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[New] Translate Korean to English with The Best Video Translators

Virbo Originally published Nov 15, 23, updated Feb 21, 24

K-pop is becoming one of the top entertainment sensations of this era. With internet accessibility, people became familiar with it and Korean culture. K-Pop and K-Dramas created havoc on the internet and boosted South Korea's economy. However, language became a barrier for fans to connect with their audience. This was when Korean-to-English video translators came as a solution.

The Korean video translation tools eliminated the human effort of dubbing videos. Users can simply upload a video and generate an English version of it. Fans may find English audio of K-Dramas, but now they can translate songs and shows. Some of these tools use web browsers to translate Korean videos into English. Meanwhile, others provide desktop versions, and this article will discuss both.

In this article
  1. What Are the Pre-Requisites That Should Be Fulfilled Before Translating Videos?
  2. Translate Korean Video to English with The Best Tools in 2024
  3. Wondershare Virbo: An AI-Based Solution to Translate Videos to Perfection

Part 1. What Are the Pre-Requisites That Should Be Fulfilled Before Translating Videos?

The Korean economy is rising in the global market, which increased the need for video translation. It is the only way to communicate and access solutions. Besides, the Korean entertainment industry is getting popular day by day. It encourages people to translate Korean videos into English. To ensure a smoother process, go through the below requirements for video translations:

  1. Source Video: The first thing you need is the original video you intend to translate. That must be of good quality, as poor quality can make the process challenging. Afterward, collect cultural knowledge and define the targeted voice tones and accents.
  2. Transcript or Script: Secondly, you should have a well-written script. You can use online software to auto-generate the script of your video. If your video doesn’t have a script, transcribe it first. Then, look for the translation guidelines, such as style preferences and subtitle formatting.
  3. Time Code: Assign a time code to your dialogue in the video. In this regard, you should align spoken words with the displayed script lines. Such codes indicate that only spoken dialogues are in the video frame.
  4. Quality Control: Implement a quality plan before finalizing your video. For this purpose, you need certain tools or professionals who can proofread. If you are using a translator other than AI-powered, it's essential to properly check quality.
  5. Translation Tool: Another important thing is to find the most reliable, secure, and effective tool. The internet is full of Korean-to-English video translator You should choose one that offers easy integration of voiceovers and subtitles.
  6. Technical Requirements: After selecting the right tool, ensure your system meets its requirements. Look for the technical capacities of your device or change it if required. Otherwise, your system might hang during translation or consume much time.
  7. Legal Considerations: Before translating, read out the copyrights of the Korean video translation. Ensure that you have all the necessary permissions to translate and display. Your efforts might get wasted if you do this task after translating videos.

Part 2: Translate Korean Video to English with The Best Tools in 2024

Upon familiarizing users with the basic qualities of a good translator, let’s explore some. This section will shed light on some online video translators from Korean to English. Users can learn about operating these translators in detail. Keep reading the below section to learn about the top three video translators:


No need to worry about translation accuracy with this tool's ability to right the wrongs. While translating a video, removes grammatical and conversational errors. Backed by 125+ languages for translation, it translates Korean to English videos. It gives users the option to work with text formats like SRT, TXT, or VVT.

Using this tool can break the language barrier between the creator and viewers. After reading about the tool’s specialties, let’s learn how it works. This section features a detailed guide to this Korean-to-English video translator:

Step 1: Once you access this video translator and log in, you'll access its editing window. From the left side, click on the "Upload a File ” option. After selecting and importing your files, let’s move forward.

upload video to veed

Step 2: The imported video will be added to the timeline panel. Then, head towards the left-hand side of the Edit Video panel. Locate and select the “Translate Voice” option in the Magic Tools section.

look for translate voice feature

Step 3: Set “Korean” as the original language and “English” as the target language. Then, choose a male or female voice under the “Speaker” section. You can also select a conversational style, such as normal, excited, and more. Finally, click the “Duplicate and translate” button after adjusting preferences.

set preferences and translate

Step 4: Once the translation is completed, review your final video within the editing window. You can further enhance and adjust the video using this tool. Afterward, click the “Done” button located at the top and then the “Export Video” button.

export duplicated translated video

2. Vidby

Vidby is a multi-tasking Korean-to-English video translator with professional results. This lessens the time and effort of translating videos in the quickest way possible. With its AI algorithms, it ensures the quality of translated outcomes. You have invested in the right place with this tool's subscription plans.

After translating a video, the user can enhance it with this tool's editing features. Having familiarized ourselves with Vidby’s unique capabilities, let's explore more. This part offers an in-depth learning of the Korean video translation process:

Step 1: Upon logging in and reaching its editing window, upload your files. Click the “My Device” button for it or paste a URL of an existing video.

add url or video to vidby

Step 2: Then, select the order type, which in this case is "Subtitling, translation and dubbing." Scroll down to make language, speaker, quality, and format preferences. Upon selecting these settings, select the subscription plans and proceed to translate.

set parameters for translation and pay

3. Rask AI

Rask AI is a comprehensive platform that specializes in video translation and subtitle services. The tool is proficient in Korean to English translation videos. The tool quarters up to 130 languages for content creators seeking to engage with international audiences.

Moreover, it covers various text formats, including SRT, VVT, and TXT. With its upgraded technology and advanced algorithms, there is accuracy in results. Let’s proceed with the steps for Korean video translation in it:

Step 1: Start by logging into your account and entering its editing interface. Following that, select the "Upload Video" tab to import the video in this tool.

upload video to rask ai

Step 2: A new window will appear for importing media. Within this window, select "Korean" for the original language and "English" for the target. Afterward, initiate the translation process by clicking the "Translate" button.

set translation settings for rask

Step 3: Upon the completion of the translation process, you will be directed to a new window. Here, you can modify the translator's voice from the preview screen. After selecting a suitable voice, proceed by clicking the “Confirm” option.

clone voice in rask

Step 4: After achieving the desired results, click the "Download" button. Then, opt for the “Translated Video” choice and save it directly onto your device.

download translated video from rask

Part 3: Wondershare Virbo: An AI-Based Solution to Translate Videos to Perfection

While you have gathered knowledge on online video translators, let's explore an alternative. Wondershare Virbo is your desktop solution for translating Korean videos to English. The tool offers a video translator with multilingual support and automated captioning. There are 15 languages, including Korean, that users can translate their videos into. In addition, the tool offers custom voiceover options.

Key Features That Make Virbo Special

  1. AI Avatar: Make your videos interactive using AI technology that lets you craft AI or self-avatars. Users can personalize these avatars according to the context. There are 300+ built-in avatars with 300+ voiceover options. Users can also customize the dressing style and ethnicity of these avatars. This eventually makes them a perfect fit for diverse contexts and occasions.
  2. AI Voice: Voiceover videos are one of the trending types of content for vlogs and tutorials. This tool also facilitates over 300+ AI voiceover options. You can customize a voiceover by using this tool's text-to-speech AI. In addition, you can clone a real human's voice for voiceovers. The AI voices use vast training systems to generate realistic results.
  3. AI Script: Facing writer's block and not getting over it sooner is fine. However, you can use this amazing AI Script generation feature till you get past it. The feature works on text-to-generate functionality and uses prompts for that. Users just need to provide textual information or the name of the topic, and it'll do the job.
  4. Talking Photo: Learning about famous personalities through books is boring. However, educationalists can employ Virbo’s Talking Photo feature for this. You can choose from the existing pictures or generate a custom one. In addition, you can generate a voiceover for this picture to ignite viewers' interest. You can translate the script into other languages and adjust speech speed.
  5. Cloud Storage: It is important to have a backup of your creations for future use. Wondershare Virbo saves your media, which you can access via "My Creation." There are three sections: one for all your media, one for videos, and drafts. You can download the media from this section on your device. It offers 1GB of free storage, and you can manage it via renaming and deleting videos.

Accessing Wondershare Virbo Video Translator: Step-By-Step Guide

In this section, we’ll have insights into this application’s video translator tool. It will highlight how to translate Korean videos to English in Virbo. Here is how the tool helps with Korean video translation in detail:

Step 1: Download Virbo and Employ Video Translator

Upon downloading Wondershare Virbo, launch it to access its main display. From the main display window, locate and select the "Video Translator" option. You can track it through your mouse at the upper right side of the display window.

access video translator feature in virbo

Step 2: Set Preferences and Start Translation

You’ll now have access to Virbo’s Translate Video window. From there, upload the video in Korean translation. Now, set the Original Language to “Korean” and the Preferred Language to “English.” After setting the rest of the options there, click the “Translate” button.

set translation settings in virbo

Step 3: Preview the Translated Video and Download

After the translation progress is complete, find this video in the “My Creation” section. Preview the video by clicking on it. From the same window, click the “Downward Arrow” icon to save the video on your device.

download korean to english video virbo


In conclusion, the reader has a brief know-how of Korean to English video translators. The article emphasized the importance of these tools and the tools themselves. In addition, readers learned what a good translator tool consists of. We discussed Wondershare Virbo, a multi-functional AI tool with translation expertise. It can customize the complete experience, and users must explore it.

Virbo Feb 21, 24
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