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How To Create AI-Powered Videos Using Synthesia Avatar and Voices

There is a review article on Synthesia AI video that you can rely upon. So, scroll below and know what you are waiting for.
Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Aug 23, 23, updated Apr 16, 24

In this busy world, every person wishes to save as much time as they can. Along with this, people want their social media to grow more through videos but don't want to invest much time in video creation. Thus, most users wish to create videos for both professional and personal use without compromising their spare time. It's a genuine wish which can be true thanks to AI-powered tools.

Tons of AI tools are present on the web, but today, we will be discussing the best one. The outclass tool that can help you create professionally-looking videos is Synthesia io. Not many users know about this premium-grade tool. That is why there is a review article on Synthesia AI video that you can rely upon. So, scroll below and know what you are waiting for.

In this article
  1. What is Synthesia AI Video Generator
  2. What Are The Features of Synthesia AI Video Creator
  3. The Pricing Plan of Synthesia AI Video Generator
  4. How to Use Synthesia AI Video Generator to Create Avatar Videos Efficiently
  5. The Most Reliable Alternatives to Synthesia AI Video Creator

Part 1: What is Synthesia AI Video Generator is an AI-powered tool that aims to simplify the video production procedure. You can create the videos automatically without manually adjusting all the metrics. It can help you make videos for several purposes, such as e-learning, marketing, entertainment, and more. Above all, Synthesia AI is an easy-to-use tool with a well-structured interface.

It also offers blazing-fast processing speed, which never fails to amaze users. You can even use this AI video generator without having any prior experience in video editing. It also works as an all-in-one video editor for all platforms. You can even use this AI-powered tool for creating tutorials, marketing, sales, and educational videos.


Part 2: What Are The Features of Synthesia AI Video Creator

The number of key features is not restricted in this premium-grade tool. Furthermore, it is very important for you to discover the features of Synthesia AI before getting into it. Don't worry if you don't know how to find its features because we covered you in this part. The key features of which you should be aware of are listed below:

1. AI Avatars

Synthesia integrates over 150 AI avatars. You can also search and select the AI avatars based on their ethnicity and looks. Moreover, for easy selection, you can also manage the attire and age of avatars. To eliminate the risk of mistakes, this tool lets you preview AI avatars before selecting them.

2. Language Support

This AI-integrated AI video tool supports 120+ languages, voice tones, and accents also. This is inclusive of Arabic, Bengali, Burmese, Basque, and more. You can also select the voices based on female and male voices. As all the voices are dynamic and natural, you can also select them for professional purposes.

3. Text to Speech

Through this intuitive feature of Synthesia AI, you can turn simple text into professional voiceovers. This AI tool helps you in doing this without waiting for an hour. You just have to input the text prompts, and it can create a voiceover without any pronunciation mistakes.

4. Lip Syncing and Control

While making videos with AI avatars, you can also synchronize the lip movement of avatars with the spoken text. It helps in giving a more natural and realistic look to speech. Moreover, you also have an opportunity to control other gestures, such as facial expressions, hand movements, and more.

5. Templates and Customization

There are almost 60+ predesigned templates in Synthesia video creator, which you can access for video creation. Above all, you can also customize the AI avatars in it. You can create customized avatars just like your identical twin.

6. Subtitles and Captions

While working on the videos, you can also create automated subtitles and captions. This makes your videos more understandable and approachable. In addition to this, you can also attract a broader audience and boost comprehension through this.

7. Export Options and Integrations

Synthesia AI video creator shows integration with other software and platforms such as Shopify, Lectora, Eduflow, ETU, and 360Learning. It makes the incorporation and workflow easier. Above all, it also supports a wide array of export options and shows compatibility with various formats, which is extremely helpful.

Part 3: The Pricing Plan of Synthesia AI Video Generator can help you scale your video production without spending many dollars. It is a cost-effective tool that always places users' needs before anything. Here is the pricing plan, which can help you understand its higher functionality:

Plan Name





Based on the number of seats

Part 4: How to Use Synthesia AI Video Generator to Create Avatar Videos Efficiently

By now, you have gained significant information about Synthesia. You must be wondering about the Synthesia AI video generator procedure. No need to worry because this part is specifically designed to help you in this matter. The procedure for making a Synthesia AI avatar video is described here for you:

Step 1: Initially, access Synthesia and click the "New Video" button from the right corner of the screen. Next, tap the "Blank" slate or select one template from the predesigned templates. Once done, hit the "Import PowerPoint" button and choose the presentation of your choice. To add the latest scenes, you can press the "+" icon.


Step 2: Once you add all the scenes related to the video, select the one to start editing. Afterward, click the "Avatars" feature from the top and choose the AI avatar that fits your needs. To adjust the characteristics of AI avatars, you can click on the avatar in the video. You can also select the visual dimensions of avatars, along with changing "Full Body," "Circle," and "Voice."


Step 3: After making all the layout adjustments, go to "Script Box" and paste your script there. Make sure you paste the scripts in a scene-by-scene manner. To change the language, go to the “Voice Selector" option in the top-right corner. You can also make videos more modified by adding multiple metrics.


Step 4: For instance, click "Text" and select the text prompt you want to add to the video. Moreover, you can also add shapes by clicking on "Shapes," and by clicking on "Media," you can insert images, icons, and videos. If you are creating software tutorial videos and want to record the screen, tap the "Record' button.


Step 5: Following this, you also have a chance to add animations, transitions, and music tracks in videos. Hereafter, tap the "Play" icon and see the video results. Once satisfied with the results, add a Title, Description, and enable the "Include Captions" option. Finally, hit the "Generate" button, and after this, you can click "Download" to save the AI avatar video on your device.


Part 5: The Most Reliable Alternatives to Synthesia AI Video Creator

Undoubtedly, the Synthesia video creator is a great AI tool. However, it's essential to know about the tools through which you can create reliable AI avatar-integrated videos. A few are discussed here in this part in case you need them to become more creative.

1. Virbo

Virbo is one of the top-grade AI-integrated tools through which you can create optimized-level videos. It has a user-friendly and unique interface along with fast video creation speed. You can also use it for creating videos for professional use. Furthermore, Virbo supports over 150 AI avatars which show its greatness.

You can also select avatars based on gender, age, and ethnicity. One of the best things is finding avatars based on their specialty, such as makeup, designer, manager, professional, etc. In short, it is a one-stop solution for creating perfect AI avatar-integrated videos.

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Key Points

  1. Virbo is pretty cost-friendly because it allows you to use one premium account on all the supported devices and store your projects on the cloud.
  2. Using the Virbo io alternative, you can turn the text prompts into descriptive speech videos without compromising quality.
  3. It also helps in creating AI scripts with the help of its integration with ChatGPT. Furthermore, you can even optimize already-written scripts on your Windows PC using Virbo.

2. HeyGen

With over 100+ AI avatars, this fantastic tool never fails to amaze users with its higher functionality. It also gives you the opportunity to create videos by adding text prompts. Moreover, HeyGen supports 300+ voices along with 40+ languages. You can scroll through both language and voices and select the one that fits your video requirement.


Key Points

  1. By using HeyGen, you can customize the AI avatars and can also choose the outfit of your choice to act as a main character.
  2. You can also unleash the full potential of avatar customizing and choose your own voice to use with an avatar.
  3. This Synthesia AI alternative also has the potential to bring photos to life with the help of its talking photo feature.

3. DeepBrain AI

If you wish to create videos with the help of scripts, this amazing tool got you covered. Through this, you can turn text into videos in a few taps. You can also do this with the help of photo-realistic avatars. There are tons of unique AI avatars in it, and you can also customize them as needed. Moreover, it also ensures that you save time and cost by 80%.


Key Points

  1. This Synthesia AI alternative can help in automated resume screening and can also create 10 questions for the interview.
  2. You can access both 2D and 3D human avatars and can use them in multiple use cases.
  3. It can support you in several use cases, such as education, media, retail, communication, financial services, etc.


In a nutshell, you can use the Synthesia AI video tool for generating AI avatar-integrated videos. This article has covered the inclusive review of From its key features to its working, you have discovered all the information. Moreover, the top 3 alternatives of are also provided in this article. If you wish to know the best alternative to Synthesia video creator, the answer is Virbo.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Apr 16, 24
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