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5 Best Apps for Voice Translation From English to Bangla

Eric Miller
Eric Miller Originally published Dec 11, 23, updated May 31, 24

Want to order authentic Bengali food but unsure how to check the menu? Or traveling to Bangladesh and excited to learn more about their culture? Maybe you want to expand your professional network and connect with Bengali speakers.

Whatever reason you have, apps for voice translation from English to Bangla make it all possible. Since there are plenty of options in the market, we know it's hard to choose which suits your needs. That's why we've created this guide. Here, you'll find the best translation apps for various user needs, plus tips for better results. Let's start.

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In this article
  1. Best Apps for Voice Translation From English to Bangla
  2. How To Choose the Right Voice and Audio Translator App?
  3. Tips for Effective Voice Translation
  4. Bonus: AI-Powered Bangla to English Video Translation With Virbohot icon

Part 1: Best Apps for Voice Translation From English to Bangla

Need voice translation from an audio file or text? Whether traveling, creating content, or teaching, there are amazing apps to help. We've compiled the best ones, free, offline, AI-powered, or human-assisted. Explore this list below to find the perfect voice translation app for you.

Google Translate: Free English to Bangla Voice Online Translator

google translate voice to text online

Visiting Bengali-speaking areas? Need help with basic directions or ordering food? Google Translate is a free smartphone app perfect for real-time conversations. It won't turn you into a Bengali pro overnight, but it'll get you by. And the best part? You can even translate English to Bengali using your voice. Just speak, and it does the rest.

  • Free and user-friendly
  • Can listen to the translated words
  • Accuracy can be low due to accents, noise, and complexity
  • Translations might not capture nuanced meanings or cultural context
  • Need to download the language packs for offline use

VideoDubber: Best for Multilingual Voiceovers From English to Bengali

videodubber english voice to bangla translator

YouTubers and presenters, listen up. Want to reach a wider audience? VideoDubber takes voice translation from English to Bangla (and many other languages!) to the next level. Simply upload your video, and VideoDubber will do the rest with its audio translation feature.

Even better, you can review and edit the generated transcript to ensure everything sounds perfect. Finally, choose your voice or a custom voice to deliver your message in Bangla, keeping your video's original charm. Let VideoDubber take your content global.

  • Provides free use for the first minute without file limits
  • Can translate any number of languages to translate to simultaneously
  • Not ideal for on-the-go translation
  • Requires uploading audio files

Gglot: Best English to Bengali Voice Translation Online for Meetings

gglot translate english to bengali generator

Need to translate English to Bengali voice recordings but worried about various speakers? Gglot's multiple speaker recognition feature makes it possible, saving you hours of work. Unlike many tools, it can transcribe up to 10 speakers at once.

No more scrambling to understand who's saying what. So if you have an English lecture, interview, or discussion you need translating into spoken Bengali, Gglot can handle it all, no problem. This innovative feature makes Gglot perfect for educators seeking a seamless translation experience.

  • Easy to use
  • Has a vocabulary filter
  • Can download the transcript in several file formats (SRT, SBV, and VTT)
  • Some advanced features might require a paid subscription
  • Might not always be 100% accurate

Stepes: Best on the Go Mobile Voice Translation From English to Bangla

stepes live voice translation

Need someone to translate spoken Bengali to English on the go? While AI apps are handy, sometimes you might prefer a human touch. Stepes offers Bengali to English voice translation through professional translators. Simply record your voice, and the professionals will translate it for you. You'll hear the translated message in English and can even play it back for clarification. Stepes makes real-time communication with Bengali speakers easier.

  • Real-time translation for conversations
  • Intuitive interface
  • Choose to receive the translated message in voice or text format
  • Limited device compatibility
  • Likely more expensive than using free AI translation apps

Flixier: Best Natural Sounding Voice Translator English to Bangla

flixier voice translator bengali to english

Impress your audience with professional-grade presentations. Flixier uses AI to translate the voice of Bengali to English and other languages. Just upload the audio file; it will deliver Bengali translations that sound smooth and human-like. That makes Flixier the perfect option for adding voiceovers to educational videos, presentations, or marketing materials. If you want more, Flixier also has a text-to-speech tool you can use to generate audio from Bengali to English.

  • Cloud-based platform
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Pre-built assets
  • Need to upgrade with a subscription for more features
  • Some users might find the interface overwhelming

Part 2: How To Choose the Right Voice and Audio Translator App?

Still weighing your options? Choosing the perfect voice translation app from English to Bangla can be tricky. Here are some key factors to consider helping you make the final call:


If clear communication is your priority, choose apps known for their precision. It ensures you're understood correctly and avoids any awkward blunders. Download a few that caught your eye and experiment. See which one feels most comfortable and translates accurately. Remember, the best app is the one that works best for you.


Consider your travel needs and think about what else you might need. Does the app translate offline in case you lose your internet connection? Does it offer a conversation mode for real-time back-and-forth translation? Pick the Bengali-to-English voice translation app that offers the features you'll use most.

Ease of Use

A user-friendly interface is crucial, especially in dynamic situations. Look for clear buttons and intuitive navigation. Don't let a complex app add stress – choose one that's simple.

ui and ux user experience illustration


Weigh the free versions against premium features. Consider your trip length and usage needs. Will free features suffice, or do you need advanced functionalities? Free apps might suffice for a short trip, while premium features might be valuable for frequent travelers.

Part 3: Tips for Effective Voice Translation

Found the perfect app for voice translating Bengali to English or vice versa, but still facing challenges? Here's how to get better translation results:

Speak Clearly and Slowly

Enunciate each word clearly and maintain a moderate pace. Avoid mumbling or rushing through sentences. It helps the app accurately understand your speech patterns and translate them effectively.

Use Proper Grammar and Pronunciation

While some apps can handle informal language, proper grammar and pronunciation generally lead to better results. This is especially true for complex sentences or technical terms.

Minimize Background Noise

Background noise can be a real enemy of voice translation. Find a quiet place to speak, away from loud music, traffic, or conversations. You can also try using headphones with a built-in microphone in noisy environments. It ensures the app focuses on your voice and delivers the best possible translation.

a woman using a headset

Break Down Complex Sentences

Long, winding sentences can be tricky for voice translation apps to decipher. Try breaking down your thoughts into shorter and simpler phrases. It makes it easier for the app to understand the context and translate the file accurately.

Proofread the Translated Text

Even the best apps can make mistakes. Take a moment to review the translated text and make sure it reflects what you intended to say. Look for any awkward phrasing or missing words, just like you would proofread an important email. It helps you to catch any errors and make necessary corrections before using the translated content.

When To Seek Professional Translation Services

When you need to translate English to Bengali using voice for something crucial or formal, these pros have got your back. They bring expertise that guarantees your message is spot on, no matter how complex or sensitive the subject is.

You're familiar with the best voice translation apps from English to Bangla. But you might also need to translate videos when you're in a foreign place. These could be local news, announcements, or business practices. While regular translation apps are great for spoken words, video translation needs a different approach, especially if you want to do it faster.

That's where AI video translation comes in. Please keep reading to learn how it can improve your video translation experience.

Bonus: AI-Powered Bangla to English Video Translation With Wondershare Virbo

Ever dreamed of your videos talking in different languages? Well, Wondershare Virbo turns that dream into reality. Using AI, it translates videos into 20+ languages, including Bangla to English. Whether you're a travel vlogger sharing your adventures or a business expanding your reach, Virbo makes it happen. Now, you can connect with a broader audience effortlessly.

translate videos to other languages

Get Started Online Free Download

Even if you're staying local, Virbo can be your best AI video translation tool for:

  • Global advertising: Target new markets and increase brand awareness with multilingual video ads.
  • Social media influencers: Reach a global following and engage with diverse communities.
  • Corporations: Facilitate seamless communication across remote and international teams.

Start Your Free Trial Today

Experience the power of Virbo for free online. You can export a multilingual video of up to 2 minutes with 512MB of storage space. You can also edit the generated subtitles and export them. For more extensive projects, flexible upgrade options cater to your needs.

Key Features

Virbo goes beyond basic video translation, offering powerful features to enhance your videos:

  • Lip-Sync Precision:Match lip movements to the translated audio with no awkward pauses. It creates a natural and engaging viewing experience.
  • AI Cloning Voices:Create realistic voices that capture the speaker's emotions with AI. Virbo helps you captivate viewers by the natural delivery, regardless of the language.
  • Soundtrack Reserved:No need to sacrifice the impact of your original music! Virbo lets you keep your soundtrack intact while adding translated subtitles.
  • Auto-Generate Script:Save time and effort with Virbo's auto-generate script feature. Upload the video and let Virbo generate a script of its content in the translated language. Plus, you can use this script for further editing or marketing purposes.
  • Affordable Excellence:Enjoy high-quality video translation at budget-friendly prices.
  • Versatile Compatibility:Take your video content globally. Access Virbo as a desktop app for Windows, mobile apps for iOS and Android, or through your web browser. This flexibility allows you to translate videos on the go whenever inspiration strikes, or your workflow demands it.
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Connecting with Bengali speakers doesn't have to be tough. With voice translation from English to Bangla apps, you can chat without language hurdles, all in real time.

By now, you can easily understand other languages with one of the apps listed in this guide. Remember to check out Virbo for its impressive AI video translation capabilities. The world of language learning and cultural exchange is just a conversation away.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller May 31, 24
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