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Customer Testimonial Videos Gude: Everything You Need to Know

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Jun 06, 24, updated Jul 20, 24
client testimonials illustration

Client testimonials can be crucial for a company and help you boost your sales. However, creating such content for your website or social media pages can be challenging and overwhelming, especially if you’re new to this notion. If you want to make your brand stand out from the crowd and receive even more orders, we’re here to help.

Today, we’ll present everything you need to know about creating customer testimonial videos from scratch without using fancy gear or recording your loyal crew. We’ll start from the basics and work our way up to the recording process. Without further ado, let’s jump to the guide.

In this article
    1. Ask Valuable Questions
    2. Get the Required Equipment and Tools
    3. Add Text and Graphics
    4. Intercut With Branding, Services, and Products
    5. Create a Video Using AI Tools
    1. Westfield
    2. Capitol Subaru

What Is a Customer Testimonial Video?

A client testimonial video is, as the name suggests, video content containing your customers’ positive experiences with your brand, products, or services. People can leave reviews on your platform, and you can ask them to use the content for a video and post the results on the desired platform.

In some cases, the customer testimonial video can contain recordings of your customers, but you may want to skip this step and protect your clients’ privacy and safety. Instead, you can gather their reviews or ask them for more to create professional business content.

positive customer ratings

Benefits of Customer Testimonial Videos

You may think that creating customer testimonial videos is overwhelming, but trust us, it’s worth it. You’ll gain numerous benefits, and we’ll mention a couple of them below to help you get started and determine whether such content is something your brand needs.

  • Brand recognition – By creating a video testimonial, your customers will recognize the brand in a crowd, and you’ll add a unique touch to your company’s online platform.
  • A personal touch – Customer testimonials will prove that you don’t exist “on paper” only and that you’ve had experiences with real people in the past.
  • Visual appeal – Posting customer testimonial videos on your site or social media platforms will significantly impact the visual appeal and gather an even larger audience.
  • Trust – When potential customers see the testimonial videos, they’ll know they can trust your company since other people support your work.
  • Increased online visibility – If you implement proper keywords into your videos and create engaging content, you’ll rank higher and improve your online visibility, leading to more customers.
  • Demonstration – These videos can help you demonstrate the products/services you offer through real-life examples and customer experiences.

As you can see, indulging in the video testimonial creation journey will benefit your company, so you should try your luck and watch your business transform.

Types of Customer Testimonial Videos

Below are several types of customer testimonial videos you can choose from depending on your preferences and style. It will help you navigate the experience, increase visibility, and create brand-related content.

  • Direct testimonials – These testimonials focus on one person’s experiences with detailed elaborations about a specific product/service you provide.
  • Compilation testimonials – Such testimonials contain multiple user reviews and examples combined into one video.
  • Study testimonials – These video types contain specific use cases and in-depth analysis of said product and case.
  • Animation testimonials – To make your content more entertaining, you can animate the testimonials and improve the visual appeal. That will also help explain the use of complicated products, contributing to the demonstration element.
  • Influencer testimonials – You can ask influencers to create videos about your company, products, or services and post them on social media pages for a wider user reach.

Once you detect the type of testimonial video you want to create, jump into the guide below.

customer video testimonials example

How to Create a Customer Testimonial Video Without Recording

Below is a detailed, step-by-step guide on creating the best customer testimonial videos for your business.

Ask Valuable Questions

The first thing to a successful customer testimonial video journey is creating questions that interest the audience. For instance, skip on the general questions like what our product looks like and jump into specific ones that will make others decide to purchase what you offer.

For instance, you should ask the customer to explain their issue before purchasing and how your product/service helped them resolve it. That will give your creations a personal touch, and other viewers can relate to the content, resulting in more sales and increased visibility.

The questions you’ll ask will depend on your company’s preferences and products, so gather your time and brainstorm to create the most coherent questions list. You should also ensure you’re creative and unique to beat the competition and give the viewers what they need to become your customers.

ask valuable questions

Get the Required Equipment and Tools

Although you won’t record videos of your customers, you’ll still need equipment to make your visions come to life. Here are a couple of necessary elements you should have to start your customer testimonial video creation journey:

  • A high-quality microphone – You’ll need to capture the best audio, so investing in high-quality microphones can be a dealbreaker for your content.
  • Scripts and questions – Prepare these elements in advance to avoid potential stutters and lower-quality content.
  • A recording and editing software solution – Download high-quality solutions to your device to get the most out of your journey and access numerous advanced features.

Gathering these elements will improve your journey and make creating the customer testimonial video easy.

client video testimonials gear

Add Text and Graphics

The next step is to prepare for the visual journey and create the best graphics to represent your brand. For instance, you should consider the color of the backgrounds in your videos and ensure they match your website or social media feed.

Additionally, you should consider your text’s position, size, and color. Don’t use text colors that will melt in the background, or opt for fonts that may be unreadable. Instead, use clean spacing and larger font sizes, and place the text in the middle of your screen to draw attention to the main subject.

You should also categorize data according to their importance and select fonts and text sizes accordingly. For example, the testimonial should be the main focus of your video, so use the largest font to emphasize its importance.

These tips will help you communicate your message and highlight your customers’ experiences while improving the visual aspect.

customer testimonial example

Intercut With Branding, Services, and Products

Adding your brand’s logo or motto into the video or presenting your products and services can contribute to brand recognition and increase views. People will instantly recognize your company and know who to turn to if they need help or if they are looking for your products.

However, you should ensure the logos, products, or services you add to the testimonials aren’t too “out there” so they won’t interrupt the flow of the video. Instead, opt for smaller, dainty details people will notice but won’t focus on too much during the video.

For example, you can add your company’s watermark at the bottom of the video or use specific moments in the testimonials to showcase your products. People will pay attention to your hidden messages but won’t find them annoying and aggressive.

recording testimonials

Create a Video Using AI Tools

After gathering all the essentials you need to bring your visions to life, it’s time to start creating. Since using manual tools can be delicate and time-consuming, we advise you to turn to robust, AI-powered solutions like Wondershare Virbo for the best experience.

Virbo has many tools and features to elevate your customer testimonial experience. For instance, if some customers don’t want to display their identities, you can use voice changers or replace their physical appearances with avatars to contribute to the human feeling. It will protect your customers while delivering high-quality results.

The best part about Wondershare Virbo is that it’s intuitive and easy to use, even if you have no previous experience in the field. All you have to do is follow the steps below to get started:

Step 1: You can download Virbo software on your PC, or just head to its web version by clicking the buttons below.

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get started with virbo

Step 2: Click the Create Video button in the next tab.

create a video

Step 3: Select the aspect ratio you want to use.

choose the aspect ratio

Step 4: Choose the background, type the script, and edit your preferences.

edit the video

Step 5: Click on the Export button to finish the process.

export the video

Using Wondershare Virbo is simple, and you won’t have issues discovering and mastering the available tools.

Tips for Creating Customer Testimonial Videos

Creating customer testimonial videos for the first time can be overwhelming and nerve-racking, so we’ve prepared some tips for the ultimate experience. You can implement these tips to create professional content, even though you’re new to the industry. Let’s check them out.

  • Choose your customers wisely – While all the customers leaving good reviews can be excellent for your project, you should ensure the content is inclusive and provides various scenarios where your products/services can help.
  • Create a detailed plan – Before creating the testimonials, plan the visuals and set your video’s presentation goals. It will cut the production time in half and get you the desired results.
  • Edit your creations – Editing will enhance the content’s clarity and add a unique touch to your creations. We advise you to use the right editing solutions and make your visions come to life.
  • Add CTA to your videos – After every testimonial, you should invite the audience to purchase your products or services. The call to action should be seamless and based on solving an issue rather than presenting it as an additional expense.
  • Test and review your creations – Once you finish your video, review it and send it to your close ones, who will give you their honest opinions. You can edit the draft once again and create audience-ready content with the help of these reviews.

If you add all of these tips to your client testimonial video journey, you’ll surely get the best results and become the master of marketing.

customer satisfaction

How to Get Client Testimonials for Videos

Getting clients for the customer testimonial video may initially seem easy, but the reality is much different. You must know who you’re looking for and get them to agree to participate in the video. Below, we’ll present some steps you can take to gather your crew and start the creation process.

  • Check the available reviews – You can check out some reviews and select the users that stand out from the crowd the most. These people like what you offer, so you can ask them to participate in your journey.
  • Consider the top users – See who interacts with your web pages and social media platforms the most. It will help you select your biggest fans, thus improving content quality and trustworthiness.
  • Use personalized invitations for each user – Send personalized, enthusiastic messages/emails to get their attention after selecting the customers. Make sure to positively present the situation and prepare them for the journey.
  • Communicate with them and respect boundaries – You should always respect their opinion and boundaries and never try to cross them. If your customer is uncomfortable being on camera, find another way around it and include their testimonials in the video.
  • Create a comfortable environment – The customers should feel like they’re home when they come to you, so make them some tea or coffee, get snacks, and get to work.
  • Get their permission to appear in the video – You should consider the legal aspects and ask them for permission before displaying their details in your testimonial video.
  • Give something in return – Once you complete the process, give your customers something to show appreciation. Depending on your company’s capabilities, this can include coupons, discounts, or freebies.

Selecting the Best Client Testimonials for Videos

Since you’ll get numerous testimonials, you may need to pick between them and use the ones that will best promote your brand. We’ll present some tips to help you detect the ideal ones and create videos accordingly.

  • Select the type of testimonial video you want to create – You should first choose the type of video and categorize the testimonials accordingly. Put the ones that fit the topic the most at the top, and work your way down.
  • The impact of the story – Check whether the story your customers presented impacts future customers and whether it’ll increase your sales and reputation.
  • Story variety – Choose stories with different backgrounds and issues to represent everything your company/product/service can do in a single instance.
customer testimonials illustration

Customer Video Testimonial Examples

The best way to start creating the best customer video testimonials is by watching them and picking up specific tips and tricks from each to get unique content.


Westfield is an insurance company based in Australia. They understand the importance of keeping the customers safe, especially if insurance is involved, so they’ve created the following testimonial video we’ll show below:

The company found a satisfied customer who could tell their story before using Westfield’s services. The story begins with a sad tone, and the viewers feel empathetic. The sudden switch happens after the customer discovers Westfield and the tone of the testimonial changes. You can hear that the person solved a significant problem by referring to Westfield.

Moreover, the graphical experience is on point since the designers have managed to explain every emotion and represent the story in the video. The animations are modern and will keep you interested throughout the entire video.

westfield testimonial video

Capitol Subaru

Subaru is one of the largest car manufacturers, and it wants to highlight the importance of excellent customer support and assistance, as presented in this video:

Unlike the video above, the tone of the testimonial is enthusiastic from the start.

The person walked into the shop happy to purchase their first car, and the enthusiasm factor only increased since friendly salespeople greeted the customer. One of the things this company excelled in this video is product marketing.

They’ve presented their car in the video without feeling pushy or aggressive, and they’ve also put some of their services in the video, such as car customization features (you can see the color of the car changing). The most impressive factor is that the video is only 30 seconds long, but the company explained everything they needed in this short period.


Dealing with marketing for your company is one of the most challenging aspects of being a business owner. However, one of the things that will attract the most customers is adding the human feel in the form of customer testimonial videos.

Today, we’ve discussed what these videos are, how you can benefit from them, and how to start recording. We’ve also presented tips and tricks to help you boost your journey and cut production time.

If you don’t want to deal with manual labor, recording, and editing, we advise using advanced tools like Wondershare Virbo. This AI-powered solution contains all you need to make excellent customer testimonial videos, including voice changers, avatars, editing features, etc.

Thanks to this tool, you can master the art of video creation and make professional content.

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Eric Miller
Eric Miller Jul 20, 24
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