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Top 5 AI Movie Script Generators in 2024

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Jul 14, 23, updated May 17, 24

The software program that is powered by artificial intelligence and has the capability to create scripts for movies is known as an AI movie script generator. You can input customized descriptions about the movie, and this tool will handle the rest for you. Moreover, the AI screenplay generator has the capability to generate movies in versatile genres.

You can also use them to create a script about different types of movies. In this article, we will guide you through the top screenwriting AI tools. Moreover, we will also tell you how to make movies by using the most recommendable AI tool.

In this article
  1. Top 5 AI Movie Script Generators
  2. How to Generate a Script for a Movie by Using Virbo

Part 1: Top 5 AI Movie Script Generators

The AI movie script generator can help you enhance your productivity and appears to be more time-saving. You can also facilitate collaboration with these tools. In this section, you will discover the top-rated AI film script generator.

Other than this, you will also discover the key features along with the pros and cons of these tools. So, why wait when you can get into the AI tools given here without delay:

1. Virbo

Virbo is the most known and reliable video script AI tool. The interface of Virbo is uniquely designed, so users can use it without any complexity. Besides this, it integrates ultra-fast processing speed, which is quite convenient for users. With this revolutionary tool, you can create engaging scripts for movies.

Not only movies, but they can also write scripts on everything you wish for. Other than this, Virbo also has built-in AI Avatars, which can make your work easier than ever. You also get cloud storage to save your projects with Virbo.

Compatibility: Windows, iOS, Android, Online

Key Features of Virbo

  1. This is a cross-platform tool, so that you can use it on multiple operating systems. Moreover, you can also operate one premium account on multiple devices.
  2. It supports 150-plus multi-nation AI Avatars so that users can customize the age, style, or ethnicity of avatars according to their movie requirements.
  3. There are abundant commercial stocks and templates in Virbo. You can access 180+ video templates along with royalty-free music.
  4. The integration of natural AI voices in Virbo can make your work easier than ever. It lets you access more than 120 languages and accents to help you make engaging voice videos.
  5. Virbo AI movie scrip generator can write potentially captivating scripts for you. Moreover, you can also optimize the scripts on Windows computers.
Pros of Virbo
  • Virbo supports several AI features which give users the opportunity to users for creating engaging content.
  • This tool also supports 1080p export resolution, so you can export high-quality videos.
  • You can even create a 2-minute-long video without making manual adjustments with Virbo.
Cons of Virbo
  • You cannot make unlimited AI scripts with Virbo until you are a premium user.
  • Virbo only provides 100GB of cloud storage in its Yearly Plans.

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2. Kapwing

Kapwing is a perfect tool for writing AI movie scripts on multiple domains. No matter if you wish to write scripts for movies or YouTube videos, this tool can help you with all. You can save the hassle of writing long scripts and brainstorming daily to generate new ideas. Moreover, it can give you creative script content through which you can attract your targeted audience.

kapwing ai movie generator

Compatibility: Online

Key Features of Kapwing

  1. The procedure of creating scripts with Kapwing is quite straightforward. Thus, you can generate scripts on multiple topics with ease.
  2. You can also customize your scripts and control their metrics, such as script length or genre.
  3. It also integrates the option of copying whole-length script so you can save it with your other projects.
  4. While making movies, you can use its Smart Cut feature to eliminate unwanted and awkward silence moments from videos.
  5. Kapwing also lets you clean the audio without any problem. You can eliminate all times of background noises with this.
Pros of Kapwing
  • You just need to add a short description of the script you want, and this tool will handle the rest for you.
  • It is an easy-to-use tool, so you can use it even by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Kapwing offers a spam and ad-free interface, which lets users explore the tool without any complexity.
Cons of Kapwing
  • If you are in a hurry, it's not a great choice because you can face a few glitches and interruptions while using it.
  • Exporting long projects can take longer than you have expected. Thus, it’s a problematic thing for users.

3. FlexClip AI Video Script Generator

This AI video script generator shows integrations with ChatGPT, through which you can ensure that you will get high-quality scripts. It can also make the script-generating procedure a breeze because of its blazing-fast speed. You can also select the customized language for your script by using this exclusive tool. Moreover, it lets you create scripts on multiple topics without any limitations.

flexclip ai movie generator

Compatibility: Online

Key Features of FlexClip AI Video Script Generator

  1. With FlexClip AI Video Script Generator, you can also turn the scripts into animated videos.
  2. It also supports AI editing tools, including the AI Auto Subtitle feature. You can also create AI images with this tool.
  3. You can customize the duration and prompt for your video to get personalized scripts.
  4. With its built-in AI Text to Speech feature, this tool can also turn your text into speech.
  5. FlexClip AI Video Script Generator also has the potential to turn simple text into amazing-looking pictures.
Pros of FlexClip
  • It integrates many basic editing tools such as Motion Graphics, Change Video Speed, Slideshow Maker, Compress Video, and more.
  • You can utilize the text-to-video tool for creating videos directly from scripts with customization.
  • FlexClip AI Video Script Generator can also add subtitles and music to the videos to make them more interesting.
Cons of FlexClip
  • The procedure of generating scripts for movies can be pretty tricky for new scriptwriters.
  • You cannot access a few premium features of FlexClip AI Video Script Generator until you buy its subscription plans.

4. Toolbaz AI Script Generator

Toolbaz AI Script Generator is a free-to-use AI screenplay generator. Moreover, it also has powerful encryption policies for the users' data privacy. It is quite easy to use the tool, so you can generate scripts with this without any technical skill. This tool also offers you to manage the creativity level of script generation as per your need.

toolbaz ai movie generator

Compatibility: Online

Key Features of Toolbaz AI Script Generator

  1. You have the option of creating different variations of the script for the same topic.
  2. The procedure of script generation of Toolbaz AI Script Generator is automated, so you don’t have to do anything manually.
  3. With the AI Story Generator of Toolbaz AI Script Generator, you can make best-in-class stories and share them on social media.
  4. Its AI text generator tool lets you create intuitive text for sales emails, media content, and media posts.
  5. By choosing this tool, you can also write customized paragraphs on several topics, such as awareness and tech.
Pros of Toolbaz
  • This tool has the potential to generate plagiarism-free scripts for users.
  • It also adds emotions to several parts of the script to give it a more realistic look.
  • Toolbaz AI Script Generator can also create better movie plots that help make the best storyline.
Cons of Toolbaz
  • It can sometimes integrate bugs and glitches, impacting your workflow efficiency.
  • This tool has several irritating ads that can be a distraction factor and compromise the tool's exploration.

5. Veed AI Video Script Generator

No matter if you wish to generate scripts for Instagram reels or cinematic movies, this AI film script generator can help you with everything. You can create compelling movies by following the scripts created with this. Moreover, you have to write a prompt for what you want in the script. After this, Veed AI Video Script Generator will write scripts with emotions and plots for you. ai movie generator

Compatibility: Online

Key Features of Veed AI Video Script Generator

  1. You can write every type of script with it, such as informative, creative, funny, professional, and more.
  2. From the project setting, you can change the background color, audio, duration, and size of the scripted video.
  3. It can also create reliable subtitles and sync them to the video in an automated manner.
  4. To make script videos more attractive, you can add several elements.
  5. Veed AI Video Script Generator also lets you import media from a device and use templates for video creation.
Pros of Veed
  • This AI screenplay generator supports straightforward timeline-based editing, which is very convenient for users.
  • You can also use its built-in stock videos, music, and sound effects to give a professional look to scripted videos.
  • supports a wide array of templates, and you can also search for your desired templates with keywords.
Cons of Veed
  • Veed AI Video Script Generator cannot create move scripts in languages other than English.
  • The editing options of the Veed AI Video Script Generator can be quite restricted if you wish to work on lengthier projects.

Part 2: How to Generate a Script for a Movie by Using Virbo

The best-in-class AI film script generator through which you can create unique scripts for movies is Virbo. Do you want to know how to create scripts with this video script AI tool? The below-given instructions will help you in this matter:

Step 1: Launch Virbo and Go To AI Script

Initially, launch Virbo on your device and select "AI Script" from the main interface. Next, customize the "Language," "Brand," "Product Name," and "Key Selling Points. To create the movie script, hit the "Generate Script" button.

tap on generate script

Step 2: Edit the Script and Make a Video

Following this, you will get the script on your screen. Read the script carefully and make edits if needed. Once satisfied, hit the "Create Video" button, and select the aspect ratio from the options of "Portrait Video" and "Landscape Video". Finally, click the "Create Now" button and wait a few moments.

check virbo created script


As stated in the above article, you can use the AI movie script generator to create innovative scripts. Several tools can help you with this; however, the top 5 are discussed above. You can use these tools to generate the best scripts for movies. If you wish to know the best AI movie script creator, the answer is Virbo. You can follow the above-given instructions to make scripts with Virbo.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller May 17, 24
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