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Customize Video Templates for YouTube on Desktop, Android, and iOS: The Ultimate Guide

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published May 30, 24, updated Jul 20, 24

YouTube has to provide its audience with well-edited and highly captivating movies in the current advanced electronic world. Video templates for YouTube are indispensable when it comes to making videos look polished and effective without having to spend a lot of time styling with premises or mastering complicated editing software. Due to the various styles and features that these templates provide, it became convenient for content creators to spice up their videos and attract the audience’s attention. This guide focuses on video templates for YouTube and features detailed descriptions of how video template makers like Wondershare Virbo can help improve your content, as well as examples and tips for using these features effectively.

youtube intro video
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Part 1: Essential YouTube Video Templates You Should Be Aware Of

YouTube Intro Video Templates

First, the intro is a way to create a proper overall mood for your viewers and make your brand recognizable. It is the first shot that viewers get, and that can tell them whether to proceed with watching the remainder. It can also increase the chance viewers will remain engaged, be more familiar with the brand or business, and portray a highly polished image.

The intro is a crucial segment of any media piece, and it should be brief, informative and attention-grabbing – here are examples of effective intro templates:

  • Animated Logo Intros: These include options with logo movement in design to ensure that the public is attracted and that your company is introduced professionally. They are particularly well suited for generating and differentiating brand equity at the onset.
  • Title Intros: The majority of these templates contain fashion text animations and background music, which are enormously useful for introducing the topic of the video and grabbing the attention of the viewers.
  • Countdown Intros: Countdown intros establish curiosity and anticipation, and give viewers the feel that the next thing to be revealed must be great.

YouTube Video End Templates

The outro is as important as the intro part; it must leave a good and powerful impression on the listener. This helps to give a logical ending and closing to your video and gives you a chance to remind the viewer of your company or logo incite them to become subscribers, and promote other related videos and other social media profiles.

  • Call-to-Action (CTA) End Screens: It also features calls to the viewers to subscribe to the channel and watch other related videos. Today, viewers appreciate the possibility of drawing something on their own or seeing an experiment, which makes these videos important for increasing interest and channel subscription.
  • Credits and Acknowledgements: Cutting credits or acknowledgments rolling templates can add professionalism and can also portray appreciation to collaborators or sources.
  • Social Media Links: The templates that display your social media profiles and advise viewers to follow you imply your presence on multiple platforms may help grow your online presence.

Transparent YouTube Video Templates

Junk videos are semi-opaque templates that can be placed over the video but will not obscure the content. These titles contain such things as lower thirds, watermarks or animated icons that can add effect to the picture and provide the audience with more data without being a distraction.

  • Seamless Integration: To ensure that the templates do not have an off-putting or unprofessional look, it is usually merged seamlessly with the video content.
  • Brand Consistency: Thus, they are also useful for keeping the brand cohesive as they incorporate several minor branding items into the video.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Some audiences may have a higher interest in a particular topic, easy and transparent templates allow appeal to this interest with additional interesting graphic elements to become the focus of attention.

Part 2: How to Use a Video Template Maker on Desktop/Android/iOS

Some of the tools can be found online across multiple resources if you are interested in creating YouTube video templates. It stands out that each tool represents certain functions and options that are more appropriate for specific requirements and preferences. So here we will discuss tools that are compatible with different devices.

Wondershare Virbo

wondershare virbo official page

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As for the best video templates for YouTube, Wondershare Virbo can be an excellent choice as it has a wide range of AI-powered templates, an intuitive interface, and ample opportunities for customization. Wondershare Virbo is a video generator with powerful AI Tools to help you create the best video content for your business. It has an incredible suite of 400+ video templates built for different purposes like social media, marketing, real estate, and product demonstrations. The best thing about Virbo is that in each template you can make use of a virtual avatar to be the face and voice of your videos.

Compatible with: Desktop/online/phone

Steps to customize your video templates:

Step 1: The program can be downloaded from the Wondershare Virbo official page as you will click on See All Template to get it.

get wondershare virbo on your desktop

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Step 2: While the download is underway, register for a new account on the account center if you're a new user.

log in to wondershare virbo

Step 3: Navigate to the downloads folder and choose the Virbo package. You should follow the instructions provided by your system to install and execute the application, then launch it after it has been installed.

download and install wondershare virbo

Step 4:  Go to the template list and identify the template that best suits the purpose of your video project.

choose a video template

Step 5: After choosing your preferred template, click on it and preview it. Finally, at the lower right corner of the site, there’s the “Create Video” button, which, when clicked, will take you to the next page where the video's actual editing will take place.

click on create video option

Step 6: Use all of Virbo’s cutting-edge AI capabilities that you can apply to improve your video if you need automatic scene detection or smart transitions, for instance.

customize the template

Step 7: Preview and Fine-tune can perform a two-step procedure that enables the system to select only the correct and relevant answers.

You preview your video and check whether everything is fine, whether the images and sound are good quality, etc. If it makes sense to change any of the following at this stage, one can make the following changes: the timing, transitions, or effects.

preview the customized template

Step 8: When you are done creating a video, you can export and share it on your favorite social media platform or download it to your preferred device for convenience.

export the edited video

You have seen that Virbo's AI-driven templates streamline the video creation process, making it the top choice for efficiently producing professional-quality videos.


canva template

Canva is one of the best graphic design apps in the market that is available in Android and also has the feature of Video templates. It is a versatile app and perfect for making great-looking videos whenever you are on the move.

Compatible with: Android

Steps to make video template on Android:

  • Step 1: Find Canva on the Google Play Store and install the app to sign in with your email and password.
login on canva app
  • Step 2: Open Canva and navigate to the video section. Browse through the available templates and select one.
go to videos section on canva and find templates
  • Step 3: Use Canva editing tools to customize the template. Add text, and images, and adjust colors to match your brand.
customize the template
  • Step 4: Upload your video clips and insert them into the template. Adjust the layout as needed.
  • Step 5: Preview your video to ensure it meets your expectations. Save the video to your device or share it directly to YouTube.


inshot video template

InShot is an application that is available and installed for and on mobile devices that run on the iOS Operating system and it has numerous templates and tools for editing videos. It would be best to use for pro-level YouTube videos recorded on an iPhone or an iPad.

Compatible with: iOS devices

Steps to create video templates with InShot on iOS:

  • Step 1: Search for InShot in the App Store and install the app.
get inshot on ios via app store
  • Step 2: Open InShot and explore the template options. Select one that suits your video style.
choose the template
  • Step 3: Use the editing tools to personalize the template. Add your text, images, and music.
edit the template on inshot
  • Step 4: Import your video footage and place it into the template. Make necessary adjustments to fit your content.
import and adjust video
  • Step 5: Preview your video to ensure everything looks great. Export the video to your device or upload it directly to YouTube.

Part 3: How to Add a Template to a YouTube Video

  • Choose a Template Maker: Select a tool like Wondershare Virbo, Canva, or InShot based on your platform.
  • Customize the Template: Follow the customization steps outlined above to personalize the template with your branding elements.
  • Integrate Your Content: Add your video footage to the customized template.
  • Export the Video: Export the completed video in a format suitable for YouTube.
  • Upload to YouTube: Log in to your YouTube account, click on the upload button, and select your video file.

Part 4: Tips for Customizing Templates to Match Your Channel's Branding

  • Consistent Colors and Fonts: Use the same colors and fonts across all templates to create a cohesive brand identity.
  • Add Logos and Watermarks: Ensure your logo is prominently displayed in intros, outros, and overlays to build brand recognition.
  • Personalized Music and Sound Effects: Incorporate music and sound effects that reflect your channel's personality and style.


Using video templates can significantly enhance the quality and professionalism of your Now that you know the basics of video templates and how to use them, you should be ready to start learning and designing with video templates. The templates will still be helpful whether you’re using a desktop application such as Wondershare Virbo or mobile applications like Canva and InShot when enhancing your YouTube channel. To individuals looking for AI-based templates with enhanced features, simplicity of use, and a large number of options for customization, the Wondershare Virbo is the most suitable product. For more information and to begin, please go to Wondershare Virbo AI Video Templates. Get started today and create beautiful YouTube videos that will make your channel grow and succeed!

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Eric Miller
Eric Miller Jul 20, 24
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