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Best 10 Animated Explainer Video Examples

We've compiled the top 10 animation explainers in this guide. Find out your favorite one here.
Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Aug 16, 23, updated May 17, 24

There are a ton of explanatory videos available online. There is no need to inspect every one of them since it is impossible to do so. The finest animated explainer videos may be seen and examined to learn the key points and takeaways that will assist you in producing your own masterpiece. We've compiled the top 10 animation explainers in this guide. Find out your favorite one here.


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  1. Best 10 Animated Explainer Video Examples
  2. Bonus Tip for Making Animated Explainer Videos

Part 1: Best 10 Animated Explainer Video Examples

Videos may be used as a tool to grow an audience's loyalty, enhance conversions, or draw in new clients. It's a fantastic approach to increase brand recognition and customer loyalty. To learn how other companies have created explainer films, we advise viewing some of the greatest ones currently available. These 10 explainer video examples are ones we recently came across and would want to share with you. Let's think about these wonderful videos and why we love them without further ado. 

1. Microsoft Office 365


Although Microsoft does not need an introduction, its services or products do. The full functionality of Office 365 is described in this video. We are aware that the simplicity of this video animation is precisely what we like about it. The explainer film made by the Microsoft team is the ideal example of what one should include.

With the help of amazing characters, this 30-second animation showcases Microsoft Whiteboard's advantages and shows how to use it. The reason In a Nutshell is at the top of our list of the best animated explainer films is because they consistently provide the most aesthetically attractive videos.

2. Making Teamwork Click


You know why this is one of the finest explanation videos we've ever seen? the animated explainer backdrop. There is no question about the quality of the animation, but pay attention to how the music precisely reflects the development of the narrative and gives it a new depth without interfering with the narration.

Each year, businesses produce tens of thousands of explainer films, some of which are excellent and some of which are among the greatest ever made. Making Teamwork Click is just one of them. The basic backdrop and figures used here wonderfully complement the animation, which keeps your focus on the app. 

3. Ahrefs


Ahrefs is a collection of SEO tools. In terms of managing SEO, the video demonstrates how to utilize and benefit from the tool. An adorable and enjoyable animation goes horizontally to the right as the pieces in the Ahrefs explanation video leap up and down on the screen.  Cool cinematography with a horizontal pan to the right, cute effects, and smooth transitions. There is creative typography on it.

Ahrefs has effectively disproven the notion that a company's brand is too corporate for animated explainer films. This animated software demo film demonstrates that combining stylish transitions with educational material is a pretty smart concept. We believe that this video's straightforwardness makes the use of animation ideal for the message it is trying to express. 

4. McDonald’s Going Tech


This explainer video is in a distinct manner. Although it's difficult to construct an animated explanation video, McDonald's smooth animation makes it seem possible. To help users understand how to redeem offers on the McDonald's app, a humorous, daring character-driven explainer video animation was produced. The basic backdrop and figures used here wonderfully complement the animation, which keeps your focus on the app. 

Since videos that make viewers feel something are quite popular, we had to include this one on our list. Videos that evoke emotion in the viewer tend to be very popular, which is why we had to have this video on our list.

5. Purina One


The greatest illustrated characters are those that are specifically made for a company. While the voiceover promotes Purina cat food, the cat and its owner are amicable and attractive to look at. We're certain that this is one of our greatest animated explainer films since it has a properly written narrative, a lively vocal, and eye-catching image.

Your video marketing plan won't be the same after you comprehend the power of videos and can determine if a certain video is beneficial or not. Acknowledging your errors also helps. This explainer film is the ideal demonstration of what a 2D animated explainer video looks like. Despite the app's specialized purpose, its designers continue to convey their essential points via 2D animation. And it looks fantastic!

6. Meet Asana


Explainer videos that are animated give you a lot of creative flexibility. Just take a look at this example's fantastic style; it is so distinctive that the writing is immediately unforgettable. This proves that your video style can be customized to meet your tone and image regardless of the sector you work in.

When it comes to producing the best animation, these people consistently outperform the competition, particularly when animation is used to promote the introduction of their most recent goods. In this film, live-action footage is mixed with quirky animated text and graphics.

7. Slack for Sales Teams


This next video was produced by the Slack team. This is another contender for the best explainer video that explains the ins and outs of intangible things using animated characters or objects for marketers. The usage of the brand's colors to make this item instantly recognized and memorable improves it even more.

The Slack marketing team done a terrific job of simplifying their sophisticated software solution into an engaging explanation film. The Slack team produced an animated explainer film that is both true to their brand and appropriate for a current audience by combining their chosen color scheme with contemporary iconography and smooth transitions.

8. HonestGorilla Explainer Video


Next, we have an excellent example of 2D video animation. This animated film was made for HonestGorilla, an energy firm that encourages customers to compare energy providers rather than just choosing the first one they see. It's funny, educational, and snappy; everything a good video animation should be.

Each scenario in this film is realistic, with animation serving merely as a supplemental technique. Because of its vibrant visual aesthetic and amazing level of information, it is straightforward, peaceful but intriguing, and stunning.

9. Cisco Communication Network


It's not a simple task to describe a digital grid's operation and make it obvious how consumers might profit from it. Nevertheless, the people at Cisco are able to do so effectively because of the educational effectiveness of explainer films. This clip does a great job of taking us on a trip while clearly articulating the issue it answers as well as the solution itself.

We are interested in the footage at all times. This animated explainer movie serves as an example of an excellent piece of content that can be utilized for business websites as well as other social media platforms.

10. Hellosign


When you have a strong CTA, sometimes less is more! HelloSign, an eSignature provider, has opted to highlight exactly the key benefit of their offer in this explainer video sample. In this method, they may quickly pique interest and effectively express their point. The Call-To-Action at the conclusion, which urges the viewer to test out the program, is what really seals the deal.

The art style is mostly composed of a violet color scheme, which is complimented by other hues that are often connected to the idea of data.

Part 2: Bonus Tip for Making Animated Explainer Videos

If you're here, you presumably already know about all the wonderful advantages of animated explainer video maker for reaching audiences and persuading viewers to take action. However, before you begin producing your own assets, you must be aware of the finest tool at your disposal in order to complete the explainer films successfully. In that lieu, we’ve Virbo as the top-notch animated explainer video production tool.


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Virbo comes with a set of AI-based features that can make your animated explainers compelling as well as creative at its level best. We hope that you've noted your Favorite animated explainer since each of the above-mentioned videos has something to teach and provide inspiration for future work. After that, Virbo is your key to making one you liked the most.

Here are some of its characteristics that you should know before proceeding with your animated explanation video making.

Key Features:

Add Voiceover and Music:


With Virbo, you can select a voice actor who is appropriate for your video, and then add sound and music to complete the piece. It also supports AI-backed voices and automated scripting that you can utilize to captivate your audience with favorite voiceovers.

Template Customizations: 


Various genres and around 150+ types of animation templates are available in Virbo. You may produce in your animated explainers in stop motion, 3D, or 2D. Even if it might have a serious or comedic context, Virbo provides you the way for it. Simply, choose a theme that appeals to your organization and customize it accordingly.

Widely Supportable: 


Virbo makes sure you can create your animated explainers’ videos from any operating system device. It has a seamless support for Windows, Mobile and online users.

Share with All Audiences: 


The best place to start is by choosing a certain demographic since it will help you keep your message on target. Talking of which, Virbo gives you the audacity to share your animated explainers with audiences around the internet. It gives you a vast exporting and sharing options to share your videos on-the-go.

Make an AI-powered CTA:


The most successful explainer films feature a strong call to action. With Virbo, you can make sure the action you want people to do is obvious. Whether you want the viewers to visit your website, subscribe, or fill out a form, you can count on 180+ Virbo templates along with royalty-free music.


It's difficult to start from zero when making animated video explainers, particularly if you've never done it before. You need inspiration, and there is no greater source of it than animated explainer video production companies that have been using this kind of videos for some time. The aforementioned examples have shown that there are several methods to create the tone of your explanation.

No matter what sector of company ownership you are in, whether SaaS, healthcare, technology, real estate, education, or non-profit, an animated explainer film will pay for itself. We'd say you're in luck if you came on this article after searching the web for the finest explainer videos. Furthermore, whichever animated explainer you’ve decided to work on, Virbo makes it handy for you to create it. Try it out and get started with your explainer video production.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller May 17, 24
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