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Top 5 Udemy Subtitle Translation Tools for Seamless Auto Translations

Virbo Originally published Dec 11, 23, updated Feb 21, 24

One of the most common problems Udemy users encounter is that a course is not in their native language. However, even though Udemy provides captions, many courses might not provide subtitles in your language.

That’s why you need a Udemy subtitle translator that will allow you to watch a course or video in your native language with subtitles that you can actually understand. So, let’s discover the top five best Udemy subtitle translators and how they work.

In this article
  1. Can You Translate the Udemy Subtitle?
  2. 5 Best Udemy Subtitle Translators
  3. Translate videos in Another Language using Virbo
  4. FAQs about Udemy Subtitle Translator

Part 1. Can YouTranslate the Udemy Subtitle?

Translating subtitles on Udemy might not be directly possible, but there are workarounds. As long as you are using Google Chrome and watching courses on the website, you can use Udemy dual subtitle apps from the Chrome app store and incorporate them in your browser to get auto-translation of whatever video you are watching.

Many dual subtitle tools are available on the market, but in this blog, we are covering the top five to translate Udemy subtitles. Let’s say that you have bought a course on Web Development.

With the right use of AI, Machine Learning, and advanced algorithms, these tools set you up for success so you can learn any course of your liking, regardless of which language it is in. So, let’s uncover these tools and their key features.

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Part 2. 5 Best Udemy Subtitle Translators

1. Udemy Dual Subtitles - Subtitles Translator

Udemy Dual Subtitles

When it comes to Udemy translating subtitles, there are a lot of things you might have a problem with. First, you might not even have the language you are looking for. Secondly, the format isn’t the most pleasing. And lastly, you cannot display bilingual subtitles to take your learning to the next level.

That’s where Udemy Dual Subtitles comes in. It is a Chrome extension that will work on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Its main prowess is displaying bilingual subtitles so you can learn in the most optimal way possible.

Moreover, Udemy Dual Subtitles expands Udemy’s original subtitles to show duals so you can easily understand what’s going on the screen. It can translate Udemy’s official subtitles into all widely used languages; switching them is a piece of cake.

Here are some of the features it offers:


  1. Versatile Translation: Translate Udemy subtitles in most languages that are commonly used around the globe
  2. Easy-To-Use: No need to set up every time. Just install the plugin to Chrome and get started right away
  3. Custom Styling: Udemy subtitle translator with custom styling abilities
  4. Bilingual Languages: Supports and displays dual subtitles to make learning easier and more effective
  5. Downloading Subtitles: You can download subtitles by using the Udemy Dual Subtitles tool


  • Makes understanding courses easier
  • Supports a plethora of languages
  • Allows custom styling for better viewing
  • Very good customer support


  • Can cause occasional glitches

2. Udemy Subtitles Translator - Yakuu


Yakuu is another popular Udemy subtitle translator that enables learning from anywhere in the world. It virtually features all the languages and does real-time translation in a way that feels natural and easier to look at.

Moreover, just like other subtitle translating tools, it enables Udemy’s subtitles to be translated and to be shown in dual-subtitle mode, meaning learning will be easier than ever. It also supports all display modes including full screen and paging, without breaking down or messing up the subtitles.

All the features specified in Yakuu cater to the needs of users who are looking for a translation of subtitles. Moreover, it easily lets you translate the subtitles with three simple steps and doesn’t even require a bit of setup like many other services.


  1. Responsive Subtitles: Allows responsible subtitles to be displayed in full or auto-paging mode
  2. Bilingual Subtitle Support: You can seamlessly switch between single and dual language subtitles at the same time
  3. Three-Step-Process: Download the tool, install it on Chrome, and simply pin to the toolbar to leverage the benefits


  • Automatically display translated subtitles in the local language
  • No need for a hierarchical menu selection
  • Learn anywhere in any language for free


  • It doesn’t support custom styling of subtitles

3. Udemy Subtitles Translator with Custom Style

Udemy Subtitles Translator with Custom Style

When it comes to subtitles, some people like custom styling to make them easier to read. While you can adjust Udemy’s default subtitles, they are quite limited. With the Udemy Subtitles Translator tool, you have the ability to leverage Google Translate, which will show real-time updates.

All you need to do is install the subtitle, open the Udemy course, click Transcript, and click the Google Translate plugin that will translate everything to you in real-time so you can enjoy your favorite course in your language.

Being a tool that is run by Google Translate, you have a lot of accuracy. Google Translate supports most languages available in the world with precision that we have never seen before. So, if you want one of the best Udemy subtitle translators, then this tool will give you the feature to enjoy your favorite course while understanding it a bit better.

Key Features:

  1. Google Translate Support: Has Google Translate in the background to do the translation
  2. Custom Subtitles: You can stylize the subtitles according to your need
  3. Fast and Lightweight: Provides enhanced accessibility to Udemy users


  • Great tool for non-English speaker people
  • Quite accurate and on-point
  • Allows customization of subtitles so you can customize colors, positioning, and the next


  • Sometimes it doesn’t work properly

4. Udemy Double Subtitle

Udemy Double Subtitle

Double subtitles are quite popular when it comes to learning something new. Thankfully, Udemy Double Subtitle is one of the best tools to provide you with dual subtitles and translations that would make learning easier for you.

Let’s say that you already know some English but you are a Korean native. By using Udemy Double Subtitle, you can add both English and Korean to make everything even easier for you.

One thing to note is that whenever you enable a subtitle, you might need to reload the webpage for the tool to work. Overall, it is a great tool for you if you are looking to translate subtitles and learn in a way that’s more immersive.

Here are some of the features of the Udemy Double Subtitle tool.

Key Features

  1. Dual Subtitles: Supports dual subtitles to be displayed at once
  2. Fast and Efficient: The tool is lightweight and can display accurate results
  3. Privacy Protection: The developer doesn’t take your data, which means it is protected


  • Great for learning and enhancing accessibility
  • Works fastly and efficiently
  • Enabling the tool takes less time


  • Less languages available

5. SubTrans


SubTrans is a general subtitle translator for a plethora of sites. Aside from Udemy, it can work on YouTube, Netflix, Coursera, TED, Khan Academy, and many more. The list of sites they support is ever-growing, and the developers are actively working to enhance the functionality of their tools.

SubTrans displays bilingual subtitles and can be used for as many video sites as possible. It can translate subtitles into almost all languages and also allows customization that is at the next level. From font size, colors, weight, and opacity to background, you can change anything in SubTrans.

Moreover, one of the best features of SubTrans is its ability to delay the subtitles. Hence, even if you feel like the subtitles don’t match, you can manually adjust them.


  1. External Subtitles Support: You can also import external subtitles to be displayed on the videos
  2. Timestamp Control: In case the subtitles don’t go well, you can advance or delay them
  3. Styling Options: You can stylize almost every aspect of the subtitles


  • No need to set every time
  • Supports external subtitles
  • Adjustable timestamp
  • Display bilingual languages


  • Only 30 minutes is free per month

Part 3. Translate videos in Another Language using Virbo

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If you want to translate videos in another language, then you can use a tool like Virbo, which provides the perfect video translation you will experience. By using the power of AI and Machine Learning, you can get your favorite video translated into a language of your choice.

Virbo has over 300+ voices with varying dialects and nationalities. Hence, no matter what type of video you are looking for, you will get an AI-converted video in minutes. The tool is also free for up to 2 minutes of videos so you can test it out.

Here are some of the features it offers:

  1. Multi-National Avatars: Get AI avatars from various nationalities with different backgrounds
  2. Cross-Platform Support: The software is available for Windows, Web, and even Mobile
  3. Personalization: Choose realistic virtual avatars, settings, and languages to match your needs.

Part 4. FAQs about Udemy Subtitle Translator

1. How do I add subtitles to the Udemy course?

You can create subtitles from scratch using a simple text editor like Notepad or TextEdit. You need to follow the .vtt format for subtitles, which involves specifying the timing and text of each subtitle line. This option requires more effort but gives you complete control over the accuracy and style of your subtitles.

2. How to add auto translate on any video

Auto translation can be achieved by using various tools. One of the best tools for auto-translation is Wondershare’s Virbo. It allows you to add translated captions in various languages to any video of your choice. Upload your video, choose the translation option and then select "Translate" and choose the desired language. You can also edit the generated subtitles before exporting them.

3. Is there any AI tool for translation?

There are many AI tools for translation. Tools like Google Translate, DeepL, Virbo, and Veed IO help you translate videos, audio, or text to generate new media. The accuracy of these tools is a lot, which can help companies generate AI videos to further target the international market.

4. How to generate AI videos for educational content

The first step is scripting, where you need to get the script ready for your educational video. Secondly, you need an AI-powered tool for generating the voice-over. You can use Virbo which will not only generate voice but video as well. Lastly, once you add the script, the software will create a video for you that you can test and then roll out in the digital world.

Get Started Online Free Download

Final Verdict

Udemy is one of the largest e-learning platforms with hundreds of thousands of high-quality courses catering to audiences from all over the world. However, most courses will be in English since it is predominantly an English service.

But use Udemy subtitle translation tools like the ones we have mentioned above. You can easily and effective learn courses in your own language by translating the subtitles in your native tongue.


Virbo Feb 21, 24
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