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Clone Your Voice: Harness the Potential of AI

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Feb 27, 24, updated Jul 20, 24

One of the prominent applications of artificial intelligence is in the field of AI voice cloning. It eliminates bad-quality audio in a snap and replaces it with natural-sounding AI voices. Where production houses used to pay millions to voice actors, they can now use voice clones. This article will discuss the rise of voice cloning, its applications, and a relevant tool.

In this article
  1. A Basic Definition of AI Voice Cloning
  2. Understanding Things That AI Voice Cloning Can Execute
  3. [Review] The Best AI Voice Cloning Tool: Wondershare Virbo

Part 1: A Basic Definition of AI Voice Cloning

AI voice cloning refers to the techniques that enable users to generate deepfake voices from a sample. If you provide a sample that fulfills data requirements, AI will generate a voice you can customize. At the core, vast training datasets make the backbone of these tools. This data enables AI to analyze samples, recognize frequencies, and generate an exact AI voice.

For the perfect voice cloning, neural networks like Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) or Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) collaborate. They ensure the level of similarity and focus on elements like tone, emotion, and accents.

The next step involves the integration of Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology in these AI voice cloning-free tools. This means you can clone the voice of Taylor Swift and use TTS technology to make it say whatever you want.

understanding ai voice cloning

Part 2: Understanding Things That AI Voice Cloning Can Execute

Now that you are familiar with voice cloning AI technology and how it works, let's discover its practical scope. This section discusses how AI voices are of use in the current market:

  1. Entertainment Industry: Voice cloning tools reduce the financial burdens of hiring professional voice actors. With advanced algorithms, they can do emotional voice expressions. AI technology is devoid of human errors and enhances voiceover productivity.
  2. Interactive Customer Support: These tools benefit all customer care sites covering various industries. Advanced voice recognition can bring realistic expressions in AI voices. This means AI voices will interact with customers just as any other human providing interactive solutions.
  3. Gaming and Education Industry: eBooks can become 10 times more interactive with these tools. Online learning and gaming experiences have become more interactive. Tutors and gamers can create voice clones for once and use them via TTS tech later.
  4. Multilingual Voice Dubbing: The majority of voice cloning tools have multilingual integration. This means that documentaries, eBooks, films, and everything can be dubbed. The multilingual compatibility broadens the scope of voice-focused industries and services.
  5. Content Generation: These AI voice cloning tools have become integral in the creative industry. Creating vlogs, tutorials, and explainer videos with voiceovers became a trend. You can use this technique to clone your voice and create voiceovers from texts.

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Part 3: [Review] The Best AI Voice Cloning Tool: Wondershare Virbo

wondershare virbo interface

Wondershare Virbo is an AI-driven software designed to fulfill the creative requirements of content creators. The tool features a sophisticated display with a self-explanatory interface and smooth navigation. It clones your voice and exhibits video creation capabilities. Virbo’s advanced AI functionality enables users to generate engaging scripts and compelling dialogues for videos.

Furthermore, it has a video translator feature that can dub your videos in other languages along with subtitles. Its "Talking Photo" feature can help you craft creative portfolios or profiles. Furthermore, the tool has 300+ AI avatars proficient in 300+ languages and voices. These gender-based avatars have custom fashion attire options, accents, and ethnicities.

01 AI Voice Feature – Wondershare Virbo

ai voice feature virbo

Besides many of its features, you can employ Virbo's AI voice feature with language selection options. Whether you are seeking narrative, fluent, or universal tones, it has got you covered. Its realistic collection of AI voices is designed to fit versatile situations. In addition to conversational tones, the tool has gender-based voice selection options.

Upon adding an AI voice, speed, pitch, and volume adjustment options exist. The AI voice feature uses Text-to-Speech advancements to help you craft voiceovers. The clarity and quality of these AI voices, alongside realistic AI avatars, engage the audience.

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02 Step-by-Step Guide To Using AI Voice Feature in Wondershare Virbo

As you are aware of this exceptional AI clone software and its AI voice feature, let's explore it in its interface:

Step 1 Launch Wondershare Virbo and Create a Video

After completing the installation process, launch the software on your device. You can also try to use its online service for effective video creation. Once you reach its main interface, click the "Create Video" button.

click create a video button

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Step 2 Select Video Aspect Ratio to Start

In the new pop-up window, choose a ratio for your video, either "Portrait" or "Landscape." After selection, click the "Create Video" button.

select an aspect ratio

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Step 3 Select an AI Avatar for Video

Once you enter the video creator, navigate towards the top toolbar. Click the "Avatars" option, choose an avatar from the dropdown window, and press "OK."

select ai avatar

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Step 4 Write or Add a Script for Voiceover

If you already have the video script, copy and paste it into the "Text Script" section. You can also employ the "AI Script" function for automated scripts or the "Audio Script" feature. Once you have added a script, you'll be able to observe subtitles in the preview window.

add a voiceover script

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Step 5 Access AI Voice Feature

Navigate towards the voice section below the preview window and click the navigation displaying the AI voice being used in the video.

access ai voice

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Step 6 Adjust Voiceover Settings

Once you have access to the Voiceover window, choose a gender and language that suits the notion of your video. Choose the voiceover style and click "OK." Afterward, play your video, and you'll be able to hear the AI voice you selected.

select language and gender

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Step 7 Adjust General Voice Settings

From the voice settings section, use "Speed," "Pitch," and "Volume" tabs to manage audio quality. Hit the "Player" button to observe the results and export the final video.

adjust voice settings

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This article provided brief research on the underlying concept of AI voice cloning and how it works. As per our findings, voice cloning tools are ruling several industries. If you wish to use an effective tool that offers voice cloning, we recommend Wondershare Virbo. Besides voice cloning, it is loaded with natural-sounding AI voices ready to turn passive viewers into active leads.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Jul 20, 24
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