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How To Create AI Talking Avatars on 3 Different Platforms

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Apr 26, 24, updated May 17, 24

AI talking avatars have become popular as tools for brand engagement and communication. These virtual spokespersons enhance user interaction. The talking avatars provide a personalized touch to online experiences as well. By using AI, these tools offer interfaces that captivate audiences across platforms.

The following sections will introduce 3 powerfultalking avatar creators for free. Whether you’re a marketer or an educator, these tools will empower you to expand your reach. Read on to learn more.

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In this article
  1. How To Create Your Personalized AI Talking Avatar
  2. 3 Ways To Set Up Your AI-Talking Avatar
  3. What Can AI Talking Avatars Do for Your Brand

Part I. How To Create Your Personalized AI Talking Avatar

Wondershare Virbo is an innovative platform for creating your personalized talking avatar. The tool helps you enhance your content using realistic or 3D talking avatars for free. Here are the key features of Virbo:

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  • 300+ AI avatars.Choose from a diverse collection of over 300 AI avatar c Each has its unique personality and appearance.
  • 300+ voices from over 90 countries.Access a wide range of voices representing 90 countries. It allows localized and authentic communication with global audiences.
  • AI video translator with 20+ languages.Translate your AI Talking Avatar’s dialogue into over 20 languages.
  • AI Script Generator with ChatGPT 4.0.Take advantage of the power of ChatGPT 4.0. Automatically generate scripts for your AI avatar in v
  • Cross-platform Compatibility.You can create a talking avatar online for free or even offline. Virbo is available on desktop, mobile, and online.

Let’s explore how to use Virbo across three different platforms. Follow the steps to create an AI avatar on desktop, mobile, and online:

Method 1: Create an AI Talking Avatar Online

Virbo also has an online solution for creating your AI Talking Avatar for those who prefer web-based tools. Follow the brief steps:

  • Step 1: Go to Virbo’s website using your preferred web browser. Log in or create an account.

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  • Step 2: Click Home > AI Avatar. Next, pick your desired AI Avatar. Tailor its features to your liking, including voice modulation and language preferences.
wondershare virbo online interface


Virbo offers a free version with basic features. The tool also has flexible pricing plans to suit your needs. Consider the following options (as of April 12, 2024):

  • Monthly Plan – $19.9/mo.Enjoy Virbo’s full capabilities on a monthly subscription basis
  • Yearly Plan – $44.9/yr.Opt for an annual subscription and save on cost
  • Yearly Plan Pro – $199/yr.Unlock premium features and exclusive content with the Pro version of the Yearly Plan

Method 2: Create Your Personalized AI Talking Avatar on Desktop

Creating an AI Avataw is easy with Virbo on a desktop. Here’s how:

  • Step 1: Download and Install Virbo for desktop. Log in or create a Wondershare account. You can also log in using Google, Facebook, or X (formerly Twitter).
wondershare virbo desktop interface
  • Step 2: Click Home and choose from a collection of AI Avatars. Customize features such as appearance, voice, and background.

Method 3: Design Your Talking AI Avatar on Mobile

With Virbo’s mobile app, you can design your personalized AI Talking Avatar anytime, anywhere. Here’s the step-by-step guide:

  • Step 1: Head to your mobile device’s App Store or Google PlayStore. Search for Virbo and download the app. Log in your credentials, just like the desktop tool.
  • Step 2: Open the app and browse through the available AI Avatars. Personalize your selection with voice, gestures, and more.
wondershare virbo mobile interface

Part II. 3 Ways To Set Up Your AI-Talking Avatar

When setting up your AI Talking Avatar, you have three ways to tailor its appearance:

Way 1: Use Realistic AI Talking Avatar

If you aim for a lifelike virtual spokesperson, you can use AI-talking avatars. You can select from a wide range of pre-designed characters with realistic facial expressions and movements. The option is ideal for creating engaging and relatable interactions with your audience.

ai talking avatars list

Way 2: Use 2D/3D AI Talking Avatar

For a more stylized or unique avatar, you can use 2D or 3D talking avatars for free. Virbo offers customizable options for creating avatars that stand out. You can create a cartoonish style or a fully rendered 3D character. The method allows for creative expression and brand differentiation.

3d ai avatar

Way 3: Use a Custom AI Talking Avatar

If you have specific branding in mind, consider creating a custom AI talking avatar. Virbo’s custom AI avatars work with designers to develop a virtual spokesperson for your brand identity. The approach offers maximum flexibility and control over the avatar’s appearance and behavior. It ensures it represents your brand or message.

custom ai avatar

Part III. What Can AI Talking Avatars Do for Your Brand

AI Talking Avatars can enhance your brand’s online presence and communication efforts by:

  • Helping with content creation using dynamic and engaging virtual spokespersons
  • Elevating business presentations with interactive visuals and personalized messaging
  • Enhancing marketing videos with lifelike avatars to capture the audience’s attention
  • Enriching virtual meetings and webinars with virtual hosts for improved engagement
  • Powering retail marketing campaigns with personalized customer interactions and product showcases
  • Personalizing social media content with animated avatars for increased user engagement
  • Assisting individuals with disabilities by providing alternative communication methods and accessibility features


AI talking avatars offer a powerful means to enhance brand engagement and communication across platforms. Whether for content creation or marketing campaigns, these virtual spokespersons are invaluable tools. To personalize yourtalking AI avatars, consider using Wondershare Virbo.

The tool is available on desktop, mobile, and online. It has comprehensive customization options and an intuitive interface. Virbo ensures your avatars reflect your brand identity. Experiment with the versatility and convenience of Virbo today. Elevate your online presence and communication strategies with ease.

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  • Can AI talking avatars be used for customer support purposes?
    Yes, AI talking avatars can be used for customer support. They can provide instant responses to frequently asked questions. They can guide users through troubleshooting processes and offer personalized assistance.
  • How can I integrate AI talking avatars into my website or social media channels?
    You can integrate AI avatars into your website or social media channels by embedding code snippets provided by the avatar creation platform. You can share content featuring the AI avatars on your social media profiles to engage with your audience.
  • Can I use photos of famous people to create an AI talking avatar?
    Yes, it’s possible to use photos of famous people to create AI-talking avatars. However, it’s essential to consider ethical guidelines and legal considerations. Using someone’s likeness without their consent may infringe on their rights. It’s important to get permission to use public domain images.
Eric Miller
Eric Miller May 17, 24
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