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Top 10 Free and Best Text-to-Speech Generators of 2024

This article will introduce and explain the premium grade convert text to voice-free tools. Moreover, we will also answer the frequently asked questions about these tools for your ease.
Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Aug 04, 23, updated May 17, 24

Creating long speeches without making mistakes in this busy world is also incredibly challenging. However, you are living in an age where there is a reliable solution to every problem. You can now get interactive and expressive speeches by using the voice generator text-to-speech free tools.

There are tons of text-to-speech tools on the web, yet you cannot try every single one to find the best. To cater to this issue, this article will introduce and explain the premium grade convert text to voice-free tools. Moreover, we will also answer the frequently asked questions about these tools for your ease.

  1. Virbo
  2. Speechify
  3. Notevib
  4. FreeTTS
  5. Speakatoo
  6. Simplified
  7. Voicemaker
  8. Natural Reader
  9. Text to Voice

1. Virbo

Let us start with the most recommended and innovative free AI voice generator text-to-speech. Virbo is a tool that holds a reliable specialty when it comes to generating speech from written text. The interface of this tool is quite delightful and well-established. You can even accomplish the task of generating the best speeches that can mimic human emotions.

Virbo also incorporates tons of assistive commercial stock, which also includes royalty-free music. You can even get professionally made templates from Virbo, which ranges above 180. Above all, Virbo integrates the AI Avatar feature through which users can create virtual avatar-integrated videos. It has over 120 AI Avatars, which can enhance the productivity of your videos in no time.

You can also select the avatars as per their age and looks. There are 120+ humane voices in Virbo through which you can generate expressive speeches. In addition to this part, you can also select the voices as per language and accent. Virbo also lets you create intuitive scripts for videos with its AI Script feature.

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How To Generate Speech From Text With Virbo – AI-Powered Tool

You must be curious about the procedure through which you can generate the speeches from this free text-to-voice generator. No worries because the below-given procedure will help you in this matter:

Step 1: Launch Virbo and Select Feature

Initially, launch Virbo on your device and tap the "Text-to-Speech" feature. Following this, select the "Template" from the above panel and hit the "Voice" you want to use. Next, select the "Convert Now" button from the bottom center of the screen.


Step 2: Add Text To Make Speech

Once you are on the Text-to-Speech interface, "Paste" or "Enter" the text of your choice. Hereafter, hit the "Create Video" button and select the dimension of the video from the "Portrait video" and "Landscape video." To proceed, tap the "Create Now" button. After this, you can export it to your device for further use.


2. Speechify

With multiple options available on the web today for voice generators, Speechify stands out. It is a feature-rich tool that gives you endless opportunities to create what you like. With this free AI voice generator text-to-speech, you can create speeches in both male and female voices. There is no need to write text in real-time, as you can also upload the pre-written documents for converting text into speech.

It can also read all types of documents, such as PDF, Word, emails, and more. There are over 18+ languages in Speechify which also gives you flexibility in accomplishing your task. You can also listen to the text in customized speech, which includes 9X faster speed. As all the voices are humane, you can also use them for professional purposes.


3. Notevibes

With over 221 male and female voices, you can create perfect text-to-speech videos in no time. It also integrates 25+ languages, which is quite convenient. This free AI text-to-speech generator allows you to make speeches in personalized languages. Moreover, you can also preview the speeches before actually using them.

Not only listen, but you can also manage the playback speech for a smooth listening experience. In addition to this part, you can also select the children’s voices to make speeches for the kids. For further use, you can also download the converted speech in MP3 and WAV format. Before downloading, it gives you the choice to change speed and pitch.


4. FreeTTS

FreeTTS also holds its name higher in the AI voice generator text-to-speech free list. You can convert text into expressive speech and download it in MP3 formats for further use. It also supports SSML TTS formats which are very convenient for users. There are more than 40 plus language support in it. This includes Czech, Catalan, Bengali, Arabic, Basque, and Dutch.

FreeTTS is an easy-to-use tool that encompasses a navigable interface. You can also convert plain text into intuitive speech without waiting for hours. Moreover, it has 24/7 customer support, which is quite a beneficial thing for the users.


5. Speakatoo

No matter if you want to convert text into Korean or Japanese language, this free text-to-voice generator can assist you with all. Moreover, you can also manage the gender of the voices for optimized performance. You can also enter the text of your choice without worrying about the complex words or length. There are several types of audio control integrations in it.

Some audio controls are rate, pitch, and volume. Not only this, but you can also add advanced effects to the speeches. It offers several effects, including shouting, cheerfulness, terrified, anger, and more. You also have a chance to play the speeches before downloading them to the device. It has the potential to help you in creating podcasts, audiobooks, and other voice-integrated videos.


6. Simplified

Simplified voice generator text-to-speech free can help you make professional-grade speech videos in lossless quality. You can create audio from text and add it to any video for better engagement. There is no need to add manual voiceovers to the videos, as this tool can assist you. Not only this, but it also helps you collaborate with the team in real time.

Simplified also supports multiple languages, voices, and emotions to add to the speeches. It lets you create both long and short speeches and layer them in a customized manner. As it has 50+ AI Writer templates, you can also generate text from its AI powers.


7. Voicemaker

This free AI text-to-voice generator can help you make interactive speeches with lossless quality. It also integrates two AI engine models: Standard TTs and Neural TTs. There are more than 50 plus languages in it which can vary per region. You can also select the voices from its in-built AI voices. This often includes Joey, Justin, Kendra, Kimberly, and more.

In addition, this tool gives you full control over the audio metrics. You can manage the audio format and sample rate as per your need. It also helps you customize the voice settings, as you can control the voice volume and voice speed with sliders. There are several voice effects in it that can enhance the quality of your audio in no time.


8. Natural Reader

With over 20 plus voices, this free text-to-speech generator never fails to amaze users with its higher functionality. With this, you can select the voices as per their specialty. Moreover, it can also make the plain text more listenable and understandable for you. Whether you want to make audio from books, websites, PDFs, or other text, it can help you.

With Natural Reader, you can also access audio files in diversified formats. It also has several texts to speech technologies, such as AI Neural TTs, Expressive TTS, and Real-Time TTs.


9. Text to Voice

This free AI voice generator text-to-speech has an extremely straightforward procedure through which you can create a voice from text without problems. It also has diversity over voice selection which includes Single Voice and Multi-Voice. It encompasses 25 plus languages, which is quite resourceful for the users. You can also search through history to access the previously converted voices. 

This online tool can also help you manage the speed of the converted audio and remove the background audio for optimized quality. There are numerous voice emotion samples in it, such as happy, sad, excited, and more. It also lets you download the voice files on the device without facing any difficulty.


10. is a reliable free AI voice generator text-to-speech software. It has more than 30 languages, and you can select the language of your choice without facing complexities. also lets you choose the suitable AI Voice from its built-in voices. You also have an option for managing the pitch and speed of the spoken voices.

Furthermore, you can either import the text from the device or you have the chance to generate text from this tool. It also lets users download speeches in MP3 or WAV formats. There is also a possibility to use multiple voices with one text.


Frequently Asked Questions About Free Text to Voice Generators

1. How to select the quality-oriented text-to-speech generator?

There are several factors that you have to keep in mind for selecting the best-in-class text-to-speech generator tools. Initially, you need to ensure that the tool encompasses human-like voices for making speeches. Moreover, it should offer versatile options for customizing speech and text.

You should also get language support along with intelligent pronunciation metrics with this. Other than that, make sure you are selecting a free tool, but if you want to buy the premium versions, the tool's features should be exceptional.

2. Which tool is known to be the exceptionally optimized and professional-grade text-to-speech generator?

Virbo is a tool that holds versatile recommendations and is known to be exceptionally helpful for generating speech from text. With this, you can make speeches on any topic with human-like voices. It also lets you manage the accent and language as per your need.

Virbo supports over 120 plus languages, which gives you flexibility over speech creation. Moreover, you can also add AI avatars in the videos to make them more exceptional. The templates of Virbo help you create videos without investing extra time and effort.


In the following article, we have discovered some of the profitable free text-to-voice generator tools. You can use these reliable tools without facing any complexity and problems. The top 10 tools through which you can make the text to voice videos in lossless quality.

These top 10 tools include FreeTTS, Virbo, Speechify, Notevibes, VoiceMaker, and more. However, if you want to use the tool to make compelling text-to-speech videos, the answer is Virbo. You can also discover the procedure for creating text-to-speech videos of Virbo for optimized performance.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller May 17, 24
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