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10 Best AI Cartoon Character Generators [Free and Paid]

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Apr 26, 24, updated May 17, 24

Can't think of a unique design for your next content or marketing campaign? Look no further than AI cartoon character generators. You see, these tools can help you create eye-catching cartoon characters in just a few clicks.

All you need to do is provide a prompt or upload a reference image, and the AI will generate the character you like. Whether you need a friendly mascot for your brand or a quirky presenter for your slides, AI tools can help. Yes – even without artistic skills. With so many options available, we've compiled a list of the best AI cartoon character generators to jumpstart your project.

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In this article
  1. Quick Look at the Best AI Cartoon Character Generators
  2. Top 10 AI Cartoon Character Generators: Spark Your Creativity!
  3. Effortless Video Creation With Wondershare Virbo AI Avatars

Part 1: Quick Look at the Best AI Cartoon Character Generators

These are the top 10 AI cartoon character generators that you should be aware of, summarized as follows:

AI Cartoon Character Generator Main Focus Generates Images From Supported Platform
AILab Create product characters for marketing Photos Online
EdrawMax Generate characters for flowcharts, brainstorming, and presentations Text prompts, photos Desktop, mobile, and online
Canva Create illustrations for social media, posters, etc. Text prompts Online and mobile
Easy-Peasy.AI Experiment with different cartoon styles Text prompts Online
Artbreeder Design intricate cartoon characters Text prompts, photos Online
LightX Turn your photos into personalized cartoon avatars Text prompts, photos Online and mobile
Vance AI Generate anime-inspired cartoon portraits Photos Online
NightCafe Creator Spark creative ideas for character designs Text prompts Online
ToonMe Cartoonize yourself on the go with your phone Photos Mobile
CapCut Create fun cartoon versions of yourself for TikTok videos Photos Online
3d cartoon character for business

Part 2: Top 10 AI Cartoon Character Generators: Spark Your Creativity!

There are several ways to use AI for your personal and professional content. You may find one you need while studying, one for selling or your work. That said, each one is best used in different instances. Here's a breakdown of some of the top AI cartoon character generators to spark your creativity:

Best Cartoon Character Generator AI for E-commerce: AILab

ailab generator styles

Wondershare AILab stands out for its ability to generate characters tailored to specific demographics. It can help design an adorable cartoon child for your kids' clothing brand or a trendy teenager character for your streetwear line. AILab's AI cartoon character generator lets you convert photos to different 2D and 3D styles suited for E-commerce sellers.

  • · Targeted character generation
  • · User-friendly interface
  • · Plenty of cartoon styles available
  • · Limited customization options compared to some other tools
  • · Need to buy more credit to use more features

Best Diagramming Tool With AI Cartoon Character Generator: EdrawMax

edrawmax cartoon character ai generator

EdrawMax isn't just a diagramming tool; it also boasts a powerful cartoon character AI generator. This makes it ideal for presentations or brainstorming where you need to add visual interest alongside your data. Simply describe the character's appearance and select a style, and EdrawMax will generate options to complement your diagrams.

  • · Integrates seamlessly with diagramming features
  • · Easy to use, even for beginners
  • · Cross-platform compatibility
  • · Character generation options may be less detailed than some specialized tools
  • · AI features limit free trial users to 500 tokens

Best Cartoon Character AI Generator for Designs: Canva

canva free cartoon character maker

Canva, a popular design platform, has incorporated a free cartoon character generator AI. This is ideal for designers who need to quickly create characters for social media graphics, posters, or website illustrations. While the customization options are more basic, Canva's allows you to make them move with its rich animation options.

  • · Has an intuitive interface
  • · Integrates with other Canva design tools
  • · Has a character builder and design elements
  • · Limited customization compared to more advanced AI generators
  • · May take beginners some time to put together the elements

Best for Cartoon Character Supported Styles: Easy-Peasy.AI

ai image generator easy-peasy

Easy-Peasy.AI excels in offering a wide range of artistic styles for your AI cartoon character generator creations online. Choose from classic cartoon styles, chibi, Pixars, or graphic novel effects. This makes it a great option for artists who want to explore different artistic directions for their character designs for free.

  • · A diverse range of supported styles
  • · Has advanced customization settings
  • · Different AI models like DALL-E 3 and Stable Diffusion XL
  • · Users need to start with a prompt
  • · Users need to subscribe for more credits

Best for Detailed Character Design: Artbreeder

ai cartoon generator artbreeder

Artbreeder takes a unique approach to AI character generation. Combining and refining existing character traits allows you to achieve highly detailed designs. This is perfect for illustrators or concept artists who need intricate character features for their projects.

  • · Highly detailed character creation
  • · Several ways to create a unique cartoon character
  • · Requires more time and effort to achieve desired results compared to faster generation tools
  • · Need to have a reference photo and a prompt description

Best for Cartoonizing Yourself: LightX

lightx ai cartoon character generator

LightX shines with its cartoon character generator AI for free. It excels at transforming your photos into stunning cartoon avatars. Try using your headshot to create a personalized 3D cartoon profile picture for your gaming channels. Social media influencers can leverage this to create engaging content for their audience.

· Easy to use with pre-set styles for quick results

· Offers high-resolution downloads for professional use

· Supports only JPEG and PNG file format as a reference

· The free version has watermarks on generated images

Best for Anime-Style Avatars: Vance AI

vance ai image cartoonizer online

If your project craves an anime flair, Vance AI steps in. This online AI cartoon character generator specializes in crafting captivating anime-style avatars. Animators, concept artists, and game developers can use Vance AI to spark character design ideas or create unique profile pictures for online communities.

  • · Extensive range of anime styles to choose from
  • · Delivers high-quality, detailed character designs
  • · Batch process images in one click
  • · Requires credits to generate images, which can become expensive for frequent use
  • · Has watermarks unless users subscribe to a paid plan

Best for Character Design Inspiration: NightCafe Creator

nightcafe ai art generator online

NightCafe Creator takes a different approach. This platform isn't strictly a character design tool but a powerful cartoon character AI generator for sparking creative inspiration. Simply provide prompts describing the character's features, and NightCafe will generate unique, artistic interpretations. This is perfect for writers, illustrators, and anyone looking for a creative nudge to develop their projects.

  • · Easy to use and has an intuitive interface
  • · Has a random prompt generator
  • · No need to provide credit card details upfront
  • · Requires a bit more setup and experimentation to achieve specific character traits
  • · May not be ideal for those seeking a fully fleshed-out character design

Best Cartoon Character AI Generator for Smartphone: ToonMe

toonme ai character generator website

For on-the-go creativity, ToonMe is your pocket-sized companion. This mobile app boasts a user-friendly cartoon character generator AI that transforms your selfies into cool cartoon avatars. Content creators and even students can use ToonMe to create a playful and memorable brand image on their smartphones.

  • · Free to use with various styles and effects available
  • · Convenient and fast for generating character avatars on your phone
  • · Limited customization options compared to desktop applications
  • · May require in-app purchases for additional features

Best for Quick and Easy Photo Cartoonization for TikTok: CapCut

capcut free ai cartoon generator

CapCut isn't just for video editing. This app also features a free AI cartoon character generator that lets you cartoonize photos for your TikTok videos. It's a fantastic tool for social media influencers and content creators who want to add a touch of fun and personality to their videos.

  • · Easy to use with output shareable on several social media apps
  • · Integrates seamlessly with CapCut's editing tools for a streamlined workflow
  • · Limited customization options for the generated cartoon style
  • · Primarily suited for quick in-video effects, not in-depth character design

Part 3: Effortless Video Creation With Wondershare Virbo AI Avatars

You've learned the top AI cartoon character generators in the previous part. Now, let's see how Wondershare Virbo can make a difference.

virbo generate ai avatars for videos

Get Started Online Free Download

AI character generators typically focus on character design. Virbo goes beyond that. It lets you create engaging videos with talking AI avatars. Provide your script and select a virtual avatar from Virbo's extensive library. Here's a breakdown of Virbo's key features and how they can benefit you:

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility:Work on the go! Whether you're on your desktop or mobile device or prefer an online interface, Virbo allows you to create content seamlessly.
  • 300+ Life-Like Avatars:Find the perfect character for your video. Virbo boasts over 300 diverse avatars, catering to different nationalities, ages, and appearances. Choose one that matches your brand or content style.
  • 300+ AI Voices for 90 Countries:Break language barriers and reach a global audience. With over 300 AI voices in 90 languages, you can translate your video message and ensure it resonates with international viewers.
  • Supports 20+ Languages for AI Video Translation:No need for expensive voice-over work. Virbo's AI video translation feature can translate your existing video content. It allows you to create multilingual versions efficiently.
  • AI Script Generator With ChatGPT 4 Integration:Overcome writer's block and save time. Virbo integrates with ChatGPT 4, a powerful AI language model. This should help you generate creative and engaging scripts tailored to your video materials.
  • AI Video Templates:Get started fast with professional-looking results. Virbo offers a library of pre-designed AI video templates that you can customize to fit your message and brand.
  • AI Talking Photo with Great Lip-Sync Effect:Make your photos talk. This feature allows you to create engaging videos using still images, with realistic lip-syncing to your chosen voice-over.

With these features, Virbo makes video creation accessible and efficient for busy professionals. You can create explainer videos, social media content, or marketing materials within a few minutes without a camera, actors, or extensive editing skills.


Cartoon character generators using AI are a good way to speed up your task. Note that they have boundaries, though. AI characters might not be as creative as those drawn by a person. They can also have trouble capturing the details of a specific character or making a small image bigger without problems.

So, think about using both AI and your creativity. Try the AI cartoon character generator you find suited for you, along with Virbo, and make amazing content that reaches your target audience.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller May 17, 24
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