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A Detailed and Trustworthy Review of AI Text-to-Speech Tool

Murf AI text-to-speech is a famous tool that can convert text to speech within a few minutes. To know its powerful features and functions, this article will offer a detailed review.
Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Aug 08, 23, updated May 17, 24

Text-to-speech generators are widely used by professionals for various cases. Listening to speech can help visually disabled people to understand the content. It makes the information accessible and easy to comprehend. You can also proofread your work by listening to the speech to identify the errors. That’s why there are multiple TTS converters like in the market.

Murf AI text-to-speech is a famous tool that can convert text to speech within a few minutes. To know its powerful features and functions, this article will offer a detailed review. We will also explain a few alternative tools to offer more promising results.

In this article
  1. What is AI Text-to-Speech Product?
  2. How Many Languages are Supported by Text to Speech?
  3. How to Use the Text-to-Speech with Step-by-Step Instructions
  4. The Top 3 Alternatives to Text-to-Speech Tool

Part 1: What is AI Text-to-Speech Product? uses artificial technology to convert textual content into an AI voice. It has a clean interface that encourages beginners to convert their text into speech. You can either type or import scripts with supported formats of TXT, DOCX, and SRT. After typing the content, you can select the AI voice from more than 120 options. All AI voices sound natural and realistic with the best audio quality.

Furthermore,'s voice also allows you to set the speaking tone of your AI voice. Once done, you can adjust the pitch and speech of the AI voice according to your needs. You can also insert necessary pauses in between the voices. After generating the voice, you can preview the results on its interface. Hence, is an outstanding TTS converter that can significantly help you in generating text to an AI voice.


Key Features of

  1. There are different age ranges for the AI voices on this tool, comprising kids, middle-aged, and young.
  2. From its media library, you can explore a huge variety of stock music, images, and photos. You can use stock content from its media library free of cost.
  3. It provides a collaborative ecosystem for the users. You can share a project or preview with your friends easily and copy the link to your project to get feedback from your colleagues.

Part 2: How Many Languages are Supported by Text to Speech?

Murf AI text-to-speech supports high-quality AI voices. It supports more than 120 AI voices in multiple tones and accents. There are over 20 supported languages on this tool that you can explore, which are mentioned as follows:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Arabic
  • Hindi
  • Tamil
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Dutch
  • Danish
  • Finnish
  • Norwegian
  • Romanian
  • Turkish
  • Indonesian
  • Scottish

Part 3: How to Use the Text-to-Speech with Step-by-Step Instructions

Are you looking forward to trying Murf TTS? In this article, we have jotted down the accurate steps of using to convert text to speech effectively.

Step 1: Sign Up on

Navigate to the official website of through any web browser. Create your account by entering your credentials. Afterward, you will be able to see the interface of this tool, where you need to click "Create Project" to proceed.


Step 2: Enter the Textual Script

Now, type the textual content in the given space. You can also import the script from your PC. Now, choose the AI voice and language by clicking "Explore AI Voices" from the left menu. From this option, you can explore the variety of AI voices in different age ranges.


Step 3: Adjust the Settings and Export the AI Voice

From the given options, you can adjust pitch, emphasis, volume mixer, and speed. You can also specify the speaking style from the multiple options. Once done, click on the “Play” icon. By doing so, you can check the generated AI voice. Afterward, you can either export or share your AI voice to other platforms.


Part 4: The Top 3 Alternatives to Text-to-Speech Tool

Do you want more options for TTS converters? In this section, we have discussed the top alternatives of in a detailed manner.

1. Virbo

Wondershare Virbo is a well-known TTS converter for various AI features. It offers more than 120 languages and AI voices of professional quality. It contains different speaking styles that you can choose according to the requirements. The speaking styles are commercial, lively, composed, soothing, marketing, etc. You can also check the estimated duration of the generated AI voice from its interface.

Along with producing AI voice, Virbo also provides AI Avatars. These Avatars are available in different nationalities and attires. By using such features, you can create compelling videos within a few minutes. Moreover, you can create AI scripts through this tool to create descriptions and titles for social media platforms.


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2. Speechify

Speechify is an online TTS converter that creates natural AI voices within a few seconds. With this tool, you can upload PDFs, web pages, and other documents easily. You can also adjust the speed of your AI voice through a slider. This tool offers up to 9X faster reading speed, unlike other tools. You can also use the celebrity AI voices such as Snoop Dogg and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Furthermore, this tool lets you download the audio files in MP3 file format free of charge. It also allows you to save the changes in its library across every device. Thus, Speechify is a complete tool consisting of various beneficial features.


3. Speakatoo

Speakatoo is another text-to-speech converter offering many useful features. It supports over 850 AI voices with clear audio quality. You can also discover over 120 languages and accents you can easily choose from. This tool utilizes advanced algorithms to produce 100% natural human voices. Moreover, it offers cloud storage to save your audio files.

This tool also lets you adjust the rate, pitch, and volume of the AI voice accordingly. You can also add background music to your AI voice to add more engagement. Furthermore, you can add human emotions to your AI voice with advanced voice effects. Hence, you should use Speakatoo to create a customized AI voice within a few clicks.



To produce AI voices, you would require effective TTS converters. One of the commonly used TTS converters is Through this article, you can read a well-explained review of Murf's text-to-speech with its features and guidelines. You can also try the discussed alternatives to generate customized AI voices with the best audio quality.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller May 17, 24
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