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8 Types of Explainer Videos with Examples

Let's go through the 8 finest explainer videos and when to employ explanation YouTube video before you start the creation.
Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Aug 16, 23, updated May 17, 24

Explainer videos are now taking over the marketing industry. But first, a query: Which of the several business explainer video kinds best fits your project? There are many different types of explanation videos. While some fashion trends are highly popular, others may fade into corporate explainer video trends. Additionally, not every design will complement your brand and your available assets.

So, let's go through the 8 finest explainer videos and when to employ explanation YouTube video before you start the creation.

In this article
  1. What is an Explainer Video?
  2. 8 Types of Explainer Videos

Part 1: What is an Explainer Video?

Both start-ups and large enterprises employ corporate explainer videos. They are brief videos that highlight the characteristics and advantages of a service or how to utilize a product, and are often featured on website landing pages or in form of SaaS explainer videos. When thinking about making an explainer video for business, there are several of benefits to take into account. It provides your brand a fantastic chance to showcase its identity since it is enjoyable and imaginative.


Product explainer videos are a clever and fashionable choice for engaging with clients since they are also inexpensive and simple to make. In fact, explainer videos have been so successful in converting viewers that some businesses have reported conversion rates as high as 81%. There are several options when deciding which kind of video is appropriate for you. Here are some of the most well-liked and sensible choices.

Part 2: 8 Types of Explainer Videos

Utilizing certain ready-to-use templates can hasten the production of your explainer videos. Following are our top choices for 8 explainer video categories: 

1. Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard videos became increasingly popular in the early 2010s as a result of their then-lower production costs. A whiteboard will be used to annotate text and photos. The video is then sped up and has voiceover added to it. They are easy to make and have been shown to work with a variety of audiences if you have a great artist.


Whiteboard explanation videos are really entertaining to watch despite being so straightforward. It consists of a live hand painting with vibrant markers on a whiteboard. The fluid way the hand glides while producing the ideal drawings, together with the voice-over that guides the spectator, draws them in and increases interest.

2. Motion Graphics

This kind of explainer video is more common in the technology sector since it clearly and simply presents complicated ideas. Motion graphics, which go beyond typical animation, are excellent in illustrating more complex concepts that might be hard to visualize. They provide a fun approach to contextualize subjects that would otherwise be difficult to explain via the use of shapes, colors, and other components.


One of the reasons 2D Motion Graphics are so successful is the ease with which a brand emblem, which is naturally a picture, can be transformed or combined with other images. App demonstrations, technical animations, financial visuals, and business explainer videos are the best uses for it. This design is effective because it draws customers' attention to the desired area while without being too crowded.

3. 2D animation

One of the most well-liked and widely used methods. These videos are the ideal kind of low-cost, simple-to-create content that people can share. We believe that motion graphics are intended to be used for marketing, communication, and entertainment. This approach promotes brand awareness and trust while making a complex product or service easier to understand.


An established format for explanation videos is 2D. In other words, images are utilized to demonstrate the operation of the product or service and the advantages that the user will experience. Videos using 2D motion graphics animation also seem vibrant, new, and lively. For businesses with a little budget who want to seem professional but can't afford the cost associated with 3D methods, this is a perfect option.

4. 3D animation

If you have the money to spend on a 3D explainer video, you'll stand out from the more conventional 2D approach. In terms of computer animation productions, 3D explainer videos are pricey. Due to the additional work required to make any alterations or tweaks compared to the other types, timelines tend to be lengthier.


Consider 3D animation if you're a detail-oriented person. One of the most opulent and costly explainer videos available, but for good cause. Each frame is laboriously and painstakingly created, taking far longer than in a typical video. To produce a picture with height, breadth, and depth, they use detail. But due to the mind-blowing ingenuity put into it, the results are incredible, capturing the highest engagement and conversion rate!

5. Live-action

Live-action explainer videos, as the name implies, have actors or presenters explaining a topic. These videos have very little animation and motion graphics and are produced using genuine footage. The primary objective is still to describe a good or service, and this might include user reviews. 


Because of this, you have to think about the greatest and most practical instrument for making these animation videos. Your best option for that is Virbo. Live-action videos are preferable for explainer videos since they tend to be more genuine, authentic, and realistic. Virbo makes this possible.


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Key Features:

Here are some of the top-notch features of Virbo that makes it an outstanding platform to make your live action explainer videos handily:

Wide Compatibility:


Due to Virbo's broad support of operating systems, using a single premium account across many platforms is possible without any problems. So, if you’re on the Windows PC or mobile device, Virbo comes in as a handy choice for a seamless explainer video maker.

AI Based Voiceovers:


You can produce top-notch text-to-speech videos with Virbo AI Voices. Use the wide variety of AI generated voiceovers to find the best suitable for your corporate explainer videos. Including that, some genuine human-centered AI Voices are also included into this tool.

Automatic Scripting Mechanism: 


You can also improve the pre-written movie screenplay using Virbo’s AI screenplay function. Simply write or create an automated script for your explainer video for business. Furthermore, you can also create scripts for your educational explanation videos as well as for the Explanation YouTube videos.

Enriched Templates:


The commercial stock of templates in Virbo is available in hundreds. All you need to do is utilize the royalty-free music and 180+ Virbo templates to add creativity to your explainer videos with this high-quality explainer video maker.

AI-Generated Avatars:


Virbo includes 150 or more AI avatars and traits ranging from regions and ethnicities around the globe. This makes it widely usable and handy tool for animation video makers globally. Use the ready-to-use AI-generated avatars to enhance productivity to your explainer videos with Virbo.

AI Backed Explainer: 


Making explainer videos sometimes become costly or time-consuming; however, Virbo makes sure it doesn’t. With merely a script, Virbo can help you create live action videos. Backed by AI, Virbo will create a convincing human presenter and voiceover for your video from the text. There are hundreds of voices and more than hundreds of performers to choose from.

6. Screencast

Since everything occurs on the screen, screencast explainer videos are popular with companies to showcase the benefits of their goods and services. When you want to show the software in operation, this format is excellent. Additionally, live video may be supplemented by screencast videos while a person is using their phone or browsing the internet. They therefore get videos with no screenplay, poor narration, and no post-production.


Another low-cost explainer video format is the screencast since it uses less resources. Screencast explainer videos do have one troublesome aspect, though: some businesses determine that they are simple enough to produce without the aid of a professional. Screencast explanation videos are the ideal solution for young tech startups with little resources. It's excellent for highlighting the benefits of IT items like software or applications.

7. Typography

The name of this fashion is quite self-explanatory. This is a strategy sometimes used by businesses looking to reduce their budget. In this kind of explainer video, the typefaces take on a life of their own and build the whole narrative. Although these videos may just employ one font or a variety, the words nonetheless have a significant effect.


The audio will explain the tale while the words on the screen will highlight their significance, making it simpler for the audience to understand the information. Typography explainer videos may be a fun approach to advertise new items in an unconventional manner.  This explainer video is perfect for online firms that want to showcase the core message of their services in only a few seconds since it is clear, short, and to the point.

8. Stop Motion

In order to make stop motion, a model is videoed one frame at a time, moved or adjusted slightly, and then the process is repeated. It draws attention since it is unique and has a unique artistic appeal. Additionally, it is expensive and complicated to produce; for that, you need a specialized studio and tools. This may be reproduced using a 2D or 3D animated environment thanks to contemporary technologies.


You may attempt a stop-motion explanation video if you want something special and creative. They give an astounding degree of creativity and skill and truly stand out from conventional animations when they are carefully designed. When all of this comes together, it creates a memorable experience. This will provide the appearance of animated graphics while playing all the images sequentially. Additionally, certain trends could be perfect for your company and your available assets while others might not work at all.


Explainer videos may do wonders for your digital learning programs or marketing strategy. It's crucial to have an explainer video made in the appropriate manner if you're seeking for one. There are more styles than you probably realize, even if some of them are fairly popular. Some are explanation YouTube while others are educational explainer videos. Refer to the above-mentioned videos to get to know which type suits you the best.

The most often used and most economical are explainer videos using stock footage and motion graphics. Despite their low cost, they have excellent quality. In the end, you need to effectively illustrate or explain your product, which makes these possibilities excellent. To help with this, we've selected Virbo as one of the best editors out there that employs artificial intelligence to produce the most popular videos.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller May 17, 24
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