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A Guide to Unlock Descript Text-to-Speech Features in Detail

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Jan 18, 24, updated Apr 16, 24

Content creators often struggle with time-consuming tasks like crafting scripts and narrations. Here, Descript text-to-speech emerges as a game changer in the video editing scene. Its features have become crucial in automating voiceovers, generating scripts, and ensuring accessibility.

Users must understand the effective use of TTS to ensure a smooth editing process. As we explore the range of TTS tools, this article focuses on Descript TTS, the top performer in the market.

In this article
  1. Text-to-Speech in Descript: A Review
  2. TTS Function in Descript: Getting Aware of the Operations

Part 1: Text-to-Speech in Descript: A Review

Availability: Windows, Mac, and Online

While exploring TTS technology, it becomes clear that these tools come in many forms. They offer unique automation options to convert written content into spoken words. Descript AI text-to-speech, in particular, differentiates itself with its strong features. Its entire project creation process includes user-generated scripts or content generated through AI.

Whether you choose to write out your ideas or rely on AI, Descript changes the input into speech. It brings the content to life through the application of advanced AI algorithms. This direct transition from written script to spoken words showcases the tool's efficiency.

Moreover, it offers realistic AI-powered text-to-speech to simplify podcast and video production. You can create voice clones or use stock AI voices for quick audio generation. The creation of these dubbed voices is without recording or editing. With the natural speech patterns training, it delivers lifelike intonations and pauses. Also, it allows you to customize vocal styles for various settings and emotions.

descript text to speech tool

Other Top-Notch Features of Descript:

1. Overdub

If you want to correct your mistakes or enhance a specific part of an audio track, you don't need to re-record it. The Overdub feature enables you to record an extra soundtrack with AI voice cloning. It allows users to type what they meant to say without a time-consuming editing process. Plus, the tool ensures users fully own their AI voice for easy sharing with others.

2. Regenerate

The irritating background noise or unmatched tone can make your videos imperfect. Descript’s Regenerate feature restores your audio by fixing errors. The tool uses AI technology to match your tone and regenerate a lifelike sound in a few clicks. It eliminates dull dialogues and background noises available in your videos and podcasts.

3. Remove Filler Words

Filler words and verbal hesitations can impact the presentation by distracting listeners. Descript's feature to cut filler words addresses this need with a quick solution. You can remove words like "ums," "uhs," and "you knows" with it. Removing fillers empowers you to present a compelling audio presence.

4. Studio Sound

The “Studio Sound” feature removes background noise, enhances speech, and mimics studio-quality recording. It tackles echo and imperfections in the audio and video editing. You can isolate voices and regenerate audio quality by removing unwanted noise. Users can use it in different recording environments to create professional-sounding content.

Pricing Plans

After exploring Descript text to speech with other features, let’s discuss how much it costs. It has different options to fit what you need to make it accessible for everyone:

Plans Price
Descript Creator $12 per user/month
Descript Pro $24 per user/month

Part 2: TTS Function in Descript: Getting Aware of the Operations

Imagine you've put much effort into writing the script, ensuring every word is right. But the idea of recording audio seems a bit overwhelming. That's where the Descript text-to-speech feature finds its application. It can turn your written script into captivating audio with simple steps. Let’s explore the easy steps to see magic and give life to your video scripts:

Step 1 Create an Audio Project

First, visit the official website of Descript, download the tool, and open it on your devices. On the tool's dashboard, head to the left toolbar and click the "Projects" tab. On the upcoming window, tap on the “New” button. Now, you’ll find a dropdown menu; choose “Audio Project” among the available features. Then, you’ll find a new screen to do your audio projects.

create audio project using descript ai
Step 2 Generate the Script

Start writing your script to generate lifelike voices. However, if you want to write a script yourself, press “Enter.” In contrast, if you want to get an AI-generated script, choose the “Ask AI to Write” option.

ask ai to generate your script
Step 3 Employ AI to Polish Your Script

After clicking this button, a dialog box will appear on the screen. Now, write what you want AI to do in the prompt box and select the “Enter” key. You can specify your output of a whole script, an outline, or brainstorming ideas for your content. Moreover, you can ask AI to refine the result to get the required answer. Finally, choose the “Add to Script” option to use it for your videos.

add ai content as script
Step 4 Add Speaker to Your Project

In the next step, the chosen script will appear on the screen. Now, hit the “Add Speaker” button to select the speaker you want to produce voices for your videos. You can opt for the “Browse Stock AI Speakers” to choose among the speakers offered by the tool. Later, navigate to the bottom of the screen and tap on the “Play” icon to preview the recording.

add speaker for script cloning


In conclusion, users are now familiar with Descript TTS, where efficiency and creativity come together. Descript offers an understanding of the possibilities of TTS and stands out as a leader. This article discusses the features it offers at an affordable pricing plan. Plus, the easy-to-follow steps help you convert written text into customized voices. Due to its cross-platform adaptability, you can use it on Windows, Mac, and even online.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Apr 16, 24
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