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Inspiring Reviews – Top Examples of Testimonials on Websites

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Jun 06, 24, updated Jul 20, 24
explaining the power of customer testimonials

Hearing a company tell you about its product doesn’t do much for most of us. After all, anyone can make a website and add a few images and product descriptions. However, hearing great things about a brand from its satisfied users can undoubtedly persuade us to buy something if we are thinking about it.

That’s where customer testimonials come in.

In today’s guide, we’ll explore the advantages of implementing customer testimonials and the different types of testimonials you can add to your store. We’ll also discuss how to gather these inspiring and motivational user reviews and provide some of the best examples of testimonials on websites.

In this article
    1. Basecamp’s Quote Testimonials
    2. FASTSIGNS’ Video Testimonials on YouTube
    3. GetResponse’s Blog Post Review on Style Factory
    4. Carolina Herrera’s Influencer Testimonials on Instagram
    5. Zendesk’s Case Study Testimonials
    6. Blue Apron’s Social Media Testimonials

Benefits of Using Website Testimonials

Customer testimonials can tremendously benefit any company as they function as social proof of satisfied users. Here are a few examples of what they can do:

  • Inspiring User Trust – A company endorsing its products and services doesn’t do much, but seeing a third party do that automatically paints a picture that this is a brand people can trust.
  • Influencing Shoppers – When we’re considering purchasing something, we often consult reviews to confirm whether we’re making the right decision, and customer testimonials can also serve as the confirmation we need.
  • Explaining Products – Customer testimonials often include parts where the users talk about how they use a product or service, giving other potential shoppers a fantastic explanation of your company’s offerings and how they function.

Overall, website customer testimonials are tremendous at increasing conversion rates and establishing your brand as someone users can trust.

Types of Website Testimonials

When we think of website testimonials, we often imagine user reviews as comments, but there are various other types of customer testimonials on websites. Examples include the following:

  • Quote Testimonials – These positive statements about a company or its products/services are the simplest type of customer testimonials and the easiest to gather. However, they also have the lowest effect on your store’s conversion rates.
an example of testimonials on websites
  • Video Testimonials – Often considered a better option than quotes, video testimonials add authenticity as potential customers can connect the words to a face. While they’re challenging to gather, you can use Wondershare Virbo to seamlessly create video testimonials for your website without needing a whole production crew and expensive filming equipment.

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  • Audio Testimonials – Like video testimonials, audio testimonials have more influence than quotes. They can tell much more than a quote, motivating the audience to purchase a product or service with only a microphone and recording tool.
audio examples of website customer testimonials
  • Blog Post Reviews – Characterized by their ability to dive deep into a customer’s story, blog post testimonials can serve as both trust-building and informative tools for telling users more about your products and services.
an example of a blog testimonial
  • Influencer Testimonials – While they can be expensive and seem less genuine than testimonials from random users, influencer testimonials are highly authoritative and have the potential to reach thousands of customers.
a testimonial of an instagram influencer

Other customer testimonial website examples include case studies, customer interviews, press reviews, and review website testimonials. Combining different testimonial types can lead to great results, but how do you gather these reviews?

Tips for Gathering Website Testimonials

Any company can find getting testimonials from its existing customers challenging. That’s why we’re also including a few tips to help make this process more manageable. They include the following:

  • Create and Send Personalized Requests – While it’ll take time out of your schedule, creating personalized email messages that nicely ask your existing customers for a review can be highly beneficial. You can start with friends and family and then move on to acquaintances, other local businesses, and established brands.
  • Incentivize Reviews of Your Products/Services – Encourage your existing shoppers with coupons and discounts for their next purchase by asking for some time out of their busy schedules and having them post on social media, leave a review, or send a testimonial.
  • Add an Automated Review System – Whether it consists of a star rating and comments on your website or you ask users to leave a review on websites like Yelp, implementing an automated review system can go a long way toward collecting testimonials on a larger scale.

Customer satisfaction surveys are a two-edged sword that can also annoy your users, so they should be used carefully. You can also pay for influencer endorsements, as many larger companies do.

Where Should You Put Testimonials on a Website?

Now that we know more about the types of testimonials on websites and how to gather them from your existing users, we can also dive into their practical usage. Below are a few examples of the best testimonial placements, so let’s dive right in.

  • Website’s Landing Page – Create a testimonial section on your site’s home page or add a dedicated landing page where the best examples of testimonials on a website will be immediately visible to your visitors.
  • Alongside Products/Services – Place the top examples of customer testimonials on a website’s product or service page. It’ll allow customers to learn more about your offerings and influence their purchasing decisions.
  • Inside Your Portfolio – Adding testimonial examples on a website’s About Us page can also be an excellent idea, as customers will simultaneously look at your brand’s image and the comments of your satisfied users.

Combining multiple testimonial website example placements is also a fantastic idea, as it’ll create a sense of an ongoing relationship with your satisfied clientele and enhance your conversion rates.

Best Examples of Website Testimonials

Taking a page from someone else’s book is a fantastic idea if you’re starting as a business person and still aren’t sure how to use these helpful tools. Below are a handful of examples of customer testimonials on websites, and you can use their style in your online shop, too.

1.Basecamp’s Quote Testimonials

examples of quote testimonials on websites

Basecamp is a perfect example of a company that likes to keep things simple, and one of its website pages is entirely dedicated to quote-based customer testimonials. They’re simple, short, and convey the point perfectly, as Basecamp is a popular project management tool.

2.FASTSIGNS’ Video Testimonials on YouTube

video examples of testimonials on websites

As a perfect example of simple storytelling that discusses the impact and results of using a company’s products, FASTSIGNS’s YouTube clip is a testament to the power of video testimonials, as this short clip has millions of views.

While this example undoubtedly involves a production crew and filming equipment, you can also ask your users to create video testimonials on their own devices, and they can effortlessly do that with tools like Wondershare Virbo.

3.GetResponse’s Blog Post Review on Style Factory

blog post testimonial examples on websites

Bloggers often have massive followings in specific industries, so a blog post review of your product, like GetResponse’s review on Style Factory, can be incredibly beneficial for a company. It dives into your products and services, providing a hands-on experience and significantly influencing blog readers and potential customers.

4.Carolina Herrera’s Influencer Testimonials on Instagram

a testimonial of an instagram influencer

Yes, they can be expensive and sometimes don’t feel genuine, but influencer testimonials can be incredibly authoritative and reach a massive audience quickly and efficiently. Veronica Ferraro’s collab with Carolina Herrera is a perfect example, as the company reached an enormous audience in the same industry where they’re selling products.

5.Zendesk’s Case Study Testimonials

case study testimonial example on websites

While rare and time-consuming to create, case study testimonials do wonders at influencing customers and improving conversion rates, as with this Zendesk case study. The company also has a dedicated customer page filled with quotes that go hand in hand with these case study testimonials.

6.Blue Apron’s Social Media Testimonials

social media testimonial examples on websites

Pairing a cook with food-related products works like a charm, and Cody Tries Stuff’s collaboration with Blue Apron is a testament to the power of these social media testimonials. Add a cute pet into the mix, and you get a video everyone enjoys.


Testimonials from loyal customers are fantastic tools for significantly increasing your website’s conversion rates and inspiring trust in your brand. They’re great at influencing potential customers through quotes, videos, or audio on your website, blog posts on other pages, or social media posts created by authoritative accounts and influencers.

Gathering them can be challenging, requiring personalized emails, customer satisfaction surveys, and incentivization with coupons and discounts. Still, you’ll have to use these tools in moderation to avoid annoying your existing users.

Once you’ve gathered customer testimonials, you can place them on your website’s landing page, the About Us section, and next to your products and services to better explain them. When unsure, you can always look at how successful businesses use testimonials, and we’ve shown you the best examples of testimonials on websites.

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Eric Miller
Eric Miller Jul 20, 24
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