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How to Make Explainer Videos—Step by Step Guide

Most of the time, anybody can make a fantastic animated explainer video with a little bit of know-how, perseverance, and, of course, a video editor.
Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Aug 16, 23, updated Jul 20, 24

Explainer Videos are a key tool that companies are using to spread brand awareness and get prospective consumers closer to making a purchase. Social media explainer videos may be among the most effective of the many kinds of marketing videos. This kind of instructional video production might seem like a difficult endeavor. 


Many people believe that in order to complete it, they must engage a explainer video services. Although it is always a possibility, it is not necessary. Most of the time, anybody can make a fantastic animated explainer video with a little bit of know-how, perseverance, and, of course, a video editor.

In this article
  1. Purpose of Making Explainer Videos
  2. How to Make Explainer Videos

Part 1: Purpose of Making Explainer Videos

A short-form video that presents a company's product, service, or business concept in an effective and appealing manner is known as an explainer video. These videos are often used for marketing or sales objectives. Explainer videos are often hosted by companies on their landing pages or shown on the front page of their websites.

Simplify Complex Concepts

Explainer videos are a terrific method to briefly present a topic or idea. This might be a brief description of your firm, product, or service. In any case, it provides a simple point of entry for those who are unfamiliar with your brand. The greatest explainer videos are often shorter, lasting between one and two minutes, but they are generally under three minutes long. Explainer videos need to make it clear what they want the viewers to do after seeing. 

Increase Brand Awareness and Reach

Explainer videos are designed to solve a particular issue, describe a product or service, and explain why they are the best option. They're an essential component of content marketing since they let you to convey key information quickly and leave an impression that sticks. 

Enhance Audience Engagement and Retention

Nobody likes to search for information or read a handbook. Explainer videos might provide simple explanations, detailed instructions, or other courses. The best explainer videos are those whose tone and style reflect both the brand and the target audience. 

Drive Conversions and Sales

Explainer video is a triumph grounded on actual achievements. For explainer videos to successfully convey a brand's value proposition, they must be of high quality in both production and content. That’s why explainer video creators are in demand for contemporary business marketing. 

Part 2: How to Make Explainer Videos

In a presentation, there is a time constraint. An explainer video might assist provide background knowledge or convey key points up front so you can quickly access additional pertinent information. You've come to the perfect spot whether you're just beginning to research explainer videos for your company or considering updating your current ones. We'll go over all you need to know about them in this article, as well as how you can use them to build your brand. 

1. Define Your Target Audience and Goal

Understand why you are doing the video. Make sure you are offering your consumers genuine value. Give them excellent stuff that they won't be able to resist. It takes careful planning and thinking to create great video content. It involves being aware of your objectives and what you want to accomplish with your explainer video. A quality video production firm will make sure that the strategy they use for an explainer video is consistent with the business's brand and culture. 

You should be aware of your audience and make sure your TA finds your message engaging and clear. Find out what essential knowledge they need, then include it within the video. Anywhere it is accessible, the material is successful due to its clarity and simplicity. It has the same effect whether it is seen on a firm website's home page, shared on a smartphone, or even broadcast on a huge digital billboard. 

2. Draft a Compelling Script

Just as vital as the video's graphics is an interesting screenplay. Your viewers won't respond as you need them to if your video doesn't present a captivating tale.  It may be used into a presentation or the onboarding process for new employees. It could be used as a component of a crowdsourcing initiative or as material for client and contract bids.

You must carefully consider your options since you will inevitably fail without a solid script. Include all pertinent information: a description of the product, its advantages, lead magnets (features that will draw prospective consumers), a target audience message, and a call to action. Your strategy should be in line with how you want your clients and consumers to see you. This might be done in a manner that exudes inventiveness and humor or in a reassuringly professional manner. 

3. Design Visually Appealing Illustrations or Animations

Since the majority of people believe that a website ought to be enormous when it is designed. Include all of the elements and features in it. It must have a lot of content, a lot of pictures, and a lot of eye-catching graphics. However, nowadays, a lot of companies and brands use "minimalist" or straightforward online content. Make sure, nevertheless, that the viewers of the video are not diverted. 

For this reason, animated explanation videos are a wonderful complement to websites. They are concise and simple to distribute. Not to mention that they are a great technique to increase the number of visitors to your website or page. Keep the animation basic and focus on the overall message of the video rather than the animation. Additionally, the audience should understand the message. Its objective is to clearly and concisely communicate your product or concept.

4. Choose Suitable Voiceover or Soundtrack

An explainer video's purpose is to describe a certain product or service. Because of this, using the proper voice is essential. The narrator's voice should be audible and understandable. But to swiftly capture your audience's interest, address their problems right away in your video. 

Make sure the narrators speak plainly and without using any fancy language. They must to be able to talk easily and spontaneously about your product. To ensure all of these voice instructions implemented carefully, you need an all-in-one AI explainer video maker and Virbo provides you a way to do that effortlessly. 


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Use Virbo to narrate a captivating tale while adding sound effects, comedy, and accent variations. Of course, a lot relies on the storyteller. Avoid monotony at all costs to avoid the video being disliked. Virbo gives you the customization ability so the narrator must be able to modulate their speech's intonation, tone, and speed in addition to having a pleasing and lively voice. Here’s why you should consider having this explainer video maker: 

AI-Powered Explainer:


Creating explainer films does not have to be expensive or time-consuming, and Virbo ensures that it is not. Virbo can let you produce live action videos with only a script. 

Easy Compatibility: 


Whether you're using PC or Mobile, Virbo is a good option for creating explanatory videos as it works seamlessly on both the devices. The good part is, Virbo is also available online so you can access it on your browser with a single account. 

Automated Voiceovers: 


Choose from a broad range of AI-generated voiceovers to pick the ideal one for your business explainer films.

AI-Generated Avatars:


Virbo has 150 or more AI avatars and attributes from many locations and ethnicities throughout the world. 

Customizable Template Collection: 


With this professional explainer video creator, all you have to do is use the 180+ Virbo themes and royalty-free music to add originality to your explainer films. 

4. Use Appropriate Timing and Pacing

The viewers will be able to decide within the first eight seconds of the video whether they want to keep viewing the full thing or not. Most likely, it will be sufficient to persuade them to buy the product or service.

By relating to the viewers and grabbing their attention right away, a superb explainer video makes the most of the available time. Naturally, your video has to be focused and brief. The buyer will grasp your product after viewing even just the first 10 or 15 seconds, even if they are unaware of what it does now.

5. Add Captions or Subtitles for Accessibility

A tangible product is necessary for live action, and for the majority of kinds, a screen recording and product presentation are also necessary. The explainer video creation phase will be much simplified if all assets are organized and in one location. At this point, it's important to gather additional components like photos, company logos, and music.

6. Optimize for Various Platforms and Devices

You must optimize your video before posting it to guarantee that the intended audience will watch it through. The best place to accomplish this is on YouTube, but if you work in a certain industry, you may also try Virbo. 

Don't forget to optimize your site for mobile devices as well. Verify that the video player works on various devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

7. Test and Gather Feedback

Innovation is encouraged by a digital process's ability to be cost-effective. It enables you to test things out with the ability to quickly make adjustments or revisions if something doesn't work correctly. And if it succeeds, it may elevate a decent explanation video to outstanding status. This increases consumer confidence in your brand or goods. And if you want to connect with your audience, it is crucial. 

An effective explainer video may serve as a contemporary business card. It's a fast and simple approach to engage with people, to communicate your values and your ability to assist them. At the start and conclusion of the video, make sure to clearly explain what your product is about and how it functions. Your objective is to get people to break down or explain your merchandise in order to ensure that they comprehended your explainer video.

8. Iterate and Refine Your Video

Explainer videos must to be simple to comprehend and explain. Making sure it makes sense is the greatest approach to do this. Returning to your message and the purpose of your explainer video, let's discuss. Make sure to explain every aspect of your product and how it functions to them, regardless of how pricey or well-known the product is to them. They will then be able to tell others about your product and how well it functions.

This phase is included into the production process if you're using a video creator like Virbo. If you're recording, on the other hand, now is the moment to export your material to an editing program and assemble the video. Use Virbo to remove any poor takes, extraneous information, create transitions, and add any additional elements like music. 


We really hope that this tutorial has aided in your comprehension of the explainer video production process and inspired you to give it a go. You're in luck if you find yourself looking up a new product you just learned about and want to see a video about it. 

Therefore, a good explainer video is essential to grab the attention of the target audience. Because of this, the most effective ones are created with an AI based tool and that’s where you need Virbo to make it happen. Create your video using Virbo to put your planning into action. You may either use a video-making tool or it’s built-in editing features to enhance your explainer videos productivity. 

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Jul 20, 24
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