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The Ultimate Guide to Generating Speech in Different Languages With the Best Tools

Read this article to learn about Spanish voice generators and other language generators.
Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Aug 09, 23, updated May 17, 24

To make your work reach worldwide, you would need effective communication. To ensure it, you would require mastering different languages. By doing so, you can make your work accessible and multilingual. In this case, text-to-speech converters are widely used.

Using such tools, you can convert the textual content into an AI voice in your desired language. Therefore, you must know about the famous TTS converters that can help you in mastering different languages. Hence, read this article to learn about Spanish voice generators and other language generators.

In this article
  1. What are the Reasons to Generate Speech in Different Languages
  2. The Best AI Text-to-Voice Generators with Custom and Optimized AI Voices
  3. Bonus Tip: The Best AI Text to Speech App With Realistic and Natural Voices

Part 1: What are the Reasons to Generate Speech in Different Languages

Generating speech in different languages can come with various benefits. It can help language learners, businessmen, and educationists ensure effective global communication. In this section, you can find many reasons for generating speech in many languages.

1. Learning Different Cultures

The cultural history of any nation or country lies in its language. If you want to know about the different cultural backgrounds of countries, you should understand their language. It will help you celebrate the prominent linguistic diversity of many cultures. Thus, generating speech in different languages can help you absorb the traditional knowledge of any certain culture.

2. Reaching Global Audience

To reach a global audience, you have to execute effective communication. In professional fields, people belong to different linguistic backgrounds. By generating speech in other languages, you can communicate with a diverse audience. It will benefit your business on international platforms. Moreover, it can make your information accessible to people worldwide.

3. Language Learning and Research

Do you want to learn different languages? By listening to a speech in different languages, you can know the correct pronunciation of certain words. You can also get familiar with different accents of languages easily. Moreover, you can conduct language analysis by comparing different languages.

4. Assist in Tourism

The tourism industry also benefits by generating speech in different languages. It helps foreigners to communicate with natives without any barriers. Moreover, it helps tourists to listen to the travel guide to ensure a smooth traveling experience. Thus, generating speech in multiple languages is necessary to make tourists understand the navigation system.

Part 2: The Best AI Text-to-Voice Generators with Custom and Optimized AI Voices

Do you want to learn about AI voice generators? This section will highlight the prominent text-to-speech generators that can convert your speech into different languages.

1. Synthesia

Synthesia is a renowned AI tool that can convert text to speech within a few seconds. It supports more than 400 languages of unique accents and tones. To generate speech in different languages, it supports more than 120 languages. This Russian accent voice generator has a constantly growing library of AI voices. Moreover, you can also customize an AI voice to meet your requirements.

This tool is not only a TTS converter but also produces videos of high quality. Through your textual content, you can generate an appealing video quickly. Hence, you should try this tool to convert your written content into an appealing AI voice.


Key Features

  1. With SSML tags, you can add pauses and emphasize certain phrases. Moreover, you can also modify the pronunciation of words in the AI voice.
  2. Once done with generating an AI voice, you can also insert desired soundtracks as a background from the given options.
  3. To present your generated AI voice, you can use an AI Avatar from this tool. This can help in virtual presentations and videos.

2. Speechify

Have you ever used Speechify before? This tool lets you upload, type, and paste the text on its interface for conversion. Moreover, it supports more than 50 human-like voices in natural tones. The supported languages are more than 30 that you can select according to your choice. The interface is well-organized without ads and bugs. Therefore, it’s an advanced tool comprising many powerful features.

Speechify can also convert PDFs and webpages into an AI voice in your chosen language. Thus, you won’t face any restrictions while using this tool. Furthermore, this Spanish accent voice generator also offers options for AI voice cloning and AI dubbing. By utilizing such options, you can add innovation to your creative content.


Key Features

  1. Speechify offers a speed reader to help modify the listening speed. It can convert your text into AI voice with 9X faster speed.
  2. With this tool, you can explore the exclusive voices of famous celebrities. For example, you can select Gwyneth Paltrow and Snoop Dogg as your AI voice.
  3. You can save your created AI voices in the library of this tool. Moreover, the changes will be automatically synced across all your devices.

3. Speakatoo

Speakatoo is a trusted platform for generating speech in different languages. This tool supports more than 120 languages with a wide range of accents and tones. It covers all the accents of native speakers of other countries. The extensive AI voices on this tool can help you understand the tone and rhythm of different languages.

Moreover, it includes more than 850 AI voices that will sound realistic. This Korean voice generator uses deep learning algorithms to deliver the best audio results. Moreover, it lets you manage the rate, pitch, and volume of the AI voice efficiently.


Key Features

  1. This tool comes with multiple audio formats. You can download the AI voice in WAV, OGG, FLAC, MP3, and MP4.
  2. You can insert natural breathing pauses in your AI voice using this tool. This will make the generated voice natural and realistic.
  3. Through this voice generator, you can add auto inflections to the AI voice to produce professional results.


Do you want a basic Chinese accent generator? This tool has a simple interface that can help beginners. You can use this tool for commercial purposes to create voiceovers in different languages. The compatible audio file formats are MP3, WAV, and OGG. By buying its premium plans, you can convert 500,000 characters with great ease. Moreover, you can have unlimited downloads of your generated AI voices.

This TTS generator supports more than 270 AI voices with perfect pronunciations. You can also explore more than 30 languages on this platform. Thus, it’s a cost-effective tool that can generate promising AI voices in many languages.


Key Features

  1. It’s a multi-voice editor, as you can use multiple AI voices in a single audio file. This can help you in generating dialogues for movies and TV shows.
  2. With SSML support, you can manage custom voice settings. For instance, you can easily adjust intonation, pause, emphasis, stress, and volume.
  3. This tool shows compatibility with famous video editing software. For example, After Effects, Adobe, DaVinci, Audacity, etc.

5. Voicemaker

Voicemaker is an advanced tool that can also help generate speech in multiple languages. In its AI Engine, you can choose either Standard TTS or Neural TTS. Both these options display different AI voices and accents. From its given voice settings, you can preferably adjust the sliders of voice speed and volume. Moreover, you can share your audio file on many platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, etc.

This Urdu voice generator supports more than 1000 human voices in clear audio quality. Furthermore, you can discover more than 130 languages on this tool. Therefore, this tool is a well-trusted platform by many users worldwide.


Key Features

  1. From the “Say As” option on this tool, the AI voice can correctly speak date, time, unit, address, etc.
  2. The audio settings allow you to select the desired sample rate and audio file format.
  3. This tool consists of many voice effects such as happy, sad, natural, breathing, soft, whispered, etc.

Bonus Tip: The Best AI Text to Speech App With Realistic and Natural Voices

Do you want a more efficient for generating speech in different languages? Virbo is a famous tool offering an advanced text-to-speech converter. It can function on iOS, Android, Windows, and Web Browsers. It supports more than 120 AI voices and languages with the best audio quality. This tool has separate categories of AI voices, such as hot, marketing, lively, composed, soothing, etc.

You can either type or paste the text on its interface. After inserting the text, the tool will also display the estimated duration of the AI voice. It also has a wide range of tones and speaking styles of each language. Moreover, it provides AI avatars and an AI script generator which can further help display your content. Thus, Virbo is a professional TTS converter supporting many languages and accents.


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Wrapping Up

Generating speech in many languages can help you learn rich linguistic diversity. By reading this article, you can find out the top 5 tools that support multiple languages and AI voices. These tools produce clear audio quality and can be easily operated.

However, if you want a more advanced Russian voice generator that supports many languages, we suggest Virbo. It’s an efficient TTS converter that can produce AI voices in many tones and accents.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller May 17, 24
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