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Best 3D Avatar Maker: Top 10 Picks You Should Know

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Apr 26, 24, updated May 17, 24

Forget static profile pictures. The future of online identity is in three dimensions. Gamers, virtual assistants, and even social media users turn to online characters or 3D avatars to represent themselves.

These AI avatars go beyond a simple picture. They can be fictional characters or closely resemble you. These customizable characters offer endless possibilities for self-expression. And since you might feel overwhelmed with the choices online, we've listed them for you. We'll guide you through the best 3D avatar makers so you can design an AI character that fits your preferences.

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  1. 10 Best 3D Avatar Maker Quick Comparison
  2. Top 10 3D Avatar Makers Free and Paid
  3. How To Choose the Best 3D Avatar Maker?

Part 1: 10 Best 3D Avatar Maker Quick Comparison

a game developer working

Here is an overview of the top 10 and most popular 3D avatar makers:

3D Avatar Maker Best For Top Key Features Pricing
Wondershare Virbo AI avatar videos

· 300+ human-like AI avatars

· 300+ natural-sounding AI voices

· ChatGPT 4 integration

· Free trial

· Starts at $9.99 monthly

Ready Player Me Metaverse; games and apps

· Open source

· Avatar templates

· Customization features for metaverse

· Free for developers (non-commercial use)

· Free to registered for registered partners (commercial use)

Krikey AI AI animation

· Supports 16 languages

· Customization settings

· Free trial

· Starts at $14.99 monthly

Character Creator 4 AR, VR, and metaverse

· Character scalability

· Facial rig

· iClone animation compatibility

· Free trial

· $299, perpetual license

Union Avatars Full body avatars from selfie

· Various avatar styles

· Integration with other apps

· Avatar customization

· Fremium

· Starts at $9 monthly, paid annually

Remote Face Virtual meetings

· Virtual backgrounds

· Integration with productivity apps

No available data
Soul Machine Humanized Digital People

· Supports 13 languages

· AI avatars can show empathy

· Free trial

· Starts at $39 monthly

Fotor Basic AI avatar with photo editing

· Various avatar styles

· Creates avatar based on photo or prompt

· Free trial

· Starts at $8.99 monthly

Avaturn In-game characters

· Humanoid body rig

· Customized looks

· Export in 3D environments

· Free trial

· Starts at $800 monthly

Mixamo 3D avatars for films and games

· Automatic character rigging

· Motion-captured animation


Part 2: Top 10 3D Avatar Makers Free and Paid

Looking to create a stunning 3D avatar for your next project? Whether you're a professional or hobbyist, a 3D model avatar maker is out there to fit your needs and skill level. Here's a breakdown of some of the best options, both free and paid:

Best 3D Realistic Avatar Creator: Wondershare Virbo

virbo 3d ai video avatar maker

Wondershare Virbo is an excellent option for users looking for an online AI-powered 3D avatar maker. With a script, Virbo generates engaging, realistic 3D avatar videos you can use in various situations. Try it when making social media content, presentations, and educational videos.

Key Features

  • 300+ AI avatars in all age ranges, various attires, and ethnicities for commercial use
  • More than 300 real human voices and languages to create AI voices that sound natural
  • AI video translator for 20 languages
  • ChatGPT 4 integration for the AI script generator
  • · Cross-platform compatibility (desktop, online, and mobile)
  • · User-friendly interface makes it accessible even for beginners
  • · Offers video templates to create AI videos more quickly
  • · Need to subscribe to use the AI videos for commercial purposes
  • · Only 50+ AI avatars for free trial users

Get Started Online Free Download

Best for Metaverse-Ready Avatar: Ready Player Me

ready player me 3d avatar creator

Ready Player Me focuses on creating customizable avatars designed for the metaverse. This online 3D avatar creator allows you to make avatar skins and outfits and then integrate the avatar into thousands of games or apps. If you plan on spending a lot of time in virtual worlds, Ready Player Me is a good option to ensure your avatar can seamlessly travel between them.

Key Features

  • Open-source Unity, Unreal, Web, and React SDKs
  • Templates for avatars or create one by uploading a selfie
  • Large selection of clothing and accessories optimized for the metaverse
  • · Developers can also use the app
  • · Easy to use, even for beginners
  • · 3 gender options (non-binary coming soon)
  • · Ads may appear while using the app
  • · Account verification is needed to avoid data deletion

Best for Animation and Cartoon Customization: Krikey.AI

krikey ai 3d avatar designer

Krikey AI takes a different approach. While it doesn't focus on creating hyper-realistic avatars, it excels at making AI animation accessible. This3D avatar designer allows anyone, from gamers to educators, to bring their characters to life with animations in minutes. You can also refine avatar movements by editing hand gestures and facial expressions.

Key Features

  • 16-language lip-synch dialogue
  • Animate with a text prompt or upload a video
  • Avatar customization settings include physical appearance
  • · Fast animation generation
  • · Offers free AI animation and avatar generator
  • · Easy to use without editing experience
  • · Only works on web browser
  • · Avatars are not human-like

Best for Photorealistic Recreation: Character Creator 4

3d character creator 4 for ar

Character Creator 4 is another professional-grade software designed for creating high-fidelity 3D characters. It offers a vast library of assets and customization options, allowing you tocreate your 3D avatar in incredible detail. Character Creator 4 is ideal for designers who need realistic characters for AR, VR, crowd simulation, and metaverse.

Key Features

  • Character scalability with extreme closeup to full closeup
  • Total character design from 3D hair to custom facial rig
  • Compatible with iClone animation controls
  • · Free resources and comprehensive features
  • · Feature-rich for professional use in animation or game development
  • · Complex software with a steep learning curve
  • · Expensive, making it less suitable for casual users

Best 3D Full-Body Avatar Creator: Union Avatars

union avatar 3d avatar builder

Union Avatars is a 3D full-body avatar creator in real-time. Improve your digital identity and experience an immersive experience using a selfie photo. Then, use the 3D avatar in the Web 3 or virtual augmented reality apps.

Key Features

  • Different avatar styles - realistic, voxel, cartoon, and more
  • Platform integrations
  • Customization options like outfits and hairstyles
  • · Fast results
  • · User-friendly interface makes it easy to learn
  • · Avatars may not be as hyper-realistic as some other options
  • · Customization options might be more limited compared to high-end 3D character creators

Best 3D Avatar Designer for Video Conferencing: Remote Face

remote face 3d avatar for conference

Remote Face is a Windows and Mac 3D avatar maker that allows you to maintain eye contact during virtual meetings. It uses your webcam and AI to generate a custom 3D avatar. This makes it suitable for remote workers who want to join their online meetings even without showing their real face.

Key Features

  • Virtual backgrounds
  • Works with Zoom, Skype, Meet, and Microsoft Teams
  • · Easy to use and integrate with other apps
  • · Available for Windows and Mac
  • · Limited customization options
  • · Avatars may not be ultra-realistic

Best Humanized AI 3D Person Maker: Soul Machine

soul machine digital people maker

Soul Machine's Digital People employ a more complex strategy. Digital Brain, a 3D avatar maker, is based on human sensory and motor systems. In other words, the virtual representations can see, hear, respond, and show empathy. Users can interact with the avatars interestingly by using them as coaches, tutors, and other customer service activities.

Key Features

  • AI-powered conversation capabilities in 13 languages
  • Customizable for various use cases
  • · Cost-effective for companies
  • · Dynamic user experiences
  • · Likely a paid service targeted at businesses
  • · May require technical expertise to integrate with existing systems

Best 3D Avatar Character Creator Online for Free: Fotor

fotor free 3d avatar creator online

Fotor is primarily a photo editing tool but offers a 3D realistic avatar creator feature. While not as in-depth as dedicated character creation software, Fotor allows you to create basic avatars with customization options for avatar styles and AI models. This can be useful for social media profiles or non-commercial projects.

Key Features

  • Generate several types of avatars such as realistic, anime, and full-body
  • Can make a 3D avatar from an uploaded photo or text description
  • Integrates with other Fotor design tools
  • · Easy to use with inspiration
  • · Bulk image creation
  • · Integrates with other Fotor design tools
  • · Needs a subscription to access more features
  • · Customization may be limited compared to dedicated 3D creators

Best 3D Avatar Maker Online for Gamers: Avaturn

avaturn 3d model avatar maker

Avaturn is an online 3D avatar builder that allows you to create and customize 3D avatars. You can choose from various body types, facial features, and clothing to create a unique avatar. This selfie-based avatar maker is best for gamers who want a personalized in-game character for app developers.

Key Features

  • Users can create over 10,000 looks
  • Can export avatar as a 3D model in multiple 3D environments
  • Humanoid body rig, visemes, and ARKit blendshapes
  • · Easy to use with good customization options
  • · Integrates with some virtual environments
  • · Costly for small businesses
  • · Potential limitations for exporting avatars to specific platforms

Best 3D Model Avatar Maker for Motion Graphics: Mixamo

mixamo 3d animated characters creator

Mixamo is an online character creator for 3D animation that you can use for films, games, and more. While it doesn't have extensive character creation tools, it offers ready-to-use 3D characters from sci-fi, realistic to cartoon. This makes Mixamo ideal for animators, YouTubers, and game developers who need pre-rigged characters for their projects.

Key Features

  • Automatic character rigging
  • Motion captured animations
  • Supports multiple formats for project export
  • · A great resource for interactive experiences
  • · Comprehensive features for 3D character animations
  • · The steep learning curve for beginners
  • · May require a subscription for access to all features

Part 3: How To Choose the Best 3D Avatar Maker?

Now that you understand your options for 3D avatar creators, here's a guide to selecting the best tool for your needs:

Avatar Style

Decide on the desired look for your avatar. Do you want a realistic 3D replica or a more stylized cartoon character? Consider the level of detail needed. Highly detailed avatars require more processing power and may not be suitable for all platforms.

Customization Options

Evaluate the level of customization offered by the tool. Can you adjust body types, facial features, clothing, and accessories to create a unique avatar? Extensive customization allows for a more personalized representation but might come with a steeper learning curve.

Platform Compatibility

Ensure the chosen 3D avatar maker creates avatars compatible with your intended platform (VR gaming, social media, etc.). Incompatibility can limit your avatar's usability.

metaverse concept

Cost and Accessibility

Consider the budget and technical expertise required. Free options exist but may offer limited features. Paid software often provides more advanced customization and functionality but might require some learning.

Use Case

The most suitable tool depends on how you plan to use the avatar. For professional presentations, a realistic avatar might be ideal. For social media, a cartoon style might be more fitting.


There are many good 3D avatar makers available, each with unique strengths. Whether you need a realistic likeness for video conferencing or a customizable gaming character, there's a tool out there for you.

For a well-rounded option that offers ease of use and impressive detail, try Wondershare Virbo. If you're on a budget, there are more free online options. With so many great choices, dive into the world of 3D avatars and create a virtual you that perfectly reflects your style!

Eric Miller
Eric Miller May 17, 24
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