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Top 7 Avatar Applications for Android

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published May 14, 24, updated May 31, 24

Do you want to create avatars for Android? Creating avatars sounds like a fascinating idea when you want to represent yourself in a more playful or imaginative way!

Avatars are animated images based on photos of real people. There are two types of avatars: two-dimensional and three-dimensional. Mainly, you can use these avatars as profile photos on social media, Or, you can also create an AI talking avatars for your presentation needs.

Making these avatars is now easy using an avatar maker application. Just go to the Google Play Store, and find your favorite apps we will list below.

In this article
  1. Top 7 Avatar Apps for Android
  2. AI Talking Avatar on Android
  3. Best Alternative: Create AI Talking Avatar on Wondershare Virbo

Part 1. Top 7 Avatar Applications for Android

An avatar app is often available on iOS and Android platforms. These avatars can be personalized to resemble the user, allowing for facial features, skin tone, hairstyles, etc.

If you are looking for the best avatar application for Android, then you are in the right place. See our list of the best avatar apps for Android to try right away.

  1. Bitmoji
bitmoji ai avatar app for android

Bitmoji is a popular avatar app for android that enables users to create cartoon avatars. You can use it on your Android device, and it is available for free. 

Key Features of Bitmoji: 

You can choose your hairstyle, skin shade, nose, hair color, jawline, chin, eyes, eyebrows and customize your outfits and backgrounds.

  • Bitmoji has lots of stickers for uniqueness.
  • You can use the avatars in a variety of chatting apps.
  • Have a creative interface.
  1. Avatoon
avatoon ai avatar app for android

You can customize your avatar with Avatoon. It has many filters and a lucrative avatar that mimics your face. 

Key Features of Avatoon:

  • This application allows you to use avatars in comics, games, etc.
  • You can participate in challenges and gain votes from the audience.
  • You can create avatars with varied attires.
  1. Avatar Generator Clone AI 
cloneai ai avatar app for android

Avatar Generator Clone AI uses advanced AI technology. You can have a cartoonish look, abstract painting, or anime character. This application allows you to customize your attire, hairstyle, and many other aspects of your unique personality to resemble you.

Key Features of Avatar Generator Clone AI:

  • Clone AI creates unique avatars using advanced AI technology.
  • Customize your avatars according to your preferences.
  • This application allows you to request developers for custom styles.
  1. Vlinder Avatar Maker
vlinder avatar maker ai avatar app for android

Vlinder Avatar Maker is a free avatar app for Android, it available on the Google Play Store. It allows users to create and customize unique avatars with facial features, clothing, hairstyles, and accessories. 

Key Features of Vlinder Avatar Maker:

  • You can customize the avatar, including clothing, hairstyle, facial features, and other apparel.
  • You can customize the background and designs with different colors & patterns and add even more personalization.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Vlinder Avatar Maker is a free application that allows you to access all features without paying anything.
  1. Dollicon
dollicon ai avatar app for android

Dollicon is another Android avatar application that creates cute cartoon avatars. You can customize eyes, lips, eyebrows, outfits, and hairstyles. You can save the avatar to your device, use it in stories, games, or websites, and even share it on social media.

Key Features of Dollicon:

  • The Dollicon application allows you to explore your creativity to make cute doll avatars that closely resemble you.
  • You can use the avatars to create stories, memes, etc.
  • You can choose part of your avatar’s face.
  1. Anime Avatar Maker
anime avatar maker ai avatar app for android

This avatar builder application can turn your face into anime characters. You can define your preferred hairstyle, eyes, mouth, etc. 

Key Features of Anime Avatar Maker:

  • You can customize your avatar as needed.
  • Your avatars can be fit, smart, beautiful, scary, elite, or anything else you prefer when going online.
  • This application allows you to add details to your characters to make them look more realistic.
  1. MojiPop
dollicon ai avatar app for android

MojiPop is an avatar-maker application that adds a bit of humor to your personality. The application creates funny stickers. 

Key Features of MojiPop

  • MojiPop offers animated stickers to represent yourself.
  • Create with MojiPop the avatars are quite realistic.
  • MojiPop is free to use several stickers and features. The premium version of MojiPop can unlock more features.

Part 2. AI Talking Avatar on Android

What if you want to create a talking avatar for a video presentation instead? No worries. you can also make your AI avatar talk with a talking avatar.

AI talking avatar is a digital representation of a human or environmental character, supported by artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This AI technology can make an avatar able to move, have expressions, and speak.

If you want to make an AI talking avatar, you can try using the Wondershare Virbo app for Android.

wondershare virbo ai avatar app for android

Wondershare Virbo application available on Android, Windows, and iOS devices. It provides a system for rapid video generation through multiple directions for creating new projects. For Android devices, Wondershare Virbo is available on the Google Play Store. Wondershare Virbo is an easy and simple AI avatar creation application! We recommend you to using it's desktop version or online version which is more convenient for you to operate.

Get Started Online Free Download

The following are the advantages of Wondershare Virbo:

  • Amazing AI-Powered Features

Wondershare Virbo has advanced AI technology with various superior features.

Key Features:

  • Talking Photo: Bring Photos To Life.
  • Easy Operation: You can operate it easily by just importing, exporting, and turning your photos into attractive avatars.
  • Multilingual Support: Available in multiple languages so that it can reach a diverse global audience.
  • Versatile Audio Options: Can use online recording, voice extraction, or local upload to customize your talking photos.
  • Real-Time Expression and Movement

Custom AI avatars can mimic various facial expressions and emotions, conveying realism and authenticity in their interactions. This includes smiling, frowning, blinking, and reacting to stimuli naturally.

  • Speech Synthesis

AI generates speech matching the chosen voice and style, naturally delivering scripted and dynamic content. It can analyze text, mimic human speech flow and intonation, and create realistic, expressive voices.

  • Tone Recognition

Advanced avatars can analyze your vocal tones. The tone recognition analyzes vocal cues to identify emotions and attitudes conveyed in speech. Utilizing machine learning algorithms, rhythm, customized AI avatars detect variations in pitch and intensity to determine if the speaker is sad, happy, excited, or other emotions.

Wondershare Virbo offers a free trial. Apart from that, Wondershare Virbo also has paid tiers. The Monthly Plan is US$9.9/mo, the Essential Annual Plan is US$19.9/year, and the Pro Annual Plan is US$199/year.

pricing for wondershare app

Part 3. How to Create AI Talking Avatar on Wondershare Virbo

Wondershare Virbo provides a system for easy creation of AI avatar videos. You can create projects with the help of AI-generated templates in Virbo. The following is how to create the best AI avatar with the help of templates on the Wondershare Virbo application for Android:

  • Step 1: Look for the templates on Wondershare Virbo's home screen. There are many categories of templates.
  • templates in wondershare virbo app
  • Step 2: Select any specific category as needed. If you want to change the orientation of the videos from vertical to horizontal, click the button on the top right.
  • templates in wondershare virbo app
  • Step 3: After selecting a template, a template preview window will appear. You can see all the effects, then select the “Create video” option to continue.
  • Step 4: You will be navigated to the respective video creation page, where you can edit the template.
  • video creation page in wondershare virbo app for android
  • Step 5: You can make changes as you continue editing the video template. This involves changing the background, replacing templates, changing the avatars, or selecting a new dubbing from the options.
  • page of editing background in wondershare virbo app
    page of editing ai avatar in wondershare virbo app
    page of editing voiceover in wondershare virbo app
  • Step 6: Once you are satisfied with the video template, click the "Preview" button to view the final results. Then, select the "Export" button to save your video template.
  • page of export ai avatar in wondershare virbo app

    Apart from installing the Wondershare Virbo application, you can also use the online version of Wondershare Virbo because it does not require installation and will be more convenient.


    There are several sophisticated avatar creators for Android that can be downloaded via the Google Play Store. You can easily turn photos into avatars. Among the several application options that have been described, you can also try out Wondershare Virbo to turn photos into AI talking avatars. The Avatar can move, have expressions, and speak. The ease of operation allows beginners to try it.

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    Eric Miller
    Eric Miller May 31, 24
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