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Best Realistic Spanish AI Voice Generator Online [Review]

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Jun 07, 24, updated Jul 20, 24

There are tons of AI voice generators available online, however, most of them support only English. A few do support Spanish AI voices but they are usually full of annoying ads. Also, they may collect your data without your permission or pose a risk to your device.

And hiring a Spanish voice-over artist for your next project is associated with high costs. Do you struggle with the high cost or limited options for Spanish voice-overs in your projects?

The good news is, there's a reliable solution for you! Many tools have been tried, but none have been perfect.

Then, Virbo AI's voice generator Spanish voice feature came along, and it's fantastic. It offers reliable solutions for generating Spanish voice, perfect for explainer videos, eLearning modules, and more. Plus, it's safe and easy to use.

This article will share Virbo's features and how you can easily generate a Spanish AI voice. Scroll down to read!

Create Spanish AI voice
In this article
  1. How AI Voice Generators Work?
  2. Wondershare Virbo Overview: Best Spanish AI Voice Generator
  3. Features, Pros, Cons, and Compatibility Offered by Virbo AI
  4. How Does Virbo AI Voice Generator’s Spanish Feature Work? Stepwise Process

Part 1. How AI Voice Generators Work?

So, you've heard about these AI voice generators that can create AI voices in Spanish, but how exactly do they work? It's pretty cool! It is all about some smart technology called deep learning. So, before proceeding to Virbo, let’s first learn about how these AI voice generators work exactly.

Deep Learning:

First, you give the system your text. It doesn't just see a block of words, though. AI models analyze massive datasets of speech to understand language nuances.

Text Breakdown:

It breaks down the text sentence by sentence, analyzing things like punctuation and even the overall meaning you're trying to get across.

Linguistic Processing:

Then, AI analyzes grammar, and sentence structure, and figures out what you want the voice to sound like. This ensures the voice delivers the message with the right tone and emphasis.

Voice Synthesis:

There are two main ways AI voice generators do this. Either it takes bits and pieces of recordings from real speakers and stitches them together to create something new (concatenative synthesis) or builds the voice from scratch based on specific instructions (parametric synthesis).

Voice Generation:

Once everything is analyzed and prepped, the AI converts your text into an actual audio file. The analyzed text is converted into a playable audio waveform.


The AI makes some final adjustments to the Spanish AI voice. This could involve removing any background noise or refining the audio to make the sound even more natural.

Output Delivery:

Finally, the finished audio file is ready for you to use! You can play it back on your speakers, integrate it into your website, or use it in any way you need.

Part 2. Wondershare Virbo Overview: Best Spanish AI Voice Generator

Wondershare Virbo is a popular and powerful software that is based on advanced AI technology. It uses AI algorithms trained on natural human voices to create ultra-realistic AI voices.

Want to know how it uses AI tech to create Spanish AI voiceovers? Its “Voiceover” feature lets you create a natural-sounding Spanish voice for video voiceovers. The best part: you don't need to be a tech whiz to use it. Virbo does all the hard work behind the scenes. It has been trained in a wide range of spoken languages, including Spanish of course, over 120 in total! That’s why Virbo creates an AI voice in Spanish that sounds real and captures the flow of the language.

The Virbo AI voiceover feature offers a variety of voice options, languages, and accents, allowing users to select voices that align with their target audience. With the Virbo AI voice Spanish feature, you can simply copy and paste your script, choose a Spanish voice, and hit generate. In just a few clicks, you'll have a professional-sounding Spanish voiceover ready to go!

virbo ai voice generator

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Part 3. Features, Pros, Cons, and Compatibility Offered by Virbo AI

Virbo isn’t just limited to Spanish AI voice, it has many other features. It's like having a whole team of voice actors and a video studio at your fingertips, all in one user-friendly tool.

  • Access over 120+ natural-sounding voices in multiple languages and genders. This extensive selection allows you to create voiceovers for your specific project needs and target audience.
  • Easily convert your written scripts into high-quality voiceovers using Virbo's AI technology. This eliminates the need for traditional voice recording, saving time and resources.
  • Fine-tune the generated voiceovers to your liking by adjusting parameters like pitch, and speed, and even adding subtle emotional nuances for more expressive delivery.
  • Choose from 300+ AI-powered avatars that deliver your voiceovers with natural lip-syncing and animation. This adds a captivating visual element to your voiceovers, further enhancing the storytelling experience
  • Virbo’s AI translator supporting 40+ languages allows you to translate your voiceovers in any language that aligns with your audience.
  • 200+ AI video free, customizable templates_ choose from a wide range of themes, including intros, outros, explainers, product demos, and social media posts.
  • Advanced editing tools like text animation, audio mixing, clip editing, overlays, background customization, and green screen editing for more complex projects
wondershare virbo features

What Is Good About Virbo?

  • Virbo's interface is super user-friendly.
  • With a vast library of templates and voiceovers, you can make your voiceovers and videos more impactful.
  • Virbo is a completely secure and reliable software
  • It generates clear and high-qualityvoices efficiently and cost-effectively

What needs to be Improved?

  • It has limited export format options
  • Advanced features are available in paid plans only


  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Online


  • Free trial
  • Monthly plan: US$ 9.9/month
  • Yearly Essential plan: US$ 19.9/year
  • Yearly Pro plan: US$ 199/year

Part 4. How Does Virbo AI Voice Generator’s Spanish Feature Work? Stepwise Process

Want to get started with this Spanish AI voice generator? Here’s the breakdown of how you can use virbo to create Spanish voiceovers.

Step 1: Head over to Virbo's website and download the software. Installation is so quick and easy, you'll be ready to create in no time!

best Spanish AI voice generator

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Step 2: Choose a Video Template according to your needs. Virbo offers a library of free, pre-made video templates to kickstart your project.

how to generate Spanish AI voice in virbo

Step 3: Click> Create Video and go to languages option at the botton of your video. Click on it and choose the Spanish accent along with the scene, gender, and features

virbo voiceover feature with different accents

Step 4: You can either record your narration in Spanish or upload a pre-recorded audio file you already have. You can also input the text for which you want to create a voiceover

Create AI voice in Spanish easily

Step 5: Customize the video according to your needs and project type.Once you've got your video and audio set up, click> preview to see exactly how your video will look and sound before exporting.

customize your Spanish AI voice and video

Step 6: Finally, export your video with the AI-generated Spanish voice and share it with your audience.

download your video with audio in Spanish


To summarize, this article covered how AI voice generators work. We also discussed how you can create a Spanish voice using the Virbo AI voice generator Spanish feature. This is pretty easy, no complex stuff is needed!

Besides Spanish AI voice, Virbo can also generate realistic-sounding voices in different languages including German, French, Korean, Japanese, English, Italian, Turkish, Arabic and so many others. Plus, you can create voiceovers in different accents as well.

Moreover, it's user-friendly and creates high-quality ultra-realistic voiceovers with just a few clicks. So, this software is a game changer if you need AI voice in Spanish for your next project. No more struggling with limited options or breaking the bank on expensive voice actors.


  • Can I clone my voice using AI?
    Yes, Wondershare Virbo AI software can help you create human-like voices within seconds. First, it analyzes audio recordings to mimic the speaking style, tone, pitch, and characteristics of an individual’s voice and then creates a life-like cloned voice.
  • What is the voice AI everyone is using?
    Currently, one of the most widely used AI voice generators is Virbo. It offers a wide range of voiceovers in 120+ languages and different accents. You can also use it for cloning your voice and converting text into speech or video translation.
  • What is the most realistic AI voice?
    There are several AI voice generators available, however, not all produce realistic voices. Some of the legit AI voice generators that create human-sounding voices are Virbo, Sprrchify, ElevenLabs, PlayHT, and Murf AI. You can use them to create near-perfect voices.
Eric Miller
Eric Miller Jul 20, 24
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