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How to Choose the Best Templates for Video Editing: A Comprehensive Guide

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Jun 07, 24, updated Jul 20, 24

Are you bored and tired of glancing at a blank screen and unsure of where to begin with your project to edit videos? Well, it can be hard to find the best templates for video editing because there are so many to choose from, but choosing the right one can make all the difference.

But don’t worry; this guide will help you find a solution to this problem. Welcome to the world of video editing, where you can turn raw footage into a masterpiece with only one click. In this in-depth guide, we will share the keys to selecting the best video templates for editing your project. We'll cover everything, from comprehending your story to choosing the perfect template.So, without wasting time, let’s jump in!

In this article

Part 1: Templates for Video Editing: Introduction and Benefits

Before we dive deep into the concept, let’s first talk about what exactly a template for video editing is. So, video editing templates are the pre-designed framework that content creators or any professional or beginner video editor can use to save time. In short, these are the shortcuts for creating amazing content without starting from scratch. These templates save time for the users as they have already added text or animations that can make your content look polished.

video editing templates

Now, it is time to see how beneficial these templates are to users:

  • Users can save time using these templates as they do not have to spend extra time editing their videos, like adding text overlays, animations, effects, etc.
  • Templates promote creativity as well. Editors can experiment with new ideas and push the boundaries of their work by experimenting with different styles and formats.
  • The editing procedure is made easier with templates. They give editors a well-organized foundation so they can concentrate on their creative vision instead of getting bogged down in the technicalities. 
  • Users can save on the expensive cost of hiring a video editor by using these video templates for editing.
  • Templates can help ensure professionalism and brand awareness and keep your videos all having the same appearance and feel.

So, these are all the benefits of using video templates for editing. Now it is time to move on to the next section, which is about types of video templates for editing.

Part 2: Types of Video Editing Templates: Make Your Content More Engaging!

To transform your content from ordinary to engaging, it is a must that you know the types of video editing templates. it can help you select which template suits your project. Have a look at the types of templates below:

video editing templates

Branding templates

Businesses trying to establish a powerful visual identity might benefit greatly from using branding templates. These templates frequently contain brand-consistent font, color palettes, and logos. Using these templates ensures that each video represents the distinct style of your business, making it easier for viewers to identify your content right away. To give your work a polished appearance, consider using a template for video editing free download.

Travel blog templates

Travel blog video templates for editing are ideal for travelers as they perfectly convey the adventurous spirit of your journeys. Dynamic transitions, maps, and placeholders for gorgeous photos and videos are frequently included in these templates. They bring your travel stories to life and help express the joy of your journey. Utilize the best video editing app for Android with templates to edit on the move.

Tutorial templates

Using tutorial templates makes the process of making educational videos easier. They offer an organized plan that makes it simple to divide difficult procedures into smaller, easier-to-execute phases. These templates are ideal for tech guides, cooking shows, and do-it-yourself projects. Look for a template for a video editing app template that includes instructions and assistance.

Templates for Education

The purpose of educational templates is to improve the effectiveness of learning and participation. They frequently include simple design, readable language, and attractive pictures that help with the fast delivery of information. Teachers, trainers, and content producers who wish to instruct their audience will find these templates to be perfect. if you want your educational content to stand out, then seek out video editing software templates that include interactive features such as infographics or quizzes.

Advertisement Templates

The purpose of advertisement templates is to attract attention and promote action. Their forceful calls to action, eye-catching images, and bold language make them perfect for product launches, event promotions, and commercials. If you really want your product to be distinguished from competitors, then learn how to download templates for video editing so you can get started producing powerful promotional content right away.

So, these are the types of best templates for video editing, that can give a polished look to your videos and make them more engaging and compelling.

Part 3: Tools Which Provide Video Template Editing: Top 5 Picks!

Out of so many options available out there, we have picked only five of the best video editing tools with templates. you can check them out below:

  1. Wondershare Virbo

First on the list is Wondershare Virbo. It is a top-rated tool for editing videos, with numerous options available for a template for editing video. it offers 400+ templates for different kinds of projects that can suit users of all professions. templates are well-designed and have many features.

wondershare virbo home page

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Key Features:

  • It offers an abundance of pre-designed video templates for editing, using which you may simply turn your video editing experience into outstanding work. For your project, you'll find the ideal template, ranging from stylish and contemporary designs to fun and imaginative ones.
  • It offers a drag-and-drop feature, using which you may quickly and easily change every aspect of your template, including the colors, fonts, photos, and animations.
  • With Virbo's intuitive interface and comprehensive instructions, anyone can easily edit videos. You don't need to be an expert at video editing because the user-friendly interface will walk you through each stage of the procedure.
  • The quick processing technology of Virbo makes sure that your edited videos are prepared for exporting quickly. Easily share your videos on social media, YouTube, and other video-sharing websites with support for many file types, such as MP4, AVI, and MOV.


It offers 3 plans; you can pick the one that suits your budget or needs:

  • Monthly plan: US$ 9.9/month
  • Yearly plan- essential: US$ 19.9/year
  • Yearly plan-pro: US$ 199/year
  • Wondershare Virbo’s user-friendly design makes it simple for beginners to produce videos that appear professional without requiring a lot of prior video editing knowledge.
  • It saves time, as you can edit your projects quickly and efficiently.
  • Virbo offers a vast library of templates for editing videos for all types of needs.
  • The free plan shows a watermark on exported videos.
  • Customization options are limited.
  1. CapCut

CapCut is a popular video editing tool that is taking the world by storm nowadays! It's an easy-to-use, free program that lets you effortlessly make beautiful yet engaging videos.

capcut video editor

Key Features:

  • Offers pre-made templates for wedding videos and social media clips.
  • With an abundance of options that can make your video amazing, CapCut’s effects collection has got you covered, from glitters to 3D animations.
  • Emojis and text overlays can give your videos a unique touch. To make your video stand out, select from a large selection of fonts, colors, and styles.


Monthly subscription: $7.99/month

  • It has a user-friendly interface, so beginners can use it hassle-free.
  • Abundance of stock sounds and animations.
  • It offers limited layout options, like single slide and vertical scroll.
  • customization options are limited.
  1. KineMaster

KineMaster is a fantastic tool that fosters creativity by providing users with simple-to-use tools to easily create gorgeous videos. To realize your vision, precisely adjust audio, add effects, and blend layers smoothly. For aspiring filmmakers and content creators, it's the perfect tool.

kinemaster video editor

Key features:

  • You may get thousands of popular video templates for editing with KineMaster. Simply swipe through them on the Mix screen to quickly and easily select one to make your own unique video.
  • With KineMaster, editing even complex designs with numerous layers is quick and simple because of the Full Screen Timeline. 
  • With its user-friendly interface and abundance of editing options, KineMaster is ideal for high-end video editing. You can include as many text, photos, videos, and layers as you like.


Premium version: $8.99 for one month and $44.99 for 1 year.

  • Because of the app's user-friendly interface, users can easily browse it and locate the tools they need to produce videos that appear professional.
  • A wide range of editing features are available in KineMaster, such as the capacity to split, chop, trim, and duplicate videos, in addition to adding text, music, and special effects.
  • The app's free edition features a watermark that may be removed by buying the Pro edition.
  • There aren't many export choices available, so you might not be able to export your videos in the format you choose.
  1. FlexClip

FlexClip is one of our Top 5 Best Picks because it offers more than 5,000 video editing themes, including business, store, intro/outro, marketing, and many more. Additionally, it has a customization feature that lets you make your own video template for your company or identity.

flexclip video editor

Key Features:

  • One of the easiest interfaces to use is this one.
  • Great text overlays and voiceovers are available.
  • Stock images and sounds are royalty-free stock media.


  • Available with a free version.
  • Its Plus plan costs $9.99/month.
  • For the business plan, it costs $19.99/month.
  • Using cloud storage technologies makes editing simple from any location at any time.
  • offers a variety of aspect ratios and effects to meet your needs.
  • Working with your team to increase productivity is simple when you use the "Create Team" option.
  • The software comes with a watermark in its free edition.
  • The limited number of export options.
  1. Canva

Canva is an innovative, free online video editing tool that offers templates. It's made to make the process of making amazing videos easier. To use it for free, all you have to do is log in online. Additionally, it offers a selection of highly customizable templates.

canva video editor

Key Features:

  • Offers the ability to form a team and work together in real-time to complete the task quickly.
  • You can use ready-made animations to give the design more polish and visual appeal.
  • Both computers and smartphones are capable of running it.


  • There is a free version of it.
  • Canva Pro is $14.99 in pricing.
  • Teams can get Canva for $29.99.
  • You can add background music to set the tone and settings.
  • After exporting your video into MP4, GIF, and MOV formats, you can share it.
  • You can include titles, captions, and other textual components to improve the content of your videos.
  • In order to access upgraded features, you must subscribe.
  • Since it's an online platform, working on it requires a strong internet connection.

Bonus Tip: How to edit video templates for downloading using a free video editing tool?

Well, if you are seeking how to download templates for video editing, then there is a free video editing tool. it is one of the five tools discussed in this guide. The name of this tool is Wondershare Virbo. you can edit video templates using this tool by just following the steps given below:

Step 1: First, on your computer, download Wondershare Virbo from its official website and click “See More Templates”.

download Wondershare Virbo

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Step 2: After installation and logging in, you will see a homepage. Here, you have to click on the “Template” option.

click the template option

Step 3: Tap on the type of video template you want to edit. There are six categories in all.

select template

Step 4: Preview the video template and click on the “Create Video” option.

create a video

Step 5: Using the editing interface, add your own text to the script. To fit your style, change the font, size, color, and position. Modify any stock photos or videos with your own clips. Make sure they blend in perfectly with the template's style.

edit template

Step 6: When you are completely satisfied, click “Preview” then export your video.

click export

So, these are the steps that you can use to edit video templates for downloading using a free video editing tool.

These steps are very practical and you can try this tool to get efficient results.


we hope you liked this article and it also helped you find out how you can edit video editing templates and customize them as per your requirements. One thing that matters a lot is choosing the right template for the purpose. Moreover, try Wondershare Virbo if you are seeking the best templates for video editing and professional results.

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  • How do video templates improve our editing projects?
    Video templates help improve our projects by providing pre-designed templates that act as a framework for creating a professional look.
  • Which tool provides high-quality video templates?
    Wondershare Virbo is a tool that provides high-quality video templates for efficient results.
  • How can I customize a video template?
    You can easily customize a video template as per your choice by simply uploading it into your video editing software and then editing the parts like images, text, effects, etc.
Eric Miller
Eric Miller Jul 20, 24
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