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7 Best Whiteboard Explainer Videos to Inspire You

Discover the top Whiteboard Animation Software products, and compare their costs, features, and capabilities. Choose a Whiteboard Video Maker that meets your needs.
Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Aug 16, 23, updated May 17, 24

Whiteboard animations are highly effective in drawing in viewers. However, historically, making these kinds of videos required a creative ability and an above camera to record the time-lapsed sketches. This took a lot of time and needed some imagination. But making your whiteboard animation is now really simple thanks to tools for doing so.


Discover the top Whiteboard Animation Software products, and compare their costs, features, and capabilities. Choose a Whiteboard Video Maker that meets your needs.

In this article
  1. What is a Whiteboard Explainer Video
  2. 7 Best Whiteboard Explainer Videos
  3. Small Tips for Making Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Part 1: What is a Whiteboard Explainer Video

A whiteboard animation video breaks down difficult concepts or themes step-by-step. Whiteboard Animation Software allows you to make videos of images being drawn on a whiteboard to tell a narrative. Whiteboard animation has grown in popularity recently as a means of attracting audiences' attention, keeping them interested, and more effectively presenting ideas.

These days, whiteboard animation videos are increasingly common since they are appealing and an effective way to grab viewers' attention. It will enable you to swiftly deliver the facts. We now live in a video-first society; thus, companies must switch over to video content from text-based content. Whiteboard animation is effective by most standards. These explainer videos using a whiteboard are a fantastic method to quickly and effectively communicate ideas and concepts to your audience.

Part 2: 7 Best Whiteboard Explainer Videos

A whiteboard animation video breaks down difficult concepts or themes step-by-step. It is undeniable that making a video requires time and that producing videos for your company requires a large crew. But how can you choose the finest choice when there are so many possibilities accessible today? Here are the seven best whiteboard animation videos so you can get an idea of which choice suits your business the best:

1. Oxfam

Whiteboard animation may still be effective whether it's for entertainment, marketing, or education. But it's also capable of addressing weightier issues. This describes the situation with the Oxfam International video. Raising awareness of the predicament of women worldwide is the task they confront.


The video walks you through the development of women's rights across time as well as current issues that affect them. It's a really powerful declaration of the organization's mission and a rallying cry for all of its supporters. It's impressive how much one can do in such a short period.

2. Unilever Series

Despite the fun and enjoyable material, Unilever uses the ads to convey a serious message: there is a need for men's hair and skin care. This is a fantastic illustration of how an animated whiteboard can be utilized to boost engagement and foster customer loyalty. The short, hilarious, and emotional videos are all three. An observer observes one and desires to observe others.


The Unilever series, one of the greatest whiteboard and sales video examples, demonstrates how to effectively utilize animation to communicate difficult ideas. By presenting the progress toward several development targets in multiple formats, including graphs, charts, and maps, this data-driven video aids the spectator in more intuitively understanding complicated data. To keep the spectator interested, the animation also incorporates minor movements like the character's hand motions and the sporadic zoom in or out.

3. Where Good Ideas Come from:

This video addresses Steven Johnson's Where Good Ideas Come From, which examines the history of invention, using the conventional hand-drawn whiteboard format. What's important to note is that the video was specifically made to explain the fundamental thesis of the book and is not in any way self-promotional. This is echoed in the last frame of the illustration, as the camera pans out to show us the whole artwork.


The capacity of whiteboard videos to simplify a difficult procedure is what distinguishes them from other animated explainer videos. The way that this specific video develops is fascinating. Since they are presented as logically related to one another, the concepts flow consistently and are simple to understand. As a result, we are motivated to read more of the book, which supports the assumption that the concepts being presented are part of a system.

4. Content 2020 by Coca Cola

Perhaps the finest whiteboard animation video to ever be posted online was Content 2020 by Coca-Cola. Long animations might sometimes be the greatest option for a company. This video is lengthier than the typical 2-minute explainer video since it discusses a new marketing plan that the firm has adopted. It is the ideal illustration of the rule that the longer your video, the more devoted your audience must be.


whether you're not sure whether they can sit through a 10-minute video, break it up into smaller chunks. Similar to this video, it opens by pointing out how marketing and advertising are changing and how conventional approaches are no longer successful in reaching and attracting people. The animation describes Coca-Cola's new approach and emphasizes providing content that is relevant, worthwhile, and shareable. To convey the company's message, the scenes in this

5. MedVector

MedVector employees make use of the whiteboard format to instruct visitors on how their product might benefit the clinical trial business. The video explains the service's many features and demonstrates how easy it is to use. To highlight the advantages of MedVector services, the video combines speech, basic animations, and hand-drawn images.


Compared to the other videos we've seen, this one is a little different. It doesn't concentrate on a certain plot, despite the animated characters that give it charm. Instead, it addresses the issue at hand—how to obtain participants for medical trials—head-on. This kind of animation engages viewers by allowing them to concentrate on the key elements of your solution.

6. ESPN – Interview:

Due to its funny portrayal of the interview, this animated video from ESPN is regarded as one of the greatest in the sports category. It is jam-packed with entertainment, informative, and promotional value. Due to its clarity and straightforward approach to whiteboard animation, this video is included on our list.


This video made our list due to its superb storyline, fluid animation, and strong overall message. It has a screenplay that is written with the audience's fascination in mind, which grabs the audience's attention and contributes to the production's overall excellence. This video is all about how keeping things simple and elegant may sometimes provide amazing outcomes while going overboard with the fancy can.

7. Webdew

It is a superb example of a whiteboard explanation video produced by the Webdew team that demonstrates how things operate. The viewers of this video will be able to see why they should visit their website and how it may assist them in fulfilling their goals. The video is made more attractive by the use of color and sound effects.


Watching a video of a whiteboard simply gives you the impression that you are sitting in a classroom and being taught by someone using a whiteboard. The capacity of the animation in this video to communicate difficult subjects via video marketing is one of its benefits. This is one of the greatest corporate video examples since it explains complicated concepts using hand-drawn drawings and straightforward animations. 

Part 3: Small Tips for Making Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Compared to other animation types, whiteboard animation is more popular. The whiteboard animation's simplicity allows it to meet the marketing requirements of goods and services from a variety of sectors. An array of folks can comprehend the information presented by whiteboard animation. Images that have been artistically produced may assist you express difficult topics without using words.

Have you ever enjoyed and learned a lot while watching an animated storytelling video? Do you want to create a similar video for yourself as well? Look no further than the specialized software designed for this distinctive and captivating art form: whiteboard animation. Virbo is an option if you're not ready to make a video on your own.


Get Started Online Free Download

However, the statistics show that videos are helpful for your company, and you start to see greater results as soon as you start utilizing them. What can be done in this circumstance, then? Use highly customizable whiteboard explainer video production software to make it happen effectively. That’s why Virbo is your best bet in this regard. Here are some of the reasons you can make your whiteboard explainers using Virbo, a win-win for your business:

Key Features: 

AI-Driven Tools: 


Virbo comes in handy due to several AI-backed features such as scripting and character animation categories. It has a wide variety of AI explainer video content that you can use to create an effective whiteboard explainer video.

Wide Platform Support:


Virbo ensures that you may produce animated explanation videos on any operating system. If you're using Windows PC or on a mobile device, Virbo is a good option for creating explanatory videos. It is compatible with Windows PC, Mobile, and internet users.

Automated Avatars: 


Virbo can merge your separate shots or composite footage into a single, seamless piece that will make your explainer video stand out from the crowd using built-in presets and other templates.  With this animation maker, you can combine characters, effects, and video to create fascinating animated videos.

Customizable Templates: 


Virbo offers a wide range of genres and over 150 different kinds of animation templates. Virbo also includes roughly 150+ AI-powered avatars, so all you have to do is add your favorite to the scene and build your animated explainers. Because of the seamless integration of 2D and 3D pieces, you have more control over animated features, and character design is simplified by the wealth of rigging and animation tools.

Create a Voiceover and Music of your Choice:


With Virbo, you may choose an acceptable voice actor for your video and then add sound and music to complete the composition. It also supports AI-powered voices and automatic scripting, allowing you to engage your audience with your favorite voiceovers.


One of the best tools for advertising a company's or business' ideas is the whiteboard animation video. Videos of whiteboard animation seem to be extremely simple, but they are highly interesting and amusing – and sometimes require expert explainer video production techniques. This encourages viewers to get interested in even the most complicated or dull topics. 

Whiteboard animation videos can successfully captivate viewers and convey difficult information. By looking at the samples we've provided, you may learn from the industry's best inventors and get ideas for fresh projects. In addition to that, to make it captivating along with the AI-based features, you can use Virbo software. With Virbo, you can easily design whiteboard explainers while elevating your whiteboard animation content to new levels.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller May 17, 24
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