluation.
  • Fast product digitization.
  • Limited Inventory.

3DLOOK Your Fit

3DLook-Your Fit is an immersive platform that solves sizing at scale to reduce the chances of ill-fitted outfits. The smart technology body maps with the highest accuracy to curate human mannequins. Customers can try on outfits on their avatars and get personalized recommendations. Reap the perks of a live dressing room right at your fingertips with Your Fit.

Personalized Fit Recommendations


Smart AI Avatar

Leveraging advanced body mapping, Your Fit instantly presents a photo-realistic avatar.

Personalized Size and Fit Recommendations

Assessing the body type and size, Your Fit automatically generates recommendations to try. The outfits are always true to fit.

Enhance Bussiness Sustainability

Integrating 3DLook-Your Fit into your business provides valuable insights into customer demands. Retailers can optimize designs and stock inventory accordingly.


Your Fit is available for Android phones and can be accessed online through the website.

  • Fast and easy integration with E-Commerce.
  • Save and share outfits.
  • The system processes data in real-time to protect user privacy.
  • Boost sales and increase conversions.
  • A limited selection of partnering brands.

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Bottom Line

In final words, virtual dressing room apps are a peek into online shopping's future. Whether you desire a party dress or a whole new wardrobe, everything is just a tap away. They replace physical dress rooms, providing unmatched comfort and adaptability. A simple interface and many features increase customer confidence in choosing wisely.

Now's the time for businesses to embrace smart AI technology to raise sales and conversions.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller May 23, 24
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Eric Miller
Written by Eric Miller
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