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Top 6 Free Talking Stock Photo Sites

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Nov 15, 23, updated Jul 20, 24

When you are making a presentation, you may be looking for photos of people talking about stocks to put in your PPT, but you always can't find a suitable website to download them. Therefore, this article shows you the uses and where to get them. But also, today, we’d like to show you how to literally bring your photos to life. What! Read more about it below!

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In this article
  1. What Are Talking Stock Photos and What Can You Do With Them?
  2. Where Can You Download Talking Stock Photos For Free?
  3. How To Create Talking Photos Yourself
  4. Learn How To Create Talking Photos Yourself!

Part 1: What Are Talking Stock Photos and What Can You Do With Them?

Talking photos, simply put, are photos where people appear to be talking to each other. This has several uses, both in the professional world and interpersonal domain, but primarily in the professional world. This is one of the several uses of generative artificial intelligence that’s taking the world by storm. 

1.1: Uses of Talking Photos

What can talking photos be used for? Talking photos can be used for interactive education. Here are some uses of talking photos, in a gist:

  • News coverage and analysis
  • social media sharing
  • Financial reporting and presentation
  • Education and training
  • Website and application interface design

Part 2: Where Can You Download Talking Stock Photos For Free?

“Okay, I’m sold on talking photos! Where can I get them?”

Glad you asked! We have collated a repository of 6 portals that offer quality talking stock photos and talking stock images that you can choose and use!

Difference Between Talking Stock Photos and Talking Stock Images

What is the difference between talking stock photos and talking stock images? Photos are images taken from a camera system. Images could be anything – from actual photos to graphics created on a computer.

2.1: Getty Images

getty images talking photos

What self-respecting journalist or newsreader does not know about Getty Images? Getty has a repertoire of over 7,935,000 high-quality talking photos for you to choose from. That all but guarantees that you will be able to find the ones you want and like.

2.2: Shutterstock

shutterstock talking photos

If Getty’s 7,935,000 talking photos didn’t fit the bill, maybe Shutterstock is for you. You can search from a database of over 4,549,000 talking photos. Certainly, something will catch your fancy with Shutterstock!

2.3: Unsplash

unsplash talking photos

Unsplash has been making a splash since 2013 with high-quality stock imagery for everyone. So much so, that in 2021, it was acquired by Getty Images. Unsplash users will not have a lot to work with in terms of talking photos, though. The repository seems to be somewhat small at the moment at over 1700 talking photos only.

2.4: Pexels

pexels talking photos

Pexels was founded in Germany just about a decade ago in 2014 and has since grown to house over 3.2 million free stock photos and videos. The platform features over 411,000 talking photos for you to choose from. Pexels is part of Canva since 2018, just 4 years since its release. Must be doing something great, right?

2.5: Pixabay

pixabay talking photos

Pixabay is another German startup that has been serving the internet community since 2010. Pixabay houses over 4.4 million photos and stock imagery, out of which over 3000 are talking photos. Not a great database, admittedly, but still worth a look if you are not satisfied with the others! Pixabay, like Pexels in 2018, was acquired by Canva in 2019.

2.6: Freepik

freepik talking photos

Freepik has been around since 2010 and is part of the Freepik Company that features other brands such as Flaticon, Slidesgo and Wepik. Freepik has over 1,052,000 talking photos for you to choose from.

Part 3: How To Create Talking Photos Yourself!

How about creating your very own talking stock photos? Can we do that? Yes we can! Let’s learn how to use the immense power of artificial intelligence to create talking photos ourselves! There are several tools available for us to use, but let’s give you just one tool you can use for free.

Using Adobe Firefly To Create Talking Photos

Using Adobe Firefly, you can create a talking stock image or photo easily with just some text. Here’s how.

Step 1: Go to the Adobe Firefly Free AI Image Generator and click the Try Text to Image button.

adobe firefly text to image

Step 2: In the next window, type some words to describe the talking scenario. In this case, we have typed, “boss talking with colleagues about work result at the meeting”. Click Generate.

adobe firefly ai image generator

And this is the result we got! You can fine-tune the results to your preferences!

Bonus: Learn How To Bring Your Photos To Life!

And now, let’s get to the fun part – how to make your photo talk? We could tell you a few tools to do so, but how about we save you some time and get right to the best talking photo creator we could find on the internet?

Creating Talking Photos (Make Your Photo Talk) With Wondershare Virbo

Wondershare Virbo is the ultimate talking photo creator tool you could find on the internet today. It is the easiest and the fastest way to create talking photos that are ultra-realistic.


Wondershare Virbo is the most flexible and versatile talking photo creator tool available on the internet. There are so many ways you can create talking photos with. You can choose a voiceover, record your own audio online, or upload a recording yourself to create a unique, fully customized talking photo unlike any other in the world! What’s more, using Wondershare Virbo, you can not only create talking photos but add subtitles to videos, translate videos, and do so much more with just one single app!

 Make Photos Speak Online Download APP Now Free Download

safe Downloadsafe & secure

Step 1: We start with creating a project. Simply download Wondershare Virbo to your computer and click Talking Photo.

create talking photo with wondershare virbo
add image in virbo

You can use the add button (with the plus symbol) to upload an image or choose from one of the several options within the software and click Create Video.

Step 2: Now, we edit the video to add our audio. Click Audio Upload to record your own audio/ upload your own audio as video script, or type/ paste a video script in the Text Script pane.

add audio to image in virbo

There are options you can use to customize your output. Choose from several languages, change the speed of speech, and even adjust pitch and volume, right here, easily! You can even add subtitles, change background music, or switch the background!

Step 3: It is now time to preview the video and export it! Click the Preview button to view the magic of Wondershare Virbo. If everything is to your liking, simply click Export.

export talking photo to my creations

The talking photo will be saved under My Creations.

download talking photo

You can view it here and download it to your disk by clicking Download Video.

 Make Photos Speak Online Download APP Now Free Download

safe Downloadsafe & secure

Closing Words

Talking photos are the next frontier in digital communication and expression. Harnessing the power of generative artificial intelligence, talking photos present never-before opportunities to not only engage people but also engage with people. The education sector can use talking photos to make comprehension easier for children by making interactive, expressive talking photos that can explain complex concepts in a fun new way while corporates and businesses can use the power of talking photos to better engage with their audiences in a new way that captures and retains their interest. Inter-personally, talking photos can be used to have fun with friends and family in a completely new way! No more drab images, talking photos are the fun new way to express!

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Jul 20, 24
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